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Santa Claus Is Real

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Is Santa Claus real?

Here’s the presupposition;

In one evening, this clearly very wealthy and eccentric man visits all the girls and boys around the world to distribute gifts. Now if you’re a good boy or girl, you get the bike you’ve dreamed of, the piano you wished you’d had, the beebee gun you’d longed for, or that barbie doll you had your eye on. But if you’ve been bad. Well there’s some coal waiting in that stocking for you.

By the time I had turned 8 years old, I’d rationalized Santa Claus away.

“That’s impossible,” I naively thought, “No one can do all that in a single evening”.

Boy was I ever wrong.

And here’s why:

For me. When a day passes me by. For most people I know and call friends and family, a day passes them by as well. This is known as the standard linear method of time keeping, and is among the reasons we can all have computers on our desks, alarm clocks, and heck – pretty much everything including solar cycles where the sun sets and rises at a predictable time.

But just because we have a standard method of timekeeping in the western world does NOT make it so everyone in the world respects nor even keeps the same methods of time.

Now this is REALLY important to understand how substantially this changes the world and how time functions for some people, particularly a man as busy as Santa Claus.

In 1905 Albert Einstein started noodling on something called the theory of relativity.

For 10 years, Einstein pondered his game changing theory, which basically outlined how time moves correlated to the observer.

Put in layman’s terms – Einstein was openly questioning – did time move relative to the person observing it?

Over the course of the next 30 years, scientists argued amongst themselves until finally, the atom bomb was created based on Einstein’s theories, not only cementing proof that Einstein was accurate – but so was his equation.

Now what’s this have to do with Santa Claus?

For some beings.

Time does not move in a uniform manner with the population surrounding that population.

Einstein all but proved this was possibility.

But Santa Claus as an enduring presence in cultures worldwide, like MANY characters – myself included – have accepted being labeled as fiction as this planet comes to understand the implications of Einstein’s work.

So how does he do it?

For Santa Claus. He experiences 364 days in the same time you or I would experience one day.

We come to regard this day and respect his presence as Christmas eve and Christmas day. Knowing full well he’ll be there for all children worldwide, especially children with families who lack.

So for every hour on that day.

It’s equivalent to 1/24 * 365 = 15 days give or take some change Santa Claus.

In that time.

He gets his list of all the girls and boys around the world.

He checks it twice.

He determines who’s been naughty.

And who’s been nice.

Then he – being an extraordinarily wealthy man who’s found this as his calling.

Toils in his factories with his elves.

Singing songs only Santa would sing.

He is somewhat crazy, after all, you would have to be – as it took him some time to understand how and why time was moving different for him and what to do in his spare time.

And on that one day a year to us.

24 hours to us.

Has been 364 days for him.

364 days he’s been making deliveries the entire time.

No, typically you won’t be able to see him.

Because he moves too fast in his time frame.

But if you do.

Understand why he eats everyone’s cookies is he loves home cooking.

And while to you he may have just delivered to your friend across the street.

To him.

That was last week.

Santa Claus. Is real.

Always has been.

And like me, he enjoys working in our own weird way.

Which is why he only ever takes one day off a year.

But sometimes he expands that day to make it last a month.

You can thank Einstein for making Santa and all this possible.

So on Christmas eve, whether you’re a child or a child at heart.

Look up.

He’ll know you’re looking.

This year, in particular, he just may give you the treat of a lifetime.

Simple science – the same science responsible for creating the modern world – can be used to prove this man exists.

Whether you want to believe or not 🙂


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