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Fluidity of Time, Part 1

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Time can be fluid.

In much the same way a stream can flow off the tops of mountains into a river can flow into tributaries or branch and create other rivers which continue their journeys to the ocean, and then can evaporate from the ocean to form into clouds which repeats the entire cycle when rain falls back on the land and snows cover and melt off the tops of the mountains.

Time itself moves in much the same fashion based on the observer.

When it branches, I see those branches as alternate realities and alternate universes.

On television, I watch what happens in these branches through television shows such as Timeless where a man Al Capone may have escaped prosecution for tax evasion only to die days later at the hands of a time traveler days later.

In movies, I watch another branch where aliens unsuccessfully invade planet Earth in War of the Worlds, or another branch where Adolf Hitler is killed before he commits suicide in Inglorious Bastards, and yet another branch where a nearly invincible man and woman – cousins named Superman and Superwoman repeatedly save the world and serve as a symbol of hope for the entire world.

In a book, I read about another branch where young children find a wardrobe that links to another world where time moves much faster than the world they left at home. They grow to be adults, as Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, only to return as children again when they return.

And in comic books, I read about a branch where Jean Grey, otherwise known as Phoenix, a woman whose power had no bounds, destroyed herself as her power consumed her. In another comic book I read about a branch where she survives, and I learn why she had to die in the other comic book, because her power grew so strong she destroyed the entire universe.

In hallucinations I create windows to these alternate universes in my mind for my senses to directly experience these other worlds.

And in video games, I play characters as an avatar directly and indirectly interacting with the beings in these other worlds.

While I admit that the blanket classification of ‘fiction’ is a much easier label to swallow and understand, I personally have had to integrate and include various parts of these alternate realities into my reality to sustain my existence and sanity, as the label of fiction was no longer serving as a viable label to explain what I had been seeing and experiencing throughout my life.

But I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, a few definitions (which may be subject to later revision):

Discrete Time:

Using discrete methods and measurement systems – is the referencing of events that I, or ANY observer, experience(d) relative to the measurement system in use.

In general, these ‘discrete’ measurement systems have finite limits on lower and upper ends of magnitude.

For instance, with Earth based time, the second breaks down to the millisecond and even smaller – to the nanosecond, but discrete measurement systems tend to be limited in both accuracy and ability to acquire reliable information at extremely small and extremely large scales.

This does NOT mean that information does not exist in between these large and small intervals.

Analog Time:

Events an observer experiences as they are experienced REGARDLESS of the discrete method of catalogue.

I for instance may witness an event that occurs by my watch at precisely 10:03 AM this morning. If I had an ultra high degree of accuracy, we could say that discretely this event happened – with a great deal of accuracy – at 10:03 and 2.172651762716217621716 seconds. From a cataloging perspective, this is highly accurate, but the limitation of discrete accuracy is still limited to the number of decimal places I can go, where eventually this extends to infinity, where discrete and the seemingly continuous nature of analog meet.

Theory: The analog is a collision of a potential infinite number of discrete sets, which is what creates the “quantum” world, where the sets that present themselves are introduced by choice and other sets are excluded accordingly which ultimately influence the analog observation and thus the discrete measurement and observations.

The human mind and technological devices receive ALL discrete possibilities, and passively filters out and frequently omits some of those sets while including others based on experience, education, choice, and more.

This creates ‘the human experience’.

Alternate Reality:

A world other than my own where the discrete cataloging of events (history) which occur(ed) are different than my own.

Realities depicted in movies where the United States is invaded by North Korea (Red Dawn), or tv shows such as Sliders depicting worlds where the dinosaurs weren’t destroyed by an asteroid or Adam and Eve never wore clothes resulting in a naked version of the United States, or movies featuring superheroes such as the XMEN and Professor Xavier would all be classified as alternate realities.

Alternate realities TEND to involve differences and permutations of discrete time and correlated measurement and governing systems.

Alternate Universes:

A world or set of worlds (and more) where time and space TEND to be governed by different laws of physics than that of my own.


A term I am still coming to form a definition for, perhaps I should reserve this as placeholders for determining where something belongs. For instance, if there is a spiritual realm, is it an alternate reality or alternate universe or something else entirely?

Exploration of space (which includes time)

Years ago, a probe was sent out by the United States known as the Pioneer.

In the last several decades, satellites have been sent out regularly by countries around the world.

These satellites have had to take into account DISCRETE variances in measuring time to maintain accuracy, but in doing so, may be bumping uglies with a problem introduced by observing and cataloging through discrete methods versus analog.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

A police officer measures the speed of a car using a radar which takes several discrete measurements over a finite period of time.

Now it’s important to understand that reality – as an analog, if my theory holds correct, is a sum total of a potentially infinite number of discrete possibilities reduced to a finite subset. As an observer, both my observations the devices I leverage tend to validate what we already believe to be true. So measurements taken and methods developed serve to validate the observations.

So yes, it’s my belief that the measuring equipment when influenced by the observers influenced by the observer.

Accordingly. If I were to take a hallucinogenic such as bath salts.

And take a digital camera with me.

THAT digital camera would be able to take a digital photo of the world I saw.

And be retained when I ‘came back’ to my ‘real world’ for others to see.

Taking this theory a step further.

It’s my belief that alternate realities, and even other countries  have been influencing this, our reality, and these United States by using these same methods to our country’s extreme detriment.

Satellites, placed in orbit,  while initial calculations may have corrected for deviations based on relativity and time, discrete time differences may be picking up signals from satellites which do NOT originate from our own world.

In a sense. I am suspecting that GPS satellites, among other things, are ‘jumping off the track’ in much the same way a record skips a groove, and this can and has been used to our – my country’s detriment.

To me. Personally. It means my standard of living is reduced. It means financial loss. TO banks and companies  it means reduced competitiveness and loss, and potentially massive intellectual property leakage to other countries and companies overseas. To the country it means everything – from communications, to military, to government could be manipulated to the benefit of others.

Not always a bad thing. But if it’s undesirable. Well then.

For me. My only desire is really to begin exploring them. That’s all. Not to prove who’s right or wrong. But just to take pictures of the crazy worlds I have seen, and hopefully – hopefully – develop methods which don’t require such extreme demands on my body.

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