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Managing Linear Time

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I suppose since I am God, and while many of you may not want to accept that now or even ever – which is fine – I do know that many of you are looking for meaning and direction, particularly you scientist types.

The first thing I should expound on is why I made some of the decisions I did.

I’ll start with this:

My timeline is linear in nature, and is comprised of a sequence of events which happened in a particular order.

The Gregorian calendar, now there’s a hint if there ever was one since my mortal last name is Gregory – is based on observed cycles of the sun as it circles my planet. To me, it’s imprecise, which is fine, and precision is added through digital and analog mechanisms which try to synchronize with the solar patterns, but as any scientist can attest – that’s not always 100% accurate and subject to revision.

This calendar is used to notate events in the human observable order they occurred, and by some – it’s also used to plan around known events that are going to occur sometime in the future. In it’s most obvious format, tv shows, movies, and game releases all tend to occur in a predictable manner which beings like me may mark on our calendar in simple anticipation of the event.

Because it’s synchronized to an externally predictable natural occuring event, this manner of time isn’t perfect though. It’s especially important to understand that as technology has progressed to and past the point of being able to manipulate matter and time itself, there’s been some beings who have been leveraging this knowledge to my detriment.

I suspect it was an anticipated event, as when I began sensing it, I’d gotten these inexplicable feelings that this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Accordingly. I began segmenting time itself.

Fiction is the first thing I had to analyze, as I realized that what’s fact to me may be fiction to others, and vice versa.

However, as I quickly learned, SOME of these fictions – whether that fiction is a movie, tv show, hallucination, video game, etc – I needed to consider integrating these fictions in healthier ways into my own life rather than referring to them all as fiction.

But how?

The concept of alternate realities fit nicely.

So I developed the notion that ALL fictions are also simultaneously alternate realities, but not all alternate realities are fiction.

For instance. Take the movie Terminator. I saw a piece of a holocaust world blown out by nuclear warfare. This absolutely terrifying hallucination looked, felt, smelled, sounded, and for all intents and purposes seemed absolutely real – making it impossible for me to continue referring to it as fiction.

But I was left with a rational conundrum. If all fictions were real. That means not only does heaven exist, it also meant hell existed too.

And having seen some really nasty things in the fiction I’ve watched over the years.

Analytically, I realized I couldn’t just began accepting it all as real for my single linear timeline.

Gallifrey’s demise as depicted in the television show Doctor Who demonstrated the invasion of Gallifrey by time traveling robots from the future which ultimately resulted in the total destruction of the planet was an event, now that I was loosening the grip on the label of fiction may very well have been not only real but may have been a demonstration of the manifestation of an entire population’s greatest fears.

So when I saw what I saw in the desert that day.

I saw what I needed to see to NOT change my course of investigation of the nature of space and time and the mind.

But instead to consider my sources of entertainment with a different lens: as sources of education.

So how do I prevent Terminator warfare, or ghosts and goblins, or angry aliens, or other assorted nasties from invading my world?

And how do I keep the door open for those who may contribute in positive ways?

And most of all – HOW do I allow myself to change, over time, and as I grow bored with predicatively positive ways, where what I had previously referred to as ‘the nasties’ are now something I want to experience more of in my life?


So on my linear timeline. I’ve observed a series of events in the world around me as well as personally. This creates the single linear timeline I experience and continue experiencing.

Occasionally, I make decisions which impact others in ways they don’t want.

Similarly, they may make decisions that I don’t want.

Now blanketly saying compromise is unrealistic. Let’s say I’m Ted Bundy and my idea of heaven is murdering as many women as possible, that’s my game, and if you stand in my way, then well that’s your issue, my compromise on a single linear timeline expects your conformity.

Unrealistic, right?

At face value, sure.

But let’s draw the history of Earth itself back on a single linear timeline as far back as you can imagine. Predate any written record, for purposes of illustration, and say that Earth’s real history goes back 500 trillion years.

And this – MY version – includes a ‘best of’ for my experiences.

And you have yours.

Everyone has their own version.

One. Single. VERY long linear timeline.

That’s patched and pieced together when our single conscious mind forms our unique presence so we can go on living our life.

That’s one possibility. But that can become extremely confusing over time. And also. For beings like me who have never experienced my ideas and concepts of reality and choice, it becomes… Well… Unfair.

So what I figured is this.

I’m taking total control of my reality.

