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Have you ever….

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Have you ever looked at the clouds with wonder and awe and asked:

“How is that done?”

Have you ever sat on the seashore, watching the cyclic nature of the surf rolling in and out and wondered:

“How can I do that?”

Have you ever watched people and traffic walking by, and thought:

“How can I make a simulation that seems as real as this is?”

Have you ever listened to dogs barking, and imagined they speak a language of their own that I as a human may never have the ability to understand?

Have you ever asked the question “Where are memories?”

Have you ever watched a humming bird in flight, and tried imagining how it saw the world and how it was able to move and respond to it’s world so fast you could never do it as a human?

Have you ever looked at a plant, and observing the repeating patterns in the leaves and branches asked yourself:

“How can I create something as magnificent?”

Have you ever looked at the moon, and imagined it’s a dwarf star?

Have you ever looked at a plane, and imagined it’s a UFO with a cloaking device on it obscuring it from mere mortals like me who they assume would be terrified of the unknown?

Have you ever felt something around you and turned, to find nothing was there, and then with science fiction as an education considered the myriad of possibilities it could be..

Like a ghost…

or an alien species who makes you forget they’re there the moment you look away…..

or the woman or man of your dreams who’s a time traveler and out of sync with your world?

Have you ever reflected on your life, and your past, and imagined creating a simulation which allowed you to simulate different possibilities and choices and re-experience things that were fun again?

Have you ever looked at fictional characters on television and movies, wishing you could meet them and hang out with them in real life?

Have you ever actually tried figuring out why it’s called a hallucination?

Have you ever smiled at someone and waved at them even though they don’t know you?

Have you ever had sex with someone you just don’t like?

Have you ever wondered if the translations you were receiving were accurate?

Have you ever imagined that everything is alive?

Have you ever imagined you’re God?

And that you created everything around you by imagining more than anyone ever had before?

I have.

I’m tired of being homeless, friends.

And I apologize for who I chose to become.

But I don’t regret it.

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