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Expansionism and What is Cancer

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A few years ago, I was finding myself being repeatedly surprised on what I was finding on the internet.

Whether that was complete instructions in an age of terrorism on how to build a nuclear bomb including precise measurements and mechanical instructions freely available for everyone, or it was real names and home addresses of individuals of fame and fortune across the nation.

I couldn’t help but wonder – is there something I am missing about this thing called ‘reality’ ?

Aerosmith even sung a song about it, “Living on the Edge”

There’s something wrong with the world today
I don’t know what it is
Something’s wrong with our eyes
We’re seeing things in a different way
And god knows it ain’t his
It sure ain’t no surprise
Science, to me, had been a study of the world and why things were and are the way they are.
I’ve realized, since then, that scientists provide ideas.
And where once I accepted these ideas and concepts as facts.
I learned. They’re ideas on how to form my reality.
And while some of these ideas may present themselves in an observational way which suggests this is reality.
The biggest lesson I learned from the Billionaire Warren Buffet was this:
Anyone can shape reality.
It’s knowing that information sources such as the internet, television, movies, magazines, and books aren’t there to provide facts. They’re there to provide ideas.
Ideas which only become real when you want them to.
Everything else tends to fall in line afterwards.
It’s like the greater good concept. What happens if your collective cells inside your body banded together and decided expansion can’t continue without eliminating the leader of that population which was refusing to expand more?
For years I’d fought weight gain.
Not fully understanding I was fighting against a population which most certainly didn’t have my best interest at heart.
To the population it appears to be ‘for the greater good’.
To the individual threatened by that population.
It’s a cancer cell inside your own body refusing to work within and accept the constraints of the environment it’s contained in which invariably will kill it’s host.
I think the digital world is the expansion of the population which found a different path to continue it’s growth.

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