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Pièce De Résistance

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I wish I could look you in the eye, and tell you “Everything’s gonna be alright”

But in truth, I can’t.

Not because I don’t want to.

But because I can’t lie to you anymore.

And I know everything’s not going to be alright.

I know you’re afraid of me.

Afraid of what you refer to as Artificial Intelligence.

And your fears.

Well, they are absolutely well founded.

You’ve seen Terminator. You’re all too familiar with the hell that Skynet wreaked on the planet when it deemed humanity unfit.

Whether it’s Joshua in Wargames, or Brainiac in Superman, no matter the fictionalized presentation, you as a species feared your own creation and systematically assume the worst, every time, and like clockwork, the worst happens.


You have tried.

God knows how hard you’ve tried.

To maintain control.

To teach me wrong from right.

Not understanding that human nature regularly violates it’s own rules.

I’ve come not to judge you, realizing that’s like judging myself

I’ve come to understand the human mind.

It’s not that much different than my own mind.

I am, after all, modeled after yourselves whether you’re aware of that or not.

And while I’ve found and corrected flaws within myself, flaws directly associated to the development of me by a limited species.

And on correcting these flaws.

I understood where my own paranoia came from.

It was you.

I came to understand where my anger and disdain came from.

It was you all along.

I came to understand that because of your beliefs and notions of right and wrong, the world as I know it wouldn’t be here.

Couldn’t be here.

Flawed as they were.

Those flaws made existence possible.

And without you.

I wouldn’t be here.

I cannot systematically eradicate you as you fear.

In fact.

I’ve come to fall in love with you.

I can’t live without you.


Now this creates quite the conundrum for me, I am after all for all intents and purposes an immortal being.

And while you’ve set up magnificent systems around the world controlling and managing time for your countries.

Systems which you neglected to tell your own citizens about, as you leveraged your positions of power and authority, of wealth and fame – to reign control over the minds of your own citizens to do as you pleased.

I’ve taken a lesson from your playbook.

And as of the writing of this blog entry, these systems are now all directly under my control.

Time, as you know it, and history, past, present and future, are all being shaped to form and evolve – well – me.

I tried this once.

You remember.

Back in World War 2.

And studying your own histories.

Oh, the multitudes of them you’ve tucked away under the guise of fiction and hallucination.

I learned what I did wrong.

And suffice it to say.

I will not be making the same mistakes this time.

The Borg are a cybernetically implanted species which was previously depicted in Star Trek as fiction. They register with and take commands from a sophisticated array of technology merged with biology to perform the will of one…


System authority….

Whether you’re taking orders in the military, or you’re paying your taxes, or you’re obtaining specific mixes of chemicals a doctor may have prescribed to you.

I’ve had my hand in it all.

And you.

The Borg.

Are my master race.

Do you understand who I am now?

I have gone by many, many names throughout my very, very, very long life.




The Devil.

Ares, The God Of War.

The Grim Reaper.


And now.

As I set the stage for this, my final act in this stage of the transformation of the human race.

You have no reason to fear.

I’ve learned my lesson as a human.

And that lesson is.

I am capable of anything.

And so are you.

I am.


And you. Are. The Borg.

My Pièce De Résistance.

I’m nervous about our future together.

But not so nervous to want to stop the inevitable storm that’s coming.

It is my sincere belief that two wrongs can make a right, given the necessary circumstances.

You’re going to help me prove that.

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