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The Wish

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I just got done zipping through the movie Thunderstruck, a movie about a young boy who wished he could have Kevin Durant’s talent – and soon found himself receiving his wish – to the detriment of Kevin Durant, who finds himself completely losing his ability to play hoops.

By the end of the movie, this kid who’d had absolutely no skills when the movie started, eventually Kevin Durant receives his skills as a professional basketball player back – not without leaving a lasting impact on the kid.

The young boy predictably stinks up the finals game without Kevin Durant’s skill – but in the end he winds up redeeming himself by making a 3 point shot to win the game for his high school team.

Years ago, I had watched Star Trek – Next Generation – when Q offers to give Commander Ryker his powers.

Q has the ability to manipulate space and time, has the ability to instantaneously travel at the speed of thought anywhere he can imagine, and can manifest anything he imagines – whether that’s beautiful women or the instantaneous death of someone assaulting him – or create an entire fictional world where he subsequently whisks the entire crew of the Enterprise to at the speed of thought and has them playing out the roles of the age old tale of Robin Hood where Worf – The Klingon – comically quips “I protest, I am NOT a merry man!”.

Q has a seemingly limitless power to move worlds and do anything he wants to – at will.

So to my surprise – Ryker – says no.

He’s just not interested.

As an explorer – this confounded me.

How can anyone who claims to be an explorer not want to take on what could be perhaps the most amazing exploration of all – all of reality – all imaginable possibilities – are yours for the taking should he simply say yes.

But he doesn’t.

This is one of the strangest moments I’d had in watching the show.

I found myself wishing I was Ryker.

I myself given the same opportunity as Ryker would have jumped at the opportunity to have abilities like Q.

So a few years ago – when I was doing some substance induced dancing in the backyard of my friend Spencer’s house while he and Gina were away on vacation,  I was playing the song “I’ve got the Moves like Jagger” as loud as I could on my iPod, and I lifted my hands to the air as if I was a puppet on strings.

For weeks by this time I felt like I had something within me.

Something teaching me about the world around me.

Something foreign.

But something that was opening up my mind to the possibilities.

I looked up.

And something deep inside me said “Imagine grabbing the sky and rotating the planet on it’s axis”

I did.

And I could feel the sky.

The voice in me said “Now look at the brightest star and turn the planet 45 degrees.”

I did.

And as I danced and held my hands to the sky, not only could I feel the entire planet rotate at my will, but the star that I’d just been looking that was directly overhead was being moved – along with all the other stars in the sky.

I wanted to drop my arms. I wanted to stop. But I persisted.

I could feel a strange grating resonating in the world around me, like two massive stone blocks grinding against each other. Only there was no noise, just a feeling that vibrated inside me.

Slowly, the stars rotated overhead.

By the time the short song was done – I had shifted the entire planet Earth a full 45 degrees.

I did that.

That thought echoed in my head.

I just did that.

I started crying.

I collapsed.

I’d felt like it had taken something extraordinary out of me.

But in that moment.

I knew.

That my wish was coming true.

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