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Thinking out loud

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Right now I have the active question I am dealing with:

I’ve seen real world examples of my thought manipulating this thing called reality.

But this was accomplished through deviated states of mind which required an external substance.

So right now – I am trying to understand – how do I move forward understanding those prior states of mind – dependent on substances which provoked the innate ability I think everyone has – to manipulate matter at will – weren’t just demonstrating the possibilities are there.

But there’s safeguards in place that have got to be respected and understood.

Safeguards which prevent me from losing my mind. Safeguards which prevent harm to others. Safeguards which prevent me from manifesting my worst fears and finding myself in a loop of endless self torment as I suspect may have once been the case, and safeguards which may very well prevent the collapse of this very planet into a black hole or prevent it from turning into a star and burning everyone on the surface alive.

So I for one respect the natural safeguards and understand how very important it is that when one starts poking at the very constituent fabric of matter – that a great deal of self control isn’t just a good thing.

It’s necessary.

And as I have also learned. The limitations and dependence on machines to mitigate this risk are among the things which cause the loops to occur.

Put specifically. If a time machine is created which is used to mitigate risks I introduce, and said time machine is left on a loop to manage time without oversight, invariably any inventions and changes I introduce and create can by some be rationalized as being disruptive to this world and the established order and said time machine will wind up confronting me rationalizing me as the one unpredictable element in the entirety.

But herein lies the problem with time travel – the one I was confronted with.

It is a product of imagination.

But so is reality itself.

And when one believes they are at risk.

Those risks are already manifest – a projection of thought in much the same way a ventriloquist projects his or her voice.

So the golden question becomes this:

If thought creates reality.

Does thought create just my reality?

Or everyone’s?

That’s a tough question to answer.

I suppose where I am at is this:

Rationally. Logically. Anything is possible in reality and there are no limitations.

I know this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And while the computer provides a conduit to discover many of these possibilities.

I’ve had to overcome the belief that it can represent them all.

I know it can’t.

But it’s a wonderful training mechanism to discover and uncover more.

So going back to the thinking…

How – I am putting this out there.

I’ve seen memories of moving a cup with my own hands. I’m not sure whether those memories were wiped from me through a mechanism I don’t understand, or if they were memories of a past life, or what.

All I do know is – I felt the interconnection between me and that cup without me touching it.

In a similar vein. I’d noticed as I used to drive. I could ‘feel’ other cars around me without actually seeing them in any mirrors. I KNEW they were there in my blind spot before I went to move in certain directions.

Now why was this for both of these?

I have landed on two possible conclusions:

One, time itself is looping and these feelings are all resulting from ‘prior imprints’, iterations where my mind or something external to me didn’t want that’ branch’ or memory and as a result I felt the car and the actual memory of moving a cup was removed.

In much the same way a Hollywood movie was produced, my memory was spliced and edited by mechanisms and/or beings beyond my awareness.

That’s one possibility. And to avoid paranoia, I call both possible (and more).

Another possibility is – I’m seeing – and sensing – alternate realities.

This latter possibility makes more sense because of the greyish nature of many of the separate worlds I have seen.

So in thinking out loud.

How do I actively create a doorway that I can return through to other worlds and other times?

Not just seeing it on a computer screen. Not just seeing it in my mind’s eye when I’m wandering off to sleep.

But physically.

Holding my hand out in front of me.

Thinking of a place and time.

And a portal appears in front of me.

A doorway.

A bridge in between space and time.

Say I want to go to London to have a Guinness. I think of a place – Trafalgar Square – and a shimmery doorway opens up and I see London on the other side. I walk through that doorway and in the blink of an eye I’m in London.

When I’m done. I imagine my tent back at Studio City.

And walk to it through a return doorway.



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