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How to create a stable black hole

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For this experiment, which you can do at home, you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. A table vice with a non conductive clamp
  2. 3 “C” Clamps
  3. A 5mw Red Laser, a 5mw blue laser, and a 5mw green laser.
  4. 2 Rare Earth Magnets, preferably round and 1/2 inch in diameter, the longer in length the easier it is to work with.
  5. A stripped power cord with two exposed wires on the end and the other side of the cord which plugs easily into standard household electricity (110 volts)
  6. Electrician’s Tape
  7. A small wooden shim that’s precisely 2mm in thickness.

Science Fiction entertainment shows such as Star Trek routinely discuss something called a ‘warp drive’ and wormholes.

Underlying these concepts and ideas is very real physics based on something referred to as an Einstein-Rosen which was made possible by Einstein’s discoveries in the early 20th century and his theories of relativity.

What I present to you today is very real.

This is an introduction into temporal mechanics and a cornerstone experiment on how to create what’s known as a controlled black hole, a safe version of a black hole which can be attempted in the comfort of your home or garage.

Now how does it get unsafe?

First, applying massive voltage (5000 volts+) is what makes the difference between a controlled black hole and a wormhole, which would be the next logical step to take experimentation. I am not saying don’t do it. I am saying understand the physics of the low voltage versions before you attempt the higher voltage versions.

With that said…

Start the experiment

Step 1) Mount the vice on a work table.

Step 2) WITH the ac cord UNPLUGGED, you should have two loose copper cords and at the other end a plug which plugs into any standard household AC outlet. Using electrician’s tape, apply one side of the cord to the bare magnet, and repeat this with the other cord and other magnet. The surfaces of the magnet should be bare and free of tape. This is where the arc will form.

Step 3) Place the 2mm wood shim between the bare side of the magnets. The shim should be held firmly in place by the force of the magnets pulling together.

Step 4) Open the vice, which should have a non conductive clamping surface, and place the round end of the magnets on either end of the non conductive surface. When closed, you should be able to safely remove the wooden shim holding the magnets together without the magnets collapsing together. If they collapse. Repeat until the vice holds.

TEST the set up so far:

Attach the ac power plug to the household outlet. At this point, you should see a visible arc form between the magnets. IF not. Then try slowly reducing the size of your shim and try different shims. If you see a spark type arc, the arc absolutely needs to be constant. Don’t go below 1mm in size for your shims.

Assuming the test worked fine. Disconnect the AC.

Make a mental note of where the arc formed.

Step 5 ) At 120 degree intervals, take the RED, BLUE, and GREEN lasers and mount them – with the c clamps – to point at the EXACT point of the electrical arc. TEST each one individually.

Step 5) Plug the AC back n with the lasers pointed at the arc.

Here’s what you should observe:

The MOMENT you apply the full spectrum of lasers at precisely the same location, which may take a little adjustment – you’ll see a deformation that looks much like the refraction of water form around the arc  – this is what’s known as an event horizon.

You can get some interesting results and expand the black hole by applying more voltage. Be careful not to apply too much voltage, I suspect some people will be trying this experiment in laboratory conditions and if that’s the case, try not to exceed 5k volts.

Here’s how it works:

Space and time can naturally be ruptured with enough bombardment of various energy sources targeted at a single location. This bombardment creates a ‘rip’ in space and time, something mother nature herself has built up a defense system against. So rather than collapsing yourself into a black hole, you’ll simple see evidence of nature’s collusion to prevent the disaster from happening – in the form of a black hole.

A black hole in itself leads from space and time to timeless space. It can be thought of as a passage.

And once you learn how to control these passages.

You’ll be able to leverage this simple little experiment to instantly be anywhere you want to in the universe.

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