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A Message To Me

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Me –

The first time I saw the fictionalized man named Q in Star Trek. I honestly didn’t much care for him.

Whether it was his self righteous attitude, or this absurd notion that he was holding humanity responsible not for who they were, but for something he had thought they were to become – was, for lack of better words, I thought just a byproduct of really annoying script writing.

I mean – we had a being who claimed to be omnipotent and omniscient, surely these script writers had better ideas top consider than a being who sees a single fixed future timeline for the species he’s observing and then persecutes that entire species because of this belief there’s only one fixed future?

Preposterous, I thought. Stupid, in fact.

And while I loved Star Trek, The Next Generation, this glaring anomaly made me decidedly not like Q at first.

And it wasn’t until the writers brought Q back where he introduced Captain Picard and his crew to the Borg, without explanation, by tossing the USS Enterprise starship thousands of light years across the galaxy at the flinging of a hand – when I began to like him.

Not necessarily for who he was.

To be sincere, I thought he was an asshole needlessly elevating himself above the beings he had spent so much time with…

No, not necessarily for who he was…

But for who he could be.

I mean.

In real life, I’d enjoyed my feeble little existence as a programmer and wanna be lady’s man.  And while I’d do some research into religion – more as a question as to why others were doing it than what it held for me, in truth, I’d never really imagined a ‘higher being’ prior to this.

I mean, let’s be honest. While it took me up until four years ago to read the bible for the first time, I’d had scripture jammed down my throat all throughout my life. So when I finally did get around to reading it, there wasn’t too many surprises.

God, a ‘higher being’ as depicted in the bible – wasn’t someone I myself would respect.

More powerful than me, absolutely. But this being – as depicted in the bible – was an absolute dick at times. He’d take sides, he’d throw disease at the poor humans simply because they chose the other side, he created a set of rules that seemed to be rigged and impossible to follow, and worse – the world I saw didn’t have any talking snakes or evidence of any kind substantiating what was depicted in the bible.

So from the start of my life, I wasn’t a fan of God as I’d been told through Christian principles.

And in fact. I’d found people of wealth and fame more respectable – I wouldnt go so far to say godlike (and almost did) – than this being that had his morbid symbols up of a man bleeding to death on a cross displayed around my world.

Sure. I’d judged what I was presented with.

And being frank. While I ascribed to the idea that sufficiently advanced technology may be indistinguishable from God, I’d never really permitted myself to actually imagine a god like being.

Until Q.

AS I watched his character grow on Star Trek, he touched me in ways no other character has really inspired me when he snapped his fingers and two gorgeous and overly affectionate women were stroking Ryker like a new plaything.  No other character has made my mind light up to the possibilities of practical jokes and fun than when he whisked the command of the USS Enterprise to a world created straight out of also fictionalized Robin Hood.

And no other  fictional character has enticed me to engage – actively – in taking the time to understand his perspective.

Thank Q.

With one exception.

An alien “Time Lord” as he calls himself from the planet Gallifrey who goes by the name of “The Doctor” in Doctor Who.

So me – I know this seems fantastic.

But this is who I am diligently spending time to try to shape you and I to become. If you should want it. There’s aspects of these two men, sides of their personalities, as depicted in fiction, that I have taken a great deal of time studying and understanding, even before I came to regard fiction as potential fact, I was studying these beings and their universes passively.

Q. For instance. When he put humanity on trial, helped me realize that he may have selected a single linear timeline to become who he is.

That ‘humanity on trial’ thing may very well have been created specifically for me or us, to understand the art of story telling, which may have led me straight down a path of understanding how Q – as depicted in this show – his idea of omniscience was knowing a single, static and unchanging linear timeline that went unaffected by his poking and prodding.

That’s one perspective that’s actually shared in odd fashions by the man known as Doctor Who.

Who has more than once saved the planet, which has always included weird things happening such as alien invasions and the sort, to which he said to a companion “Oh no one will remember what we did tomorrow and the world will be just like it was when we left it”

I suppose. Between these two larger than life characters.

I couldn’t help but begin asking myself the question.

How would one being have to think in order to – say – on a more terrestrial basis – move a Navy Battleship 100 miles?

Oh don’t say it’s not possible. We – mutually – have lived a life breaking through barriers and obstacles to achieve and get anything we wanted. And while that victory may be short lived, I’m just now learning this thing called patience I suspect to sustain my rewards longer and relax more than I traditionally have.

But taking this seriously.

What is common across almost all time traveling ‘fiction’. Machines, right?

Here we have our catch 22 – warfare with machines. I’ll get to that in a moment.

But first and foremost – time travel and robotic oriented themes and/or genetic mutation based on some form of experimentation of some kind almost always seem to go hand in hand with time travel. Then again, genetic mutations, evolution, and superheroes and super villains also all tends to go hand in hand as well. But what has been with the time element associated with genetic mutation?

