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Time Travel for Dummies – Chapter 1

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The nuclear wind


What would happen if you were to slow down a nuclear blast to 1/100 the speed.

The wind, which is normally rushing by at 1000 km/hr would be reduced to 10 km/hr. So the blast would feel like a light breeze.

The pressure change – which is the brunt of the destructive force and what is responsible for toppling buildings, is a force measured in kg per meter per second, would be reduced by 1/100.

So to a building, the pressure change would feel like a storm front moving in.

And the heat from the nuclear blast, which is a measure of thermal radiation, which is predictable through Planck’s Law equation:


So under normal conditions while normally the heat from a nuclear blast exceeds 100,000,000°, reducing that blast isn’t a direct proportion based on this equation – and doing the math – it would feel like a balmy 26 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The interesting thing about time travel and time deviation is time in a nonlinear sense shapes and molds the actual world around us.

If you were to replay a seed of a tree springing up out of the ground at a million times the normal speed, it might look like a nuclear explosion in green.

But if you were to observe it directly at that speed.

It might actually prove to be dangerous if you’re too close to it.

But all of your and my senses receive information over periods of time.

And the intensity of that information received is generally and directly correlated to the passage of time.

Is it a nuclear bomb?

Or is it a light breeze on a Sunday afternoon?

If you were to slow down time to 1/10th the rate it normally runs at. You’d be able to stand on Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, and while it’s normally 800+ degrees Fahrenheit, at 1/10 the speed the thermal radiation would have a temperature closer to 80 degrees.

Which has me wondering.  Would I see a different world if witnessing time at that speed yet relatively speaking I’m still moving around at normal speed?

Proof of Time Travel

When I watched the movie Back to the Future, there was a moment where Doc Brown shows Marty McFly his time traveling DeLorean.

In that scene, Einstein, Doc Brown’s dog – was sent by a remote controller Doc Brown was using to steer the car with – and subsequently catapulted Einstein forward in time by precisely one minute.

As an observer watching this – it actually provoked the question;’

“What happened to the dog for that one minute I as an observer watch”

It’s an interesting question, and while it’s hopelessly easy to continue dismissing everything presented as fiction as just that to prevent further inquiry, as a lover of fantasy and time travel, I continued to ponder the possibilities.

If time travel was real.

And I as an observer have a relative time reference which is equivalent to Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s relative time reference, then for that minute relative to us, the observers, what happens to the dog – where does it go?

Does the dog cease to exist entirely for the one minute we as an observer watch the events unfold?

If so, then this begs the question, what causes the dog to reappear, and does it reappear if we as observers – both me and Doc Brown, Marty McFly – all stopped observing at precisely the moment the dog disappeared?

It is a question in the same vein as Schrodinger’s Cat.

Put specifically: Does Doc Brown’s dog reappear if it’s not observed on re-entry?

But in order to answer that question, one has to back up ever so slightly to answer the question:

Just where does the dog go when he disappears?

You see, in order to answer the question about observer, one has to answer the question about where he goes to begin with. And herein, within this logical analysis of just where does it go is the first direct evidence that time travel isn’t just a product of fiction, but is actually scientific fact.

Here’s why:

The scientific method starts by asking the question in this example: Just where does Einstein go for that minute? Now mind you, we’re not asking if time travel is possible. And while this film may be accepted as fictional, not only had I never seen it before I did on that day.

So as I watched this movie. Fiction or not.

Doc Brown presented the concept that the dog was being sent precisely one minute in the future.

Again. I don’t know where the movie’s going. I know it’s a movie about time travel. But in that movie magic moment, there was infinite possibilities on where Einstein would go.

But Doc Brown said “He’s going to precisely one minute in the future”

And I believed him.

And lo and behold. Einstein appeared in his Delorean a minute later.

Now here’s where it’s especially important to understand the importance of belief as it relates to reality.

