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How to find Alternate Realities and Dimensions

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Years ago, the movie “That Thing You Do” came out starring Tom Hanks which depicted an alternate reality where a band, very similar to the Beatles, had come out and was mobbed with success.

The primary song from the movie , aptly named “That Thing You do” – was actually a good song.

But there was something subtly odd – off about the tune – that actually gave me nervous jitters.

To such as benign song, I’d felt it before, mostly with more haunting songs like the theme song to Terminator. Where there’s a great deal of emotion tied to the song and you/I can’t explain why and where that comes from.

So just today. I heard another such song. With a haunting melody for lack of better words.

“Melody – Radio Edit” is the name of the song, by Oliver Heldens.

Like movies such as “The Invention of Lying”, it’s hard not to look past the veneer of the labels of fiction and melodies because of the emotions these works of art inspire.

Throughout my life, I’d felt detached from my emotions, and had often said there’s nothing I couldn’t do, which has me doing a lot of what I do because I feel through other people.

In this case. Through songs as well.

So for me, this is a golden indicator – a breadcrumb if you will – of glimpses into an alternate reality.

Why am I drawing alternate realities into it?

It’s said that this universe is in the chord of “C”. I suspect that naturally, I am in tune with this universe, and when something strikes a chord where the origin of it is NOT from this universe, then I feel it.

So this song by Mr Heldens like the movie “Terminator” are glimpses into defacto alternate realities. Where the flavors of songs, movies, and entertainment change in much the same way the flavors of food and drink do when traveling between country borders here on good ole planet Earth.

These emotions – stir up feelings inside me that deserve exploration, and with that, a label that I feel is appropriate to commence categorization.

An alternate reality.

Emotions provide the easiest way to detect these influences. And it doesn’t just come through song and movies.

I feel it in video games. The obsession involved with games such as Worlds of Warcraft and Hearthstone, which has absolutely no equal in performance, story, and sheer beauty. And technically, I have yet to find the tools and technology which can do what these games are capable of doing. Nothing in ‘my reality’ is capable of it. Period.

To me, these are hints of more sophisticated tools and technology than anything we currently have available in this reality.

Because of this – addiction and the emotions associated with it are what I consider ‘tells’ that the universeI/we may inhabit lacks the sophistication and technology that may be available in an alternate universe we/I’ve brushed up against. And because deep down, there’s a part of all of us that wants to know everything. Which is where the addiction comes from, the insatiable collective mind cannot figure something out and is using all the resources it can to understand something when brushing up against these other realities.

Which for me.

Makes addiction easier to manage, now that I know when and where it comes from.

There are other – more intellectual ways at actively engaging research and investigation of the unknown.

But it starts with a label.

This is why alternate realities, and the multiverse are absolutely true for me.

I create them myself by isolating that which I dont fully understand.

The many worlds theory is NOT a theory for me.

It’s a fact.

Something I have directly experienced through my own senses, which are precious to me.

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