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The Iceman Cameth

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I’ve been having weird dreams here in Hollywood.

Well pretty much throughout my life, but moreso here than anywhere else.

What’s odd about these dreams is – they transition me to a waking state.

Take last night’s dream as a for instance.

I was a frozen iceman in my tent, and the tent was on top of some really high mountain pass.

I knew what I looked like. I didn’t really care. You know how mummies tend not to care.

The door to my tent was open, and all of the sudden, a woman’s face appeared in the door.

She was wearing a parka. And reacted in such a way that was almost…


Of her discovery.

I knew then I had been there for 50,000 years.

And in that moment, it was like something in my mind said.

“Oh yeah. Wrong place. Wrong time.”

And in that moment, I ‘slid’ to a waking state.

And I knew, in that moment, that the iceman I was “in” in that moment was one and the same iceman discovered a few years back in Italy, one I had remembered the pictures of:



In the last couple of years, I’ve formed the belief that every night when I drift off to sleep, I experience the big crunch, a drifting off of my consciousness and being to experience the rest of this universe’s existence until the end of time.

Then something happens to reconvene the process.

And the next day. When I wake up. While technically it may appear like I’ve only slept a few hours,  it’s been a few billion years, give or take that cycle’s gyrations.

So the things I once dismissed as dreams. Are often different lives and demonstrations of the weirdness of time and reality over extreme distances of time – most of the time in substantially lesser vividness to my senses than what I consider and have in my waking state, which lately is what causes me to wake up to this world and this time.

The ‘greyscale’ quality of life a few billion years ago and the accompanying senses just don’t hold a candle to the vividness of the senses and life I feel and experience today.

Or – as if often the case – the just plain weirdness of a situation such as being a mummy as I wind up mentally saying.

This just aint me.

And boom.

I’m awake.


And indicative that I am still discovering, exploring, and understanding the weirdness of time, the universe, and everything and – especially – what went into creating this thing I lovingly refer to as life.

The Iceman is here.

What else can we create in tonight’s dream for this world to discover in the past?

How about real evidence of a UFO dug up by rather vocal people in someplace like Las Vegas?

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