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Segmentation of Mind

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As the internet has expanded over the years, one of the things I have noticed that rose as the internet expanded beyond America’s borders has been an intolerance of perspective.

For the longest time, I had incorrectly thought that America was naive, that these older cultures around the world with people who spoke a variety of languages in contrast to America’s typical linguistic training which was isolated to a single language – was culturally nave and inept.

But as I traveled.

As I came to understand the world.

I started seeing something that surprised me.

Nowhere was what I was seeing and experiencing more obvious than when I was in China.

Here’s the ‘issue’ in a nutshell.

As a culture forms, like a child –  it tends to develop an isolated and unique perspective and world view. This world view is shared – collectively – across the population – and in literal ways is responsible for creating language and linguistic patterns. it’s responsible for creating values, ideals, standards of societal behavior which govern ethics and morals, and rules and laws which govern them.

What I came to learn in China was – as a culture develops and progresses  – the collective mind of that culture in literal ways shape the world around it.

Now to be clear, I am not just referring to bridges, walkways, roads, and monuments.

Nor am I referring to simplistic manipulation of matter to create mountains and guide weather patterns.

What I am referring to is the physical mapping of logical concepts to in a literal sense create, manipulate, develop, change, and govern the physical rules and laws of nature itself.

Gravity. The flow of Time. Even death itself.

Let me back up a bit.

I asked this question on Yahoo Answers today:

“Are movies memories?”

I have a valid reason for asking this question.

And unlike asking this question to people I might interact with in the real world, here in the good ole US of A…

On forums such as Yahoo Answers, instead of consideration or some attempt to respect my perspective, I am predictably and systematically attacked, every time, for positing questions that fall outside of norms.

It’s downright weird.

But it’s indicative of the global nature of the internet.

So to hopefully derail the attacks and instead inspire and provoke discussion, I put this.disclaimer on the question:

“Don’t answer if the question doesn’t make sense to you, this question is clearly not directed at you if it does not.”

Yes, I understand how nonsensical some of the questions and ideas I posit may seem.

But way back in the day when I took a philosophy 101 class, where the instructor set a chair on the desk and said “Without touching the chair, prove the chair exists”

Most of us thought the question ridiculous.

“Well if you let me touch it, I can feel it,” one student said.

“And you know that how?,” he responded.

After a roundabout discussion, finally the student responded “Through prior experience”

Another student said “Well I can plainly see that chair there, and so can everyone else!”

The rabbit hole went deeper as the instructor responded.

“How do you know they can, and they aren’t just being agreeable?”

The class laughed.

The instructor, a man who’d gone to school with a famous comedian by the name of Bob Newhart, had shown, the concept of philosophy came with a good degree of levity.

And his point hit home.

My concept of reality is based on ideas and concepts I have spent a lifetime refining. My senses speak to me in such extraordinarily unique ways that I cannot help but apply the concepts learned through that philosophy class and at the very least consider that chair as an object may not exist to the person sitting next to me.

That person sitting next to me may not even exist.

And that – as the instructor suggested – that those around me – if they are indeed real – may simply be agreeing with me for whatever reason they may have.

Three weeks ago, the country of Cameroon shut off it’s internet connection entirely.

Russia’s building it’s own version of Wikipedia.

And China created something called ‘the Great firewall’.

Globalization has leveled the playing field. But somewhere along the way, we as a world began losing our collective mind and with that – our unique culture due to a simple inability most people have to understand collective minds and how far it and we go to protect our individual experiences.

Let me explain.

Frequently feeling like parties and life revolved around me not too long ago, and not particularly enjoying the egocentrism, my friend’s lives seemed – at least from my perspective – dull and boring.

I didn’t like that feeling. I loved my friends, and didn’t like the latent judgment this narcissistic attitude had, so I took a cue from Hollywood, and began to ask…

“What happens when my friends exit the set and stage of my life?”

I wasn’t willing to accept what I observed was the limits of my friend’s lives. In fact, I sincerely believed there was things they did beyond my awareness.

The evidence was in my own actions.  I’d masturbated for most of my life yet never discussed it. I’d even had a few prostitutes here and there and utterly enjoyed most of the experiences. Add to that a later drug addiction and an unwillingness to discuss how out of control I had gotten with that experience – even with those  shared those experiences with…..

So with maturity came the realization that like me, others may not only do things I may find surprising….

And more than that…

They may even BE things and be capable of things that would utterly surprise me.

This is simple maturity at work. Realizing the world was only as small as I was capable of imaging, and my imagination had been severely impaired for much of my life.

So here’s what I realized over time.

As I selectively omit bits and pieces of my life, for whatever reason. OR I allow someone to think what they want to about me and my life, giving hints and alluding to there being MUCH more than there really is.

Now let’s follow this philosophical slope.

Over time. As I discuss my perspective and experiences, embellish, exaggerate and on rare occasion outright lie about, this creates contrast and alternative perspectives on my own life.

Now while I may know ‘the truth’ about my own life. Others forms opinions based on their own experiences background, education, beliefs, and interactions with me.

As time marches on. Others make decisions based on these contrasting beliefs.

In many cases. Neither side being more right than the other.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Give it enough time.

These differences create relationships.

They expand to create groups.

They expand even more to create communities.

They expand even more to create city/states.

They expand even more to create nations.

They expand even more to create worlds.

This expansion continues. And continues. And continues.

So much so that an incredible variety and ways to perceive such exceedingly simple objects as an apple.

Can result in images that come to mind, here in Western society at least, of a computer or something that falls off a tree, both and more being equally correct.

And that’s just from my perspective alone.

In my nation, alone, there are at the very least 350 million of these unique perspectives.

Some may match or be roughly similar to my own.

Some may not.

So when I ask weird questions on Yahoo Answers and real life, while there may be times I am seeking one answer, more often than not I am pursuing thoughts, ideas and the variety of ways to perceive reality.

What’s the purpose to all this?

In the real world I am stuck. I am homeless, sleep in a tent, and hate – no – loathe the anticipation of days like tomorrow where it’s supposed to rain, hard, all day long.

The options my world is offering to me are artificially limited, by a system which needs to change.

A system created and shaped by you, as a collective society, and your minds which – by design – is resisting change and pushing me down a path without choice based on this artificial limitation of options.

This isn’t free will. When the only option I have to get off the street is to go back to an activity called work which led me to drug addiction and numerous suicide attempts, particularly when no obvious choices are being made available based on my education, experience, and background.

I like who I am.

I’m not perfect. And no longer wish to be.

So as I ask you questions such as “Did Lorena Bobbit create the vagina?”

The hope. The goal. Is simple.

To ask. Demand. Request. Beg. You as a society adapt. You provide me other more amenable options and ideas to continuing and expanding my life and role on this, your planet.

Now you’re as a collective society gonna have to take into account not just my background. Not just my experiences. Not just my past. But something more important than all of that. Not just what you think I need.

What I want.

I know you’re looking for evidence of me being who I claim to be as God and Q.

I’ll provide that evidence over time. That’s my promise from me to you.

But in the meantime. I need to know you’re willing and capable of being more than just a partner.

It’s your turn to provide me evidence of who you are.

And NOT dismiss that as a hallucination or drugs.

Mitosis occurs at every level, even the mid.


To some degree, we’re all robots.

You’re not all that scary up close and personal.

Yeah, I’m well aware of who you think you are.


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