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Ideas I am working on and could use external guidance

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Ok. Here’s an experimental message. There’s a lot of things I am trying to work out and understand a little better. So rather than internalize them,  I’m putting the ideas and concepts out in the real world – hoping somehow, in weird ways I’ve been seeing lately, the information will get fed back to me.

  1. How to do OpenGL Gradients for creating a realistic sky without a sky box. Gradients are easy with skyboxes, but it’s not realistic and here’s why: I would like to have a realistic looking sky from a planet – complete with gradient sunsets – but if I have a ground based vehicle that I launch to space, I want to NEVER see a skybox on atmospheric exit. In fact. I dont want a skybox. Period end of story

    Now OpenGL out of the box has glClearColor which clears to a single color, and while I can dither the colors in sunset,  I dont get a realistic looking sky gradient with that like I see in the real world.

    Doing the perspective based math is fine. But how would I accomplish this using OpenGL WITHOUT – personal rule here for reasons I wont get into – WITHOUT a skybox?

  2. “Bigger on the Inside” with OpenGL

    The TARDIS in Doctor Who features a blue box the size of an old telephone booth that literally houses a mansion in it.

    What I am looking for is ideas on how to achieve this effect with OpenGL.

    I’ve pondered it openly with Bennett and Stanley. But the problem I’m having remains the same. I have to focus on angle of observation and create a clipping effect.

    I am not interested JUST in creating the effect for a single viewer. I am interested in creating the effect INDEPENDENT of the viewer. Put specifically – the BOX should NOT have to know where the viewer is. Or if there are multiple viewers.

    So let’s say I have three people standing outside the door of this virtual box in the OpenGL world.

    One is directly outside of it standing 10 feet away. Another is at a 45 degree angle to the left of the box 30 feet away, and another is at a 45 degree angle to the right of the box at 45 feet. Each will see a different perspective and viewing angle into the box.

    HOW do I create this effect INDEPENDENT of the viewer. Meaning, specifically, if all viewers could both see their own angle and the angle of the others they’d see something different INSIDE The box FROM the outside based on the angle of observation.

    The game “Portal” uses math and computer trickery to create this effect and clips the viewed region.

    Which works fine for one viewer.

    In virtual reality this would work fine because each user could be synchronized.

    But let’s say it’s a holodeck as depicted in Star Trek. I ain’t gonna know the viewer’s location then….. Unless of course everyone’s mind was synchronized to the simulation rather than a device level synchronization….

  3. Guiding my sleeping mindI’ve been trying hard to SET my mind to do certain things when I’m sleeping. Whether that’s acquiring and providing me waking information on friends, things I am working on, exploring alternate realities, and more. I’d like to ‘set it to task’ – guide it – without telling it what to do or slowing it down from whatever it is that it does while I’m sleeping. Put specifically – I am not interested in interrupting any ‘necessary’ things, but if there’s more I can add ‘to the list’ that is provided to me during waking hours, that would be cool.

    Now I’ve checked into Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. But this is only a little ways to where I want to go.

    Also. An Idea I had is – it’s my belief that my ‘existence’ collapses and I’m reconstructed every day in a cycle. Now if I could have my awakening slightly delayed for expanding my existence, the possibilities, and doing me tasks, that would be awesome.

    Any reading anyone has on this would be helpful.

  4. Worlds Of Warcraft – What is it programmed in?I have noticed that both Hearthstone and WOW have an instantaneous nature with sound and User Interface action that defies the capabilities of any programming language I’m aware of. The game, graphics, quests, and sound were all light years ahead of anything that came out when it originally did (1999), and is still light years ahead of most games with far more responsiveness.

    Now what’s peculiar is: In all the years I’ve played the games – there’s never – and I mean not once – been collision errors. Never. Not once. has there been latency between sound and action, even under pegged CPU conditions. When I click on a button. The sound and visual occurs simultaneously.

    So I have checked what it was programmed in. And while there’s speculation that it was programmed in Python for the front end and the back end was C++, there’s no proof. No one from Blizzard has come forward.

    So if anyone has any idea/clue or inside information /source code that would be really cool to see and understand how they do things like the simultaneous sound and visuals, and just what they’re doing for the graphics. I dont think it’s OpenGl, and since the client can run on any system it’s clearly not in assembler. So… how do they dooo it?

  5. Bending space and time with the mindIn Star Trek – Next Generation – “Encounter At Farpoint”, Q whisks the USS Enterprise thousands of light years across the galaxy in the blink of an eye.

    Now while I’m not interested in debating this as fact or fiction, my personal goal is to make it fact and something I can do. Put specifically, if I want to travel to London in the blink of an eye, I can make myself contributional to this world by being the world’s highest priced instantaneous courier.

    Educationally, matter breaks down to atoms breaks down to energy and the – my – mind has the innate capability to bend space and time as an observer in my reality to go anywhere, anytime across space and time. For me, I’ve accepted this as fact and have already seen it occur on numerous occasions throughout my life.

    What I am looking for is educational evidence and/or ideas on how to – in a waking state – do the things I have seen that man Q do on Star Trek. Whether that’s manifesting a fantasy world (which would give me a new place to sleep), or it’s manifesting a couple attractive women, or whisking a starship across the galaxy.

    How does one ‘bend’ space and time, and take an entire starship with them?

    Ideas anyone? Oh and don’t say it’s not possible. They tried telling JFK the same thing.

And Q, you know – the guy from Star Trek. If you’re watching, listening, or reading this.

Thank you for teaching me how to believe. If you’re around and within range, you’re more than welcome, anytime, to pop in and say hi to me by my tent. I certainly wouldn’t mind candid discussion.




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