Religion is predicated on belief. It’s cement cornerstone is that of belief. America – our country – asks that we believe in it. A company we may work for teaches you about it’s values and mission, and while you’re employed for them, you’re expected to believe. Even partnerships – ask for you to be FAITHful in your partner and there’s the expectation – ie: belief of reciprocity.

Belief. Imagination. Create this thing called reality.

So while analytically I knew I was seeing a movie about time travel.

And in that moment – having never experienced that film before.

I believed that in the moment that Einstein disappeared. He’d reappear a minute later.

And that time – to him – and that journey would be instantaneous.

Even though, for me as an observer in this purportedly fictional presentation.

I believed. Not just in the movie makers presenting this work to me that they wouldn’t kill an innocent dog. But also in the premise of the movie to begin with, and the outcome would be a predictable journey for me as an observer.

You see. This is the interesting thing about time travel.

Once you understand it and that it’s happening all the time, you begin to see it and evidence of it all around you.

And the evidence of it’s simple imagination.

Imagination creates reality.

Something Gods, Kings, Queens and world leaders have known for a long time.

Oh I know,  I know. You’ll as  “How can I use a fictional movie as proof that something exists?

For you as a reader, if that’s a question you’re asking me, I would reply to you with:

“The same way you can’t prove to me it doesn’t. The onus and burden of proof is on you since I don’t care if you believe me or not any longer.”

Belief creates reality.

Accordingly, the numbers and math we use don’t just validate it’s existence, they actually shape it because we collectively as a civilization believe in them. 

Historical uses for time travel

Throughout history, civilizations have used time travel for just about everything imaginable.

But by and large, up until recently – it’s been used for nefarious purposes.

1) For conquest. 

When a time travel aware civilization sees value in another civilization that might have resources and/or locational advantage – but that civilization might have too substantial a modern day defensive system to oppose today. So these civilizations might leverage time travel to conquer other civilizations before they acquired the defensive capabilities it might have in the modern day. Easy targets. And threats eliminated.

America, for instance, has rebuffed NUMEROUS attacks based on this method of operation alone.

Oh come now. Do you really think the Iraq war was about oil?

America was under attack in ways that most Americans wouldn’t understand and would classify as fiction.

That threat’s since been neutralized.

2) Resource Grabs.

Along the same lines as conquest, another major abuse for time travel has been for resources. Unlike conquest based abuses, the time travelers might be circumventing modern rules and laws to acquire the resources before the rules and laws were imposed.

This is one of the primary sources of corporate exploitation.

3) Technology and Financial Gains/Grabs

Imagine creating Microsoft Windows before Bill Gates and reaping the reward from it. Imagine building a car before Henry Ford. or Imagine investing in Google before it became a household name.

Or imagine grabbing the movie the Matrix and putting your own name on it!

All this and more has been done. Names of original inventors have been forgotten more times than not. And I myself sincerely question – with this world around me – did anyone actually invent or produce what they claim to produce?

That’s the weird nature of time and time travel. Who actually invented what and where isn’t just questionable.

It’s sincerely unknown.

4) Elimination of opposition
Easily one of the most annoying uses and abuses of time travel is the opposition of people’s enemies and competition BEFORE it even becomes competition and an enemy.

Think about it – Hillary Clinton could have eliminated Trump before he became her opposition.

Politics. Leaders. There’s been a long history of uses and abuses of time travel here, from the petty to the profound. I’m suspecting JFK was one such person eliminated through the use of time travel.

5) Bodies

Ok. This one is creepy, but there are NUMEROUS species which actually have a population that reanimate the dead of other species to maintain their numbers.

Most of these species are cybernetically based – and merge advanced and typically acquired technology with biology to reanimate the dead.

So many times. These species and beings will leverage advanced awareness of medical and/or biologically debilitating technologies to increase the number of the dead to their advantage.

Do you think that America’s health issues and problems are .. coincidental or symptomatic of something beyond most American’s comprehension and occuring across time itself?

Tomorrow: Nonlinear and linear synchronicity.


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