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Traversable wormholes and dilating time and space

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Within the space time continuum, there’s a method of traveling instantaneously through time and space referred to as ‘warp’ travel which in a sense bridges two points in space – and what’s important to understand – time – together.

So systems, devices, and transportation which can create and leverage these interconnected points in space can travel – instantaneously – from any point in space to any point in space as easily as I can walk through a doorway.

Now here’s the inbuilt limitation with these traversable wormholes:

They require you to already have visited the point you’re interconnecting to in order to create that bridge.

For instance – let’s say you want to go to China via one of these devices.


In order for you to achieve this, you MUST have been there – first – to set up the destination gate, and then, once established, it’s as easy as opening up a door on the source end.

Now some star and space faring species have attempted to circumvent these inbuilt limitations.

One method they’ve tried has been by collapsing the universe after an intense deal of studying it.

From there, they create seeds portals to destinations they wish to visit in the current time period.

And barring this works successfully, which it rarely if ever does, then int he modern day – without visiting a destination – they have instant access to a destination location without ever having been there.

There’s an obvious problem with this method – not the least of which numerous species have gone to great lengths to ensure this collapsing method does NOT occur for any number of reasons – not the least of which is preventative measures to mitigate the risk of conquest by time and temporally aware species.

There’s other problems it introduces.

Such as bleed over from alternate realities – which for fledgling temporally aware species who might not understand anything but a linear time frame may not understand or consider the implications of the multiverse and the nasty set of problems introduced when REALLY unwanted universes and dimensions may bleed over into their own.

Now there’s another way to create destination points that do not require destination gates.

It requires a singularity.

A single point and space and time a single species and or set of beings converge to.

A single mind that things in unison.

This makes all points in space and time instantly and consistently accessible.

And, as the being matures.

All points outside of space and time as well.



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