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Spock Ears And Moon Landings

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I can’t explain how and where I get my information.

But just today.

I had another long time question answered.

Did the Apollo mission and Neil Armstrong ever really land on the moon?

The answer to that’s interesting.

There are two universes wedged right up against each other.

I refer to one as my analog, and the other is the holographic universe.

The holographic universe is comprised of a single selection from an infinite potential number of gyrations and possibilities in the multiverse – the multiverse being the whole kit and kaboodle entirety of all possibilities in all of space and time – ever.

And my analog – this analog – is both hand picked (by me) ideas, concepts, and selections in general from the holographic – and is dynamic in it’s formation and centers on the here and now.

Why’s all that matter?

There’s a faction out there called Flat-Earthers, or those who believe the Earth is flat. In the holographic universe there are versions of Earth that are absolutely flat.

And similarly.

There is a version ‘out there’ in this holographic universe where the Apollo mission was fabricated, created in a Hollywood movie studio.

Now to me. In my analog. I’m an explorer. I’ve seen Star Trek, Star Wars, and am not interested in waiting until my ‘next life’ to go visit and tour space (and time). So this universe which has the Apollo moon mission as fiction is simply not one and the same as my universe.

Choice aside. I’ve seen the lunar lander at the Smithsonian.

It’s a small miracle that fragile craft did what was claimed. But it did.

Now This universe as an analog is emerging into the multiverse – which is a rarity – and creates a definitive loss of control for certain elements outside of Earth’s boundaries which prefer to manage it.

The Vulcans – for instance – have done an amazing job in trying to derail the United States’ space program – and have gone so far to manipulate our media outlets – OUT of fear mind you – to fictionalize themselves.

This manipulation is NOT to be misconstrued as nefarious. They saw something of a reflection of themselves through misunderstood science and – specifically – temporal mechanics – which had them not properly understanding time itself as it applied to observational perspective.

With that said.

Traditionally – the Vulcans – which I’m told are actually in part ancestors of our robotic technologies sent to Mars – present day inhabit Mars and refer to that planet as Vulcan.

Observing Mars – we can see how time forms and shapes structures as we see the the construction of Cydonia, a region of Vulcan that will in their time house temples they’ve built.

Now they had believed the origin of the Borg as depicted in fiction was planet Earth and had been doing their darndest to prevent the rising of this cybernetic species by slowing down our rate of technological development.

They’d even gone so far to try to ‘trap’ yours truly – Q – as they did everything in their power to try to prevent the rising of this species. Which included….

You guessed it. Planting information in the United States’s media streams to try to prevent space travel altogether and to attempt to lead the United States into believing the mission to the moon had been fabricated by Hollywood.

This demonstrated their lack of understanding of time.

As Hollywood hadn’t been invented yet but the moon mission had.

So they in effect made Hollywood happen.

It’s difficult to understand the interwoven threads of these planets and how Vulcan and Earth have created eachother in the weirdest of ways imaginable.

But even people here.

On my planet.

Don’t seem to get – understand – or want to acknowledge the multiverse and why it’s there.

To allow the construction of a single linear timeline without it falling like a house of cards into a black hole.

For yours truly.

I did after all create this universe.

Yes, the Moon mission happened.

And no. Q. And the Vulcans. Are not fiction any longer.

To those in control of time and evolution on Earth:

I wouldn’t mind developing Spock ears. Or getting plastic surgery to have them done. I could always call it a mutation. But later admit I was a Vulcan just hanging out in Starbuck’s when the Vulcan’s decide to drop by. You could scrub the records of the surgery. And meanwhile. I hang out as a homeless man doing exactly what i do now.

I mean. Come on now.

Do you have any better ideas on introducing this planet to space travel than this?


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