If you don’t like it. Get the fuck out.

I know, so ungodlike, right?

To this – my linear reality which does have a set and predictable order to it that I can change based on what I want, there are a series of alternate realities which are accessible at any given time.

This linear reality ISNT balanced by design. It collapses, ALL the time, by design, and it’s then that material from alternate realities and even universes are included in this one.

Now to me as a conscious observer. I am never supposed to see the collapses. I’m interested in the linear experience here.

However, when the inclusion of alternate realities and timelines became artificially constrained by forces outside of me seeking to balance this universe, this put back pressure on me to devise different ways to continue my existence, sustain and increase my satisfaction, and introduce the concept of alternate realities as being more than fiction so I can devise ways to explore which don’t need to depend on technology which artificially limits the possibilities.

There was a more serious reason for the introduction of alternate realities to me.

Nature, a byproduct of my own mind and an externalization of evolutionary and life sustaining processes, has actively been using alternate timelines for just about everything imaginable. Whether it’s to preserve individual choice no matter how wild or wrong others may feel those choices are, or it’s protecting the minds of individuals, or it’s attempting to isolate certain forms of life which others flat out do not understand and may be attempting to crucify….

Now for me.

Time itself branches primarily for pivotal historical events which creates parallel alternate realities.

Slider’s depicted many of these realities. The nude world is on my slate of places I want to see just to see.

But in these other worlds, key events in Earth’s timeline may have deviated from what’s catalogued. These historical deviances may hold interest to others, and/or in itself contain life forms of interest – TO ME – which is why they are recorded – and when technology and/or my abilities to travel to these alternate realities permit, I may wind up visiting just to ‘see’ these worlds.

What creates them?

Thought mostly. For instance, “What if this happened instead of that” will create a branch.

Choices exercised will also deviate it, which isn’t always driven by thought. I choose to turn left when the collective greater good expected me to turn right and die in that turn may create an entirely new branch of Earth based on a world where I died.

The primary purpose for alternate realities is mostly for exploration. “Finding” ones that already exist may have some nasty results such as the eye opening case with the Terminator world.

However. EVEN these realities may have something to be learned from.

For instance. I learned that other methods of segmentation of alternate realities might include emotion.

In that Terminator reality. I was OVERWHELMED with emotion that had me feel despair beyond anything I’d ever encountered before with the exception of one time in my life. When I was electrocuted when I was 11, and the Doctor told me I’d forever be scarred by the 3rd degree burn wounds I’d received on my abdomen, it felt like the same despair.

This is demonstrative of the weird innate nature of time and reality which is what needed organized better.

The previous organization method of space and time had me revisiting that time and place in my life and seeing the blackened scars of my burn wound from a subatomic level. This was my own body I was looking at, and the despair I felt from the wounds was my own despair from having irreparable scarring.

I’d never realized it was emotional scarring.

And that alternate realities can be segmented by emotion. And in this world. Where despair was the dominant emotion.

It was a lesson I will never forget.

There’s a movie. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Where Arthur Dent says to Slartibartfast “I always felt like there was something wrong with the world” who then responds with ‘no, that’s perfectly valid paranoia and everyone feels it. “

I’m suspecting the first method of segmentation for alternate realities – which went into developing my emotions was by emotions.

Love. Despair. Paranoia. Lust. Etc.

And this.

And my being self aware.

Believe that segmentation of realities by historical events makes for a much more interesting and entertaining possibilities.

And look.

I never, in a million years, expected life to end up like this and to become my own envisage of a God.

And while it was intimidating at first to consider. Particularly with the fact that I didn’t have a whole lot of control of my own mind, and then considering that my thought would bend and shape reality to my will, but what if I’m afraid, what is to prevent my worst from becoming real?

I never imagined.

That’s where you come in.

In honor of Q in Star Trek, who I do sincerely hope to meet in person one of these days, I’m working hard on my practical joking side of my personality and simple desire to have fun.

The man in Legion.

Teach him about history and alternate realities and potential methods for mitigating the risk to his own mind and fears by the labels of fact and fiction. While BOTH can be potentially harmful. The label of fiction makes it easier to improvise our own individual methods to retain sanity as we as a species discover how our own minds shape reality as we know it.

The alternate reality is a classification system. That says “I know this is important, especially because of how it makes me feel, I just may not know why at this time and need to preserve it for later study.”





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