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The fallacy of the movie script

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I have been a movie buff my entire life.

And over the last couple years, I have read numerous movie scripts, and while I have had an exceedingly difficult time writing a script myself, I have come to admire those who can write one.

But there’s a problem.

A disjoint.

I just asked the question, innocently enough on Yahoo Answers “Why are movie scripts written in an exceedingly structured way which closely resembles a computer program written in a computer language? “

I’d asked the question hoping to provoke thought in others about the robotic programmed nature of scripts.

And then someone answered with this answer: “It’s a process that involves timing. In the old days of filmmaking, you don’t want to waste film by wasting time on unnecessary footage, because it would get costly. I know of a boom mic operator that once told me that they measure how long it takes to focus and unfocus the camera to get certain scenes shot. So, the script has to be written in a way to calculate the length of each scene.”

Now as the Mythbuster’s might have said. It’s a perfectly plausible explanation.

But as I typed a response, I started realizing – hey – wait a moment.

For years. Since the advent of the VHS and even moreso with the DVD, I’ve enjoyed a great deal of footage that hit the cutting room floor. They refer to them as ‘deleted scenes’, or ‘altered endings’.

I have spent a great deal of money on special edition movies and box sets such as Terminator and Star Trek for those deleted scenes. And have enjoyed those perhaps equally as much as the movie itself because it showed me how things were put together,.

But this simple, innocuous little gems that are offered provide my direct evidence to the contrary of this man’s explanation – and moreso – had me rethinking the scripting processes themselves.

Put specifically. I’ve read the movie scripts from “The Matrix” and “Terminator” , and while they are 100% in alignment with the dialog and scenes in the movie, there’s a problem.

They’re too perfect.

These scripts. Which supposedly come from the movies and writers themselves.

Line for line match the dialog of the actors.

Which begs the question. IF the film was filmed from these scripts.

Just where did that extra material on those DVD box sets come from?

My understanding of the production of a movie went like this: A script is handed out to the actors, the director and producer work together to discover locations and/or set up the sets, and from there, methodically, the scenes from the script are filmed – not always in sequence or script order.

Now it’s not uncommon for movies to be tested with audiences and endings altered.

But I’ve heard stories of hours of production footage having made the cutting room floor.

Which begs the question again.

Just where did that extra material on those DVD box sets come from?

IF a final draft script is what’s filmed and bought by the movie studios and is distributed widely on the internet.

Just where did that extra material on those DVD box sets come from?

I have my theories.

China as a major provider of goods sold in the United States may be seeing and acquiring video and television from multiple versions of the United States and our entertainment sources and may be choosing to capitalize on that unique perspective by including ‘deleted scenes’ that were in fact never filmed.

Another theory is

The script was done after the movie was actually filmed.

And there was no original script.

And the film itself was taken from an alternate reality. And Hollywood’s hiding that technology.

And actors, in Hollywood, are paid to act, publicly, like the people seen in these films.

This would explain why so many actors ‘in real life’ don’t look a thing like they do in the film.

Because they aren’t one and the same person.

And a final possibility: All of this was filmed in our single linear reality. But something is happening with time in this reality. And with that I can’t help but feel partially responsible.

My mind. At one point believing so strongly in the scripting process.

May have created the temporal resetting inadvertently.

It’s weird being Q. Knowing all this and more could be possible.



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