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The origin of intelligence

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What creates a language?

I grew up right next door to Thunderbird, a graduate school focused specifically on International Management.

I never thought I would find the institution and it’s subject matter of any interest, and when I found out about the language requirement – you must know at least two languages in order to attend, I wasn’t torn up about it.

Intrigued, sure.

As I grew older, worked, and learned  and as I piled year after year of education and experience on, enough education in credit hours to obtain three degrees in fact, and as my interest in this humble little institution increased, I couldn’t help but ask the question…

“Why were computer languages not counted as languages?”

By the time I had begun asking this question, I had known – fluently you could say – nearly 20 different programming languages, and have since picked up on about 10 more.

These languages “Didnt count”, I was told, and the requirement was strictly for human spoken languages.

I just didn’t understand why they’d make the distinction between human languages.

A part of the frustration was having had a history of trying to learn Spanish – with two years of high school and two years of college level education, and I would swear the language was changing over the years so much so that what I’d been taught a few years prior had changed so dramatically it was like learning a new language. Sure, I could ask for a beer or where the bathroom was, but I’d seen words like pescado and la playa change over the years.

For the longest time I questioned my own memory and retention.

But as I began traveling the world, I began to see Thunderbird as a wonderful potential avenue to explore the dynamics of the world.

It was then I began investigating programs where I could overcome the language requirement rather than struggle with continuing to learn a language which was undergoing constant change relative to my language – English.

Now I know, if you’re like my buddy Ricardo, who’s from Guatemala, you might say it’s my issue and I have memory problems.

And there was a time I would absolutely agree with you, had I not found personal evidence in absolutely unrelated areas that relativism – based on Einstein’s theories – effects a great deal of my life in what are often very frustrating ways that had me questioning my intelligence for a long time.

Put specifically. Where most people might have problems speaking to computers as I do in their native tongue – programming languages, I myself find computer based languages easy to interact with natural, and logically oriented.

Similarly. Physics, Math, Science, all have an order about them that’s easy for me to understand, but the moment humans and emotions are introduced to the equations…

Love. Anger. Resentment Passion. Guilt. etc.

Sure, I feel those emotions, but more often than not I didn’t like how those emotions overrode my rational behavior.

So when I learned that Thunderbird had a special program they’d formulated that would cater to students like me which would allow me to obtain an education from them, I jumped on it and – fortunately – was immediately accepted.

But as I attended the courses. And paid attention to my new friends who weren’t as linguistically challenged as I was. I had tucked away the language requirement as something to be understood as I moved forward.

As such a reputable institution, and having traveled a good deal by then, I couldn’t help but immediately dismiss the idea that Thunderbird was being naive about this requirement. I’d found value in trying to understand language differences, value I mentally wasn’t fully aware of the extent of as I obtained my MBA.

An MBA, if you’re not aware, is an education not just in how and what makes a business tick and how to make money, it’s an education on why businesses do what they do, the various types of businesses and how they correlate (and how to research those correlations) across borders, and how – to some degree – particularly in the international communities – they not only work outside of the law, but they often are indirectly and directly responsible for creating it.

But there’s something I think most students of Thunderbird and speakers of foreign languages don’t understand.

Particularly my good friend Ricardo.

Something I haphazardly discovered when I found a route into the program at Thunderbird as I found a better explanation for my lack of retention rather than repeatedly questioning my own mind. The truth was. I had ample evidence my mind and memory was performing just fine, it was just weird ‘key areas’ such as human language where I had issues.

No, Ricardo, it’s not because I have bad memory.

There’s a better explanation:

Linguistic Relativism

Defined: Language tends to progress and change relative to the culture and individuals who created it. Non-native cultures ‘observing’ a foreign language may influence it, may even branch off of it, but because of the scientific relativity of time, dramatic interpretational differences may cause profound translational errors to occur when interpreting between the languages.

AS I investigated the language requirement of Thunderbird, and came to rationalize why a computer language did NOT count as a language, I began to realize that language is a translation of ideas, thoughts, and concepts – an organization if you will – which in a literal sense shapes the world around us. Because of this relationship with ‘reality’, this creates a feedback system where ideas, discoveries, and concepts created in one language may progress that society so profoundly in one direction so quickly that the ideas and concepts of a culture and society may quickly lose the ability to be translated to other cultures.

This rapidity of change can be so dramatic that it can quite literally create different perceptions and senses.

