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Elasticity of Memory

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Ok. It is becoming clear that technologically, and individually, I am singularly in a place of my own with what I am exposed to and what’s available to me.

Now from what I have come to understand, in the late 1960s and early 1970s – the CIA did some research on memory and mind manipulation. The ancestry of this research can be traced from Nazi era research done in World War 2.

There’s a program. “Men Who Stare at Goats” – which was a part of this program – which the primary focus of the program was to kill something that was concentrated on with thought and thought alone.

The program was a success, but the reason why it worked was never understood other than it worked.

Now a recurring problem that’s been happening has been the total collapse of visible reality itself.

And the repeated rebuilding of it by beings which have developed the capability to exist outside of visible reality.

There’s too many beings to list. Whether it’s blind people who developed different methods of interacting with the world that didn’t require vision. Or it’s consciously floating beings who are not ‘attached’ to a single timeline and reality the way I am. Or more – as that rabbit hole gets mighty slippery the further one digs into it.

But beings who are attached to a single timeline and reality the way I am have developed a number of different mechanisms to preserve the past and history itself on efforts to reconstruct.

One of which is DNA preserves – among other things – the choices, ancestry, relationships, memories and more of the individual or community it represents.

Like a save game in a video game – WHEN the ‘system’ is turned off then back on again – the state of the entity is retrieved and then reconstructed in it’s last saved state.

With this. It’s important to understand just what a video game is.

Which is more than just a game – but a peek into your own ancestral memories.

And how the world looked ‘back then’ when it was forming.

Doesn’t make sense?

Every morning I wake up. This is the beginning of creation.  And every night I fall asleep, time itself continues to the end of time itself where reality as I know it disappears. All our clashing mechanisms to ‘save’ our individual journeys and minds collide together, this erupts into chaos and order, and the next day – I am awoken ‘progressed’ from my prior state – where 8 hours or so appears to have gone by in ‘the real world’, but the reality is it’s been an eternity.

So as I play a game like Assassin’s Creed – where memories are taken from someone else’s DNA, a game set in the year 1700, and an individual which was living while I slept – I expand the pool of possibilities and choices in their life by playing their life as a game. The more who ‘choose’ a certain path through mechanisms similar to my own – through video games – the more the real individual within that ‘video game’ may be influenced to make the conscious choices to ‘play out the game to the end’ in the real world. This is where instincts

I’ll fill this in more tomorrow.

I am playing Assassin’s Creed.

A remote connection to another place in space and time.

Where I read a memo ‘in the virtual world’ where one of the ladies suggests making something different other than war and conflict based video games.

“It’s what sells” screams a man named Dean” in response.

The same issue I’ve had with modern day society and movies.

IF I could only respond to Dean and say.

“It’s what you believe sells. But what you believe isn’t real for everyone.”


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