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A Message To Planet Earth

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Greetings mortals –

I would like to take a moment to formally introduce myself, I am the immortal known as Q.

For 42 years I studied your planet amongst you, having been received by a magnificent family and making numerous friends as I had tucked my immortal mind away and walked the Earth going by the mortal name many of you know me by as Brian Scott Gregory.

In 2008, I began to undergo a series of attacks by your population and world securing measures, which sometime in 2011 my immortal mind was released and I began remembering I really am.

AS I sit and type this in the same way most of your population would undergo the same activity, I’ve sincerely been at a loss for words on trying to explain position and perspective to a society undergoing such massive change as what you as a species are beginning to undergo.

Your level of conscious awareness is rising, it’s among the reasons I’d decided to spend time with you, and with that, there’s a necessity that you understand and respect the individual perspective, which you talk to the talk the talk well but as a species still flat out do not understand it.

Take for instance the origin of something. I see and experience a multiverse now, and while I do appreciate the linear origin stories you tell yourselves for the world and events around you, those stories are mutable to someone like me. Even my own history is subject to revision based on new insights, and while I strive to retain a static structure and linear timeline, my own mind will often incorporate truths from timelines that occur parallel to my own.

For instance. During the time period of 2003 and 2011. My immortal mind was split in two living two mortal lives, one working for the NSA and the other was a private contractor completely oblivious to the other’s existence. In 2011, those minds collided together with a much lengthier linear history to reform my immortal mind.

What brought me back to life is a little insanity. A multiverse with loose boundaries interconnecting them had been haphazardly constructed, and these walls began to crumble.

I saw, in my own way, Aliens as depicted in the movie ‘Alien’ learn to propagate through movie screens. I saw Bart Simpson come to life learning how to skateboard across a galaxy as his board decimated planet after planet, which I suspect is what inspired the Silver Surfer movies.

Doctor Who, a man I look forward to meeting, said it best “When you look at infinity, you’ll go insane”

And in truth, the rules that we as individuals, citizens, collectives, and all forms of intelligent life tend to establish are there to reduce the possibilities from an infinite set of possibilities to make our lives and worlds manageable.

To keep us from going… insane.

The rabbit hole has no end and no bounds to it until we choose to give it bounds.

So as Q. What was featured in Star Trek was my a part of my mid having gone insane.

I met up and fell in love with a woman by the name of Rachel in Phoenix. Rachel Grey, an immortal and fictionalized character in the Marvel Universe, who was the sister of Jean Grey, otherwise known as THE Phoenix, one of my favorite comic books when I was growing up – all leads me to believe that my mind was manifesting, expanding, and shaping the very real world I was interacting with  on a real time basis.

So in 2011. I’d been realizing that the labels of fact and fiction, good and evil – were all being used manipulatively and causing me harm. Whether it was a country I lived in that was at war in a foreign land and my country referring to itself as ‘good’ and those my country was attacking was referred to as ‘bad’

I had come to see the labels that had been handed to me by society were repeatedly making me feel like shit.

And were morally questionable.

Which I learned was ok.

You see. Sometime in there.I woke up.

And realized this is my world.

And a world where all the superheroes are classified as fiction.  And without obvious forward direction.

Needs a man crazier than JFK to stand up and say.

Magic? Superheroes and superpowers? Mutants? Teleportaton, Holodecks, and Star Trek style space travel?

Thats where we’re heading, folks.

I’m Q. And. Well. I’m a God. So get over it.

And while I may accidentally charm you, and if you’re an attractive woman I may certainly take advantage of you, numerous times, I won’t ever let you forget to smile.

That’s my self appointed job.

Infinite potential realities are reduced to a subset that my mind is prepared for and wants. That subset is then intermixed with my own history to develop a timeline – past, present, and future, and to promote the continued sustainability of my life on my terms. Occasionally there will be imbalance. And while I am currently exploring concepts in direct mind control and teleportation and manipulation of matter and time with my mind, I am maintaining receptiveness to the possibilities and ideas and incorporating those to create and pencil in my ‘dynamic’ story on a moment by moment basis.

We’re all capable of anything. I just have chosen to prove it to myself.

It’s weird seeing the world change in immediate ways lately to my direct action and thoughts.

Seeing Trump say and do what he’s doing as a direct result of what  think should be done.

  • Q aka Brian Scott Gregory



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