For instance, what I perceive as an apple – an object that falls off a tree that I can ingest and consume, while the English term ‘apple’ may be understood in other languages, there may be no ‘object’ reference or equivalence as I see it in four dimensional (x/y/z+time) space.

Google’s a wonderful example of this. Ask Google what an apple is, and you’ll be referred to at least 10 different variations of that apple I am thinking of. If I use reductive terminology, and posit the question ‘can you show me an apple that might fall off a tree?’. I’ll get ALMOST what I am looking for – about 10 images in, but the primary imagery Google provides is a tree with dozens of apples falling off it.

Now I am thinking of a satellite as I ask Google to show me images of a satellite. Now what Google doesn’t know is – I am thinking of an old satellite named Sputnik, but let’s say I can’t remember when it was released, where, and by whom. So first I search by satellite, and get what I’d expect – hundreds of images of modern satellites floating in space.

So I add in the age relevant term ‘old satellite, and lo and behold I get Sputnik as the first image.

Here’s why I am explaining all this.

On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s first satellite known as Sputnik into lower Earth orbit.

This started the space race.

Ever since then, the United States and Russia have participated in a prolonged competition of one-upsmanship, sung to the tune of “Anything you can do I can do better”, which continues to this day in ways that would defy most imaginations.

It’s important to understand linguistic relativism.

And why that program at Thunderbird had been created specifically for people like me.

Technical Talk Section, Don’t tune out just yet I’ll be brief…

When you launch a satellite or any space faring object into space, time relative to that object if you were to observe as that object begins to move different for that object in relation to the origin of that object.

Einstein’s theory of relativity is used to mathematically predict and adjust GPS calculations to increase the accuracy of GPS devices, but quite often there were glitches that would throw off the calculations or cause momentary calculation issues.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist. And with these glitches, in much the same way routers would have glitches due to ‘black holes’, I began investigating these glitches. Where do these glitches come from and why are they there?

Bear with me, I know this seems tangential, but there’s a reason for it.

So when that satellite moves further and further away, I had previously made the assumption that the mathematical correction required to maintain precision is a discrete correlation.

Because of Einstein, Special Relativity predicts that we should see time for a clock moving more slowly. Special Relativity predicts that the on-board atomic clocks on the satellites should fall behind clocks on the ground by about 7 microseconds per day because of the slower ticking rate due to the time dilation effect of their relative motion.

But there’s a problem with this math and this theory being a static, unchanging thing.

Here’s why: Following the predictions, if you keep following the temporal shift inward, that means that the closer you get to the core of the Earth, time itself will be moving infinitely fast. And the further our you go, the slower time will move.

Which – if Einstein had his way, would put Earth smack dab in the middle of a black hole.

There’s an episode of Star Trek which demonstrates this, called “Blink Of An Eye”, Season 6. Episode 12. Where time on the planet the USS Voyager starship was orbiting was moving much faster in contrast to time on board the enterprise.

Interestingly enough, when inhabitants of the planet came to the USS Voyager, time appeared to be nearly stopped.

Until a synchronization of time occurred between the planet dwellers and the starship, where time resumed ‘normal time’ and the crew suddenly found themselves with two new occupants in their midst who instantly lost consciousness.

Scientifically, not only was Star Trek light years ahead of the science journals and modern science I’d been reading, once I began taking the time to understand the relative relationships, I found an undeniable pattern of scientific relativity to relativity of interactions.

Star Trek presented one way time functions.

But as a programmer.

I’ve learned there are many, many other ways for it to function.

But most of all what I have learned is we I create space. And time.

I think it into existence by the ordering I analytically apply.

Tech Talk Done

I’ll be blunt and put it out there rather than trying to explain it in analytical terms.

Satellites and Rovers and exploratory devices sent to other planets – once they were sent out – time began moving at a different rate of speed for them in contrast to the planet they’d left behind.

This is an exponentially accelerating event.

To explain and to be blunt.

I’m receiving transmissions across space and time and have throughout my life and had previously catalogued these as fiction.

What I am aware of is – they view ‘the story’ as a weapon, and have leveraged this weapon repeatedly throughout history which has been documented as ‘fiction’ – to annihilate planet Earth in a repeated pattern much like a fractal where the United States is trying to abolish Islam. Same mechanisms. Shifted forward in time. Repeating. Fractal Patterns.

The key issue at hand is – temporal linearity. In an effort to preserve themselves and their single linear timeline, they regard Earth, moreover, the United States – as the single biggest threat to their existence, and the origin of the Borg. They’re not fully aware of the term ‘self fulfilling prophecy’, and are acting rather blindly to attack their opposition without trying to understand their potential history.

