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The Time Slip

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A few years ago, I experienced an event that I had previously classified away as fiction that I can only refer to as ‘the time slip’.

I was staying with my former friend – Spencer Anglin in North Phoenix.

One day. He was in the process of filing a bankruptcy.

Three days later. The bankruptcy was a full month behind him.

And a week later. He was getting a new car, the bankruptcy was a full year behind him and he’d been cleared for getting credit to get a new vehicle.

Now this was a relative experience to him and his wife at the time – Gina.

But at the time – while I was taking bath salts and experiencing what is regarded as a hallucination, this was about the time that I started to actively question what these things were doing.

I drove around a lot during this time period.

A road I’d previously taken from Gila Bend to Rocky Pointe nearly 50 times wasn’t there – neither were any roads heading south to Mexico.

I drove through Yosemite and the Redwood forest in California and saw it when it was a mere tyke – where the trees were tiny and the walls didn’t look like they’d been carved away yet..

I sat on a road side off to the side of the road from Gila Bend to San Diego as the sun set and watched as telephone poles jumped from one side to the other and landscapes that looked like they were straight out of science fiction stories emerge in a obscure black and white imagery that looked unreal.

On a hilltop not far from Big Bear. I got lost as the streets reconfigured in front of my eyes. A road I’d just gone down now didn’t have a return path and I couldn’t go anywhere but forward. Even the GPS on my car got confused, as the maps changed over and over again.

So the primary event – witnessing Spencer’s dramatic time differential in contrast to mine is what I can only classify as a time slip. Where time is normally in sync – but as a result of my ‘warping’ time and space with my mind leveraging bath salts as the catalyst, I was witnessing direct proof that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was absolutely real, and that time IS relative to me the observer.

And time – in this instance – SLIPPED and for those moments we were out of sync.

Similarly. On a more dramatic scale. I was seeing time slippage in other locations. But I was also seeing something even more interesting.

First, I was seeing alternate realities and how nature was attempting to keep me and my world on a single linear timeline synchronized.

Thank you, nature.

This system I was fighting because I was at a point in my life where my life depended on me understanding the world around me more.

And I was doing something referred to as ‘sliding’ between alternate realities.

Both things I’d previously classified as fiction.

All to come to understand.

It’s all real.

So the definition of a time slip is simple: when events ‘outside’ of your/my scope and observational sphere fall out of alignment and time moves at a different rate for you in contrast to me.

A Dimensional slip is more extreme and can still potentially be a time slip – where space and time seem to dramatically reconfigure compared to prior observations and experiences. It’s still potentially a time slip as these dimensional slips I suspect occur because of big bang/big crunch cycles that occur literally in the blink of an eye.

My advice to anyone leveraging mind altering substances (including alcohol) is this:

Ask yourself how the rules and laws of your universe can explain the one you’re observing.

My bet is you will find that once you’ve taken things off that shelf that you had previously labeled as hallucinations and fiction, you’re going to find this world’s a LOT less overcrowded than you ever realized and there’s FAR more to explore and discover than you ever imagined possible.

My very real goal is to explore time and space and ‘fictional realities’ and realities I imagine and dream up at the snap of my fingers. I don’t need you and this world to achieve that.

But I’d like to have your participation.


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