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The funny thing about thought experiments

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A few years ago, while in Costa Rica, I’d noticed a new friend – John Manners – loved using the phrases ‘can you imagine’ and ‘imagine that’.

I’d been picking up on speech patterns and mannerisms for quite some time by this time, particularly over the commonly used terms in science and philosophy such as ‘Thought Experiments’.

It wasnt long after this it dawned on me that these word choices weren’t just coincidence.

They were highly calculated patterns by beings who were all too aware that my thought was responsible for creating this this thing called reality.

But what defied me and seemed against all odds was an open question:

Why did it mysteriously feel like I specifically was being targeted?

Why was I told the world is my stage throughout my life?

Why did I receive information in ways I still can’t explain that detail an expenditure of trillions of dollars by world leaders, corporations, and governments around the world?

I’d never felt special my entire life. In fact, I felt quite average.

Was all this the product of,.. fantasy?

But more than that… Was reality created by my imagination?

And had my subconscious mind unbeknownst to me began conspiring to start developing a fantasy knowing this?

Let me ask you a question.

Let’s say you spend your entire life with the wool pulled over your eyes. The monotonous and highly cyclic world around you where everyone seems to be spinning their wheels doing the same thing day in day out is chock full of things to do. But most choose not to. Most choose the daily grind.

But let’s say one day you discover.

You’re the star.

Now throughout your life, the world revolved around you anyways. This isn’t egocentrism or narcissism, it’s simple first person perspective which reinforces this perspective.

But you learn, over time, that this perspective – as a choice – is considered by most to be self indulgent.

And by more people who hate you than love you. They watch your life, and everything you do, outside of your awareness. You are in a very literal sense the star of your own show and don’t know it.

Your bosses. All actors paid to appear on your show.

Your friends. All fought and won the role against thousands of competitors.

Even the President himself.

An actor.

Yet you don’t catch on. Despite the fact that he had his own tv show.

And despite the fact that you’ve had clues your entire life, slips exposing the facade of the world constructed around you – made specifically for you…

You learn to dismiss the slips.

Explain those slips away intellectually through labels such as fiction, hallucination, or “I was just imagining things”

Until one day.

You realize.

You were.

Imagining it all.

That doesn’t make any of it less real.

To anyone overseeing ‘my show’.

The audience deserves someone fresh, new, and I deserve a break from your continued antics trying to create drama. Someone else deserves to have their own show.

And me.

I’d like to enjoy the fruits of my weird success in just playing the role of … me.

To whom this may concern – let’s move forward.

Can you imagine a world and show we create around the life of someone where space becomes accessible, inexpensively, to everyone, and the stories we’ll be able to tell with that?

I can.

I’m fine with getting attention. I know it will be brief. But I’ll enjoy it nonentheless.

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