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Painting a Picture

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A couple years ago, I got tired of people arguing with me about my memory concerning geography, so I began documenting the differences between my personal experiences and what was physically depicted on the map.

I was surprised.

Here’s the list as it stands now: https://universalbri.wordpress.com/reality-permutations/.

I’d always wondered how Einstein could be so brilliant with science yet be so miserable with geography.

And then it began dawning on me.

The world I see and experience is not one and the same others see and experience.

I know, I can be a bit slow at times.

A few months ago, Adam and I got into a discussion about something silly and inane.

The origin of Neil Diamond’s “Turn on your Heartlight”

Now I had seen in an interview when Neil Diamond first presented the song he had written to give tribute to an ailing writer known as Isaac Asimov. Mr Asimov was undergoing massive heart problems and was about to undergo a triple heart bypass surgery in 1983, and had become famous for writing a story about a robot which learned how to love and had a red light for a heart which made his emotions clear to those around him.

This was later made into the movie Bicentennial Man.

So in the interview – this was Neil Diamond’s way of saying “We’re there for you and thinking about you”

Now coincidentally, at the time an original movie by Steven Spielberg came out – ET was it’s name – which was a movie about an Extra Terrestrial (alien) with a heart that lit up.

It came out in 1982, the same year as the song, but was not a part of the movie.

Years later, I heard Adam’s belief from other people, but never really bought it, particularly since ET wasn’t expected to become popular let alone have such a tremendous song written about it that was never featured in the movie.

I’d seen Neil Diamond’s interview. For me. And being a fan of Isaac Asimov. I liked that story better anyways.

Adam got visibly angry.

Particularly when I said “Well. Both are accurate. There’s one universe where you’re right and one where I’m right”

Adam responded with “If we can’t share these simple facts about the origin of simple song. Then we can’t share anything.”

I laughed.

He was being a drama queen, and only I knew it.

But he was adamant.

And as he made an impolite inference about my homeless situation, saying something along the lines of:

“Is it any small wonder you can’t fit in if you’re not willing to question your own mind”

I turned away.

I suppose what’s important for me at this stage in my life is enjoying life.

I play in alternate realities on a daily basis. While most people refer to them as video games, they have different measures for physics, time, and that’s if those measures even exist within that virtual environment.

For tv shows and movies. I can feel. Physically in ways I can’t explain feel the energy differences of certain tv shows and movies. While I cannot explain how I know a tv show or movie did not originate in this ‘reality’, I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that many of the productions which claim to be produced here in this version of the world as I know it are not produced here. This isn’t to say all are not produced here. But MANY are not.

I’ve seen separate timelines, in fact as I rest my eyes without sleep I often peer into alternate realities – some not that much different than the world I see around me, some are starkly different. Most people dream of them and dismiss the dreams as fiction, but I cannot because I’ve seen these dreams effecting the real world around me in ways that I’m currently working to understand the relationships.

Now I’ve also become aware that many actors as I had previously thought were one and the same characters as seen on the screen, and read lines from a movie script on a movie set and that’s how a movie was produced, I have learned that’s not the only type of actor there is.

Shia Labeouf, for instance, is NOT one and the same man appearing on the screen in movies such as Transformers and Nymphomaniac, and he showed his own shame ‘acting’ like a man who’d had sex in a movie by wearing a bag over his head.

I’ve lived a life ‘hopping’ between different versions of Earth. All too frequently I’d been artificially dumbed by my own limited belief system and experiences to make a single linear excuse consistent when witnessing something that just didn’t make linear sense with a single linear timeline.

Whether that’s seeing different versions of friends. Or seeing another friend in another state age 5 years the matter of 1 year my time. From impossible reactions I’d had making me feel invincible at times where I’d explain it away through chemical reactions and adrenaline. Or this persistent feeling of Deja Vu in places I couldn’t explain how and why I knew my way around.

Throughout my life I’d been experiencing too many weird events I merely shelved. I didn’t seek a rational explanation for it and just chalked it up to…

As Adam would say.

Memory flaws.

But as those flaws appeared to mount.

And really – honestly asking myself – if I am such a brilliant coder and magnificent gamer and memory in those areas where I was constantly applauded for my abilities.

I had to begin lumping all the weird observations together.

And ask.

What could explain them all?

The answer was presented by Einstein in the first half of the 120th century before World War 2 broke out.

The answer created atomic bombs.

And the answer to Adam.

A man I greatly respect for his tenacity and clear perseverance and follow through – is one I do not wish to shake at this point by debating what I know to be correct.

And that’s simple perspective.

How do you explain to a prior version of yourself that there are infinite different potential variations of life, senses, perspectives, truths, and possibilities, and even yourself, and it’s all we can do as individuals to maintain control and quit listening to the collective version of what’s right and finding out own version of what’s right and sticking with it.

It’s like the Matrix, right?

You don’t explain it.

You just relax.

And watch it unfold and hope for the best.

You see. When I say I want Jackie and Rachel as companions, picked up from the moment we enjoyed eachother’s company in and around 2006 – the most, I know I am not interfering with the present lives of these women as this is their past and something that’s already happened. I learn how to time travel, to do this, and these experiences for them which are definitively in their past if they’re remembered at all are what I’m preparing for in the here and now.

I had to be ok with asking for – nay – demanding – precisely what I want – and not feeling the least bit guilty about it.

This is ALREADY how this world functions.

And this universe.

And, for the most part, the multiverse.

I am curious. Why is it the movie “The Matrix ” depicted an ‘in’ and ‘out’, when there are infinite potential versions and MatriCes within Matrices parallel and/or concurrent with other Matrices?

Why would it stick to a dualistic view?

Heck. Why would Star Trek stick to the same thing with the concept of a mirror universe?

And then later contradict itself with the episode ‘parallels’ where there are numerous separate universes colliding?

Am I the only one that watched and learned from the shows about how science really functions?

Einstein wasn’t bad at geography. He just didn’t realize he was in a multiverse and his mind was skipping between realities where he was seeing alternate versions of Earth.

If he’d paid just a little more attention.

He would have realized there were more deviations that geography between the two.

People’s behavior.


Multiple Personality Disorder.

Indicators of seeing reality and universes from a different and very unique perspective.

Sliding through the universes.

Sometimes. It’s easier citing memory issues and gaining short term-itis with memory function than actually considering the enormity of the multiverse and how you’re seeing alternate worlds.

Scary too, right?

Seriously, Earth. Will ya help this homeless man off the street and take the time to understand – it’s not that I’m crazy. I just have a different, unique, and potentially valuable perspective on reality and a different perspective of ‘the truth’.

I need a place – a reasonable human place to stay.

A house. And a girlfriend. I’m curious if I start sliding if I am with a woman again.


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