So the first commonality of time travel themes is evolution.

Well that’s a big duh. If the goal is to become like Q. Then this presupposes that I as a human can actually evolve – clearly my mind – to achieve similar results.

With that said. Now it’s time we both compare and contrast Doctor Who and Q.

Similarities: They both time travel, they both keep robotic company and feel right at home with all sorts of weird crap involving scale, size, and mutations of all kind. And oddly enough. Both never, not once, emit any evidence of fear or intimidation. Not ever.

I’d always wondered why this being called God – according to others ‘demanded to be feared’.

Seemed mighty petty to me.

And these two fictional characters commanded respect even though they didn’t act perfectly.

In any case. What I’ve done – much of it in hindsight, is developed a story.

For me.

Which can be our story if you want it to.

The story goes like this:

Every piece of fiction that you and I and everyone indulges in is a part of our unique character that shapes and creates us, as unique individuals.

Q as a time traveler through the mind serves as an example of the mindset it takes to both maintain stability when reality is commandable commanded through gestures and thought, and why it’s so important to keep the mind relatively clutter free and focused. The practical joker is a must. And there’s parts of his personality I don’t like. Mostly the judgmental attitude. I understand his points about friendship and needing more of them, which I certainly find value in making myself and my footprint smaller to those I might want to befriend.

A lesson I learned from Bill Clinton.

Studying him I’ve learned the necessity for deception.

I’m rambling a bit I know. But I feel like I need to get this out so bear with me.

Doctor Who had an extraordinarily harsh moment when he punished those who tried stealing his mind by throwing them in black holes and other associated things that seemed harsh.

While I judged Q for putting humanity on trial. It was because I judged Q for putting humanity on trial that I looked at the lives of both beings and said “what can make these things they are doing less harsh?”.

Which is a part of what made me consider the necessity of the multiverse.

Let’s say you have someone who acts – well – hellishly on your own planet, someone who isn’t just beyond vicious, but every fibre of you knows they are wrong in every conceivable way.

Well one thing I’ve realized with this newly created mind is – ANYTHING is possible.

Which leaves it up to me to segment and order my reality in a way that not only makes sense to me, but protects my universe and those who decide to inhabit it like it is and like I like it.

I came to realize Q and Doctor Who’s confidence stems from this simple awareness. They, like me, are master and commander of their own universe that I might get glimpses into but never really directly participate in. So owning one’s own universe and becoming the master of that universe simply happens because that universe simply wouldn’t exist without us in it. Period. End of story.

But some may not like us or this or even have realized this yet and may serve to simply cause others harm.

Like me. On drugs. I had no clue I may have been causing others harm and was simply enjoying life which may have been causing problems in other’s universes. NOW – knowing this – I prefer NOT to do drugs, but the reason for doing them may change – for instance, if I am continuously kept deprived of the things I want. I may just experiment again just to find alternative ways to find them.

Similarly, I may use drugs at a time in the future when I am simply bored and there’s nothing else within my reach.

In any case.

Through both characters.

I learned the MINDSET of the time traveler shapes the journey time tends to present. Change the mindset – effectively reprogramming it. Change the journey.

It’s important to understand that reality itself is created by the observing mind. The observing mind interprets experiences, and creates order which manifests in the real world. As the observing mind grows in capabilities and self awareness, it’s any wonder it can retain sanity because there’s absolutely a point where one realizes that ‘reality’ and thought are one and the same.

Expanding that reality. And the possibilities. Absolutely does mean flirting with insanity.

But it also means understanding the mechanisms that which we observe reality also artificially limit that which we experience in reality. So when measuring and weighing a world with computers created by engineers and math who think analytically, the TYPICAL mind will be limited to the box they present to us.

Some minds – Q’s. Doctor Who’s. And now mine.

Do not have such limitations.

So to you – the past me, or future people.

Using DNA. Save games. To understand the precise path I took to get where I’m at.

It’s not so much a path as an exercise in finding our own purpose and why we’re here.

Assigning order to it, and being ok with leveraging bits and pieces of other’s ideas to create and shape and refine that order.

Life’s weird. Full of possibilities. And like there are numerous versions of Doctor Who and Q ‘out there’ which I may see on television, I do not doubt they see the same of me.

And I have no doubt many are going “WHy isn’t this boring show about nothing canceled yet”.

Not knowing. It’s real for me.

And it’s my life they’re looking at.

Through the looking glass.

Past me – future me – I’d say I just want you to be happy. But I of all people know that may be the worst thing imaginable to you.

So  to whatever you want. You will get it.

As will I.

One track minds. Sure.

  • Q aka Brian

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