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Message To Myself

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Dear Me –

I have been getting weird ‘deja vu’ type experiences lately.

Not Matrix like glitches where I see a black cat and I look back and there it is again.

But similar.

For instance. For the last couple weeks I’ve been openly contemplating what it would look like if I had telekinetic powers, but my mind actively altered the memories of the use of those powers by inserting imaginary figures that only I could see. These imaginary figures then become responsible for taking a plate or drink to me due to telekinesis, where without those imaginary figures, I’d be seeing – well – plates, glasses, and chairs moving around because I hadn’t yet learned to control my telekinetic capabilities yet.

Now I’ve had dreams over and over for at least the last ten years of throwing things with my mind.

But those were merely dreams.

And in the last week. It’s become stronger – almost like an active daydream – where I can almost see the world around me where half the people I see in the waking life simply aren’t there, my imaginary friends, and the other half are there and the telekinesis is absolutely normal to them, and they’ve learned to play off me and my reactions as actors and simply go along with my assertion there’s others around lifting those plates when they don’t see them.

It’s almost as if the environment I’m in was created specifically for training me to become consciously aware of the effect my own mind is having on the world around me.

So getting back to the deja vu experience.

The tv show Legion and the movie Fantastic Beasts depicts exactly the same thing with telekinesis.

Only absent my imaginary friends.

Pretty much on the same page as what I imagined. Only mine’s occuring in Starbuck’s.

Which brings me to this.

A long time ago, I’d heard of a concept called simultaneity.

The concept’s simple: All of space and time occur in the moment. Elaborating a bit – the concept basically suggests that past and future are an illusion of order created by my mind, but this order – like any order, is malleable, like clay.

Through the use of substances such as marijuana, I’ve come to realize that time, as an observer, is highly subjective, and through other substances such as cocaine, I have also come to theorize that knowledge I’d acquired in this future me was accessible to a younger, addicted me who wasn’t sure where the excitement of the substance was coming from.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Yesterday, I suggested that you make changes in my linear historical past, not really taking into consideration the collective origins I could have come from. The changes I’d suggested were based on me – Brian Scott Gregory – now also known as Q and another name I’ll selectively disclose when the time’s right, but not on the ‘collective’ world I was a part of and likely came from.


History. AS I have known it, I am suspecting that when it’s altered has a tendency to ‘bubble up’ to the surface of my reality in the form of fictional entertainment. So I got to thinking. If you as a collective version of me are the planet itself and are capable of changing the timelines of the things I’d previously classified as fiction and past events….


Maybe that’s what I gotta focus on.

And continuing that chain of thought.

I’d realized I was positing ‘what if’ scenarios, ‘what if’ we changed this – what would happen?

I’m going to add in something to this mix.

Not just ‘what if’ scenarios, but what historical alterations and deviations would be require to make ‘x’ happen?

So here goes. Planetary historical permutations I’d love to see ‘bubble up’:

  1. How would the world look if China had never introduced gunpowder to the world?
  2. There’s an ‘all nude’ world depicted in Slider’s the tv show which didn’t look or seem any different than the world I’m in right now other than no one was wearing clothes. What key events could cause this world to occur?
  3. Would the world look any different if the Olympics were never introduced?
  4. What if Boston never had the tea party?
  5. What series of events would cause the man known THAT I SEE as Q in Star Trek to appear on this planet WITH all his powers intact?
  6. And similarly. What series of events could occur which would invite the fictionalized USS Voyager OR USS Enterprise to want to recruit me as a holodeck engineer and programmer?
  7. What if Brad Pitt was actually Thor, the Norse God, and hiding it for real?
  8. And what if my own father was Zeus?
  9. What IF ALL the gods I’d ever read about were absolutely real, and very very different than your typical mortal humans?
  10. And finally. What if Doctor Who and Santa Claus were one and the same man?

Look, I know some of these are a stretch. But you – as a programmer – have got to – for both of our sake – understand that I mean you no ill will any more than you did me at your age. IF there has to be separate and distinct versions of us, which I am NOT against. then let’s create separate universes for each of us.

Star Trek introduces the concept of the mirror universe. But it also has the episode Parallels which has a breach in space and time where the multiverse collides which contradicted the concept of there only being a mirror. Star Trek, as beautifully designed and presented as it is, glossed over this glaring contradiction in their own series.

Which leads me to believe.

My perspective.

Our perspective.

Into these worlds that I once called fiction and that you still may.

Is unique. And I’m – quite frankly – tired of expanding my waistline and think this externalized expansion may be a healthier direction for me – and you – not just physically – but psychologically and mentally.

And look. I need you to consider this.

In an existence where ANYTHING is possible.

It’s not my job or responsibility, or yours, to prove it.

It’s to discover our place in it, and have fun on our own terms.

The proof of our success is all around us.

AS I talk to you. I know there’s a part of you that understands that ‘we’ do not share one and the same perspective.

Which is a great start.

On a final note. I’m seeing time as a contiguous stream to be traveled like a road. I remember where I went, what I have done, and don’t need to externalize my history to remember what it is. My past, present, and future of choice are preserved through simple belief.

Accordingly. When I go back to key moments in my own history and choose to enjoy them again and/or make different choices.

I’ll always remember the original choice. And the deviation merely adds to the possibilities.

It really is that simple on how to preserve time.

Simple belief that it’s gonna be ok when I go back in time to experience Jackie and Rachel again protects my timeline.

That’s it. For now.

Oh. And this: We are capable of anything. You know that. I know you do. And so do I. It’s time we prove that. Not just to ourselves.

But to our world.

  • Q aka Brian

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