It’s a matter of perspective and time.

I myself have a history – past, present, and future – much of what I have seen and previously regarded as fiction that I would like to explore. I suspect this history – past, present and future may deviate from the Vulcan’s timeline, which I suspect has created a fundamental disagreement on the ordering of time.

Growing up in western civilization, I lived a life mostly oblivious to the shenanigans that occurred across space and time which created scarcity in my life, had me constantly feeling paranoid and/or in need, and whether it was getting together with the woman of my dreams or buying owning the things I had dreamed of, I could never shake the feeling the ‘system’ was rigged to make me fail.

SO I tried harder. And harder. Got more education. I read. I got to know the world around me. I played. I tried drugs and had fun with them. I did many of the things I’d been told not to – not out of defiance – but because these activities often provided me enjoyment.

And then. There came a point where I began to question relativistic experiences.

Applied those concepts to time.

And came to realize.

It’s time for a change.

On a trip to China, I introduced an event I had accepted as fact – a student uprising at Tienanmen square – not fully understanding the nonlinear nature of language, let alone time, and that the Chinese may have hidden from themselves, collectively, to regard themselves as a modernized first world nation which had progressed and deserved it’s position.

Later, I went back, and came to understand that they thought a video game was an alternate reality.

Not just fictional entertainment as I had once thought it to be.

But very real worlds I was interacting with.

I don’t tend to play the games that much differently than before with this new acceptance, other than I try to find new ways to play them and try to pursue less violent video games. The logic’s simple – if these are de facto alternate realities, then the time and effort I put into expanding combat only focused games expands the universe accordingly. The ‘energy’ I put into these has a tendency of expanding the fare accordingly. HOWEVER, since there’s no real alternative options, my lack of alternative options is broadcast thr0ugh the worlds I engage in which subtly influences them in a way to leverage that energy elsewhere and expand according to what I desire.

But this here, my world, exists in energy as well. And thus. Is programmable.

Something the CIA through programs like MKULTRA have long been aware of.

I know might sound a tad conspiratorial, so and may seem eerily like what’s his name – the Unabomber’s manifesto. But if you read what he said, there’s some perfectly valid concerns he had, but like most, because most of what he had to say was paranoid delusion, the rest of what he had to say was dismissed as a nutjob by the collective embryo protecting the ‘greater good’.

It’s like the movie “The Matrix” – if you look at it from the perspective that it’s a trap for your mind, then that’s precisely what it become. But if you’re a programmer like me and use your mind to reprogram it to be and provide anything you imagine, it becomes an endless source of  entertainment.

Not just for me. But for those who may want to watch.

I am not here to criticize anyone.

I am here to ask for your support.

On April 5th, 2063, Zefram Cochrane will make a historic first flight from Earth presenting warp travel to the collective world.

This message is to the Vulcans.

I believe space and time are mutable, and that if we collaborate, and as much as I deplore it, do this thing called ‘work’ together to shape this thing called reality, that not only can we preserve your timeline as it’s documented, but also preserve my planet as I know it without having to go through a third world war.

Time from two observational perspectives, even if it’s sharing the same collective information pool and/or timeline – absolutely requires  creative solutions to circumnavigate, as ultimately, win/lose outcomes results in total entropy for the entire system where no one gets what they want. I believe time is mutable, even my own history is, and while I am not interested in forcing my views on others as it’s maddening at times, I can offer a unique perspective that a chronologically linear thinker may never have considered.

I know you ran a simulation on how to approach Earth for first contact, and it’s caused concern for you because of two unique and extremely opposing outcomes, which I believe were responsible for creating a mirror universe. This is OUR history, and there’s suggestions of a third history – which CAN become our future provided you do something you never did before.

Make first contact with me.

Abduct me. Let me learn about you on my terms. But take the time to understand how I need to see you for this to be successful.

So a few years from now. Between now and then. WE figure out how to participate in first contact.

And heck. Maybe I return as the Vulcan to make first contact with companions I’ve chosen to have by my side.

I’d like to create more stories for everyone of all shapes and sizes and orders of deviance WITH you.

Stories I am experiencing as they spontaneously and somewhat may unpredictably may occur.

To my planet. I may be a movie star who always seems to be in character…

To me. I’ll be a space and time traveler. Seeing things that most dismiss as movie magic.

I’ll know better.

Will you?

What came first. The time traveler.

Or the species who met the time traveler before they inspired the man to become a time traveler and thus become responsible for creating their entire species?









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