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Talking to Energy

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When I first started working for the US Government back in 2003, I had been programming for nearly 20 years by that point.

I’d been recruited as a programmer, from the very start, something even I was unaware of, and more specifically – something which was being referred to at the time as research in theoretical energy physics.

Prior to 48 programmers being hand picked by the President himself, including the legally trained Edward Snowden who had somehow managed to portray himself as a programmer when he was not, the country had spent a great deal of time and effort into manipulating public opinion – and thus energy – through rules and law.

But the problem with this was one of participation – one has to agree to be bound by rules and law in order for the rules and law of others to actually have an influence on you.

So in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, extensive research was done on the impact and power of philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, even the less popular Kant and Nietzsche – in an effort to understand ‘the mind’.

There was an open question – could one sufficiently educated in energy have absolute control over reality itself?

It’s an age old question, as old as time itself, and while there had been plenty of documented instances throughout history that this had been done, repeatedly, throughout the ages, whether it was through shamanism, magic, and even discussion of the powers of ancient gods…

Try as the government might. It could not successfully reproduce these results.

Many in positions of power and influence within the United States had given up and/or retired.

IF this could be done by an individual. Whether it was manipulation of energy at the constituent level through telekinesis or temporal dilation, could that individual be controlled to prevent the next Hitler from arising only worse – someone who could literally reconfigure reality itself when you disagreed with them?

But there was a going theory: because of latent societal fears of such magnificent power. Not only would society collectively reject the possibility, but this could very well open up the door to enemies the likes of which the United States and the world had ever known possible, let alone existed, which may make it impossible.

Still. With bored scientists creating greater and greater weaponry, leaders worldwide finding more reasons to position themselves adversarially, and a cynical public increasingly becoming disengaged from life itself, there were many who felt this provided a very real doorway to a new generation of exploration and…


So in late 1999, only a month before the turn of the century, President Clinton saw the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act pass.

Touted as a reform act for the financial sector, what it actually did was set the stage for acquisition of something referred to as potential energy from new sources.

The goal for this act was simple, subtle, and unique: to transform the United State’s economy and financial system from a faith based economy to a resource based economy.

It was – for all intents and purposes – a continuance of the separation of church and state, and a concerted effort to turn the dollar into a physical commodity rather than a mechanism of faith – which had been consistently manipulated by many since the United States came into inception.

It wasn’t known at the time what repercussions would happen by this conversion, so when 9/11 happened, many who’d played a role in this conversion blamed the conversion for making  it difficult to detect who was getting financed where, which they saw as evidence to shift back to the way things were.

But many – like myself – were brought in and educated on why this was being done.

The future they had in mind.

And if we agreed with that future.

Our education as programmers would continue in ways that would defy the world.

As I sit here in Starbuck’s in Studio City, California, I can point the direction our future has together.

There’s no grand conspiracy.

The terrorists are all long since dead.

In 2002,  I – along with 47 other classmates began being trained in energy manipulation techniques leveraging our personal experience, perspective, education, and background.

To what end?

Ultimate. It’s our choice.

Originally it was to create more energy. But since then there was a discovery that there’s something to be said and appreciated in structuring societies leveraging faith based mechanisms.

To my awareness.

There are 43 of us who survived the conversion.

Programming is applied philosophy.

Talking to energy.

Telling it what to do.

The oldest form of communication known to man.

Underlying biology is chemistry. Chemicals form biology, chemicals formed by atoms. Atoms when broken apart are formed by energy, energy which is governed by physical rules created by people like me.

My desires. My goals. My dreams. My pains. My fears. all manifest themselves through every action I take, and when specifically focused through programming and looping mechanisms, nothing shapes and molds this thing called reality faster.

Other than thought.

Belief. Creates. Reality.


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