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The Streak

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I was watching a guy today.

He was sitting there, at his table, eating his bagel and drinking his coffee.

He looked up from his computer and saw a girl who was doing a gyrating dance with her hand stroking her crotch as she stood in line waiting to get her coffee.

It was the oddest thing ever.

In some universe.

Not in this one though.

In 2009, Jackie and I were hanging around in the back of her apartment on Kelton Street in North Scottsdale.

Jackie felt incredibly comfortable around me, oddly enough something I had a difficult time reciprocating unless I was drunk, coked up or both – but this night in particular I’d felt at ease with her.

We’d just done a line as we sat out back looking at the stars as we so frequently did, when a shooting star went by and she randomly commented.

“You know what I like to think? That my soulmate is out there, staring back at me – Across the Universe,” she said.

It was rare she’d initiated the random thoughts like this. I just shook my head and finished my beer.

“Speaking of. have you seen that movie? Across the Universe. I LOVE that movie.”

I hadn’t.  To this day it’s on my to watch list.

Here’s the scene: I’m in shorts and a t-shirt. Jackie’s in panties and a short tank top. I’m hornier than hell, so conversation from me is limited – at best – and at worst – well, let’s just say I’m entertained.

“No, I have seen that one yet,” I said as I tossed the empty beer in the trash can.

She stands up, and says “You got the party favors, I’m gonna go get some smokes – you want more beer?”

She starts walking towards the front door.

“You’re going like that?,” I said.

“It’s midnight. We’re in Phoenix. We’re going to Circle K, it’s not like anyone’s gonna notice.” she said as she continued walking out the front door, “Let’s go, “.

Hmm I thought.

“Why wear any bottoms at all?” I said. “If you’re not worried, then just take them off and walk in bottomless.”

I wasn’t being prudish. But the girl was wearing panties.

Granny ones albeit.

But they were still panties.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you,” she said as she stood outside the door waiting for me to follow her out so she could lock it. “Fine then.”

And to my amazement, while I expected her to walk back in and put some shorts on, instead she reached down, pulled them off – and threw them through the open door as I walked out.

So here Jackie was.

Standing on her front porch. Bottomless, neatly trimmed with a cute landing strip, and a low cut tank top on.

“Lets do this”

I ALMOST said “You might as well forgo the top,” but I knew she’d do that if I asked too.

I drove us to Circle K. And fortunately, there was only one other car there that I pulled up alongside of that was there at the time, some guy talking on his cell phone.

Jackie took some money I have her – opened the passenger’s side door – and walked right in

Wearing nothing but a half cut tank top t-shirt and a drunk and coked up smile.

She’d even left her shoes at her place.

I felt like a little kid watching her as cars drove by the intersection on Bell Rd and Tatum where this happened. I was more concerned about the police randomly showing up with both of us being drunk and drugged up and her getting us unwanted attention than I was really enjoying the moment which is kind of sad.

And damn did it feel like she took her time.

That girl was always so comfortable in her own skin.

She browsed the candy aisle and held up a candy bar of some kind, as if taunting me by delaying her return.

But what was odd – bizarrely odd was the overall lack of attention by the Indian clerk. He just went about his business as if nothing was going on.

Jackie even walked up to him, asked him a question about the beer, making sure everything was clearly visible to him, then she went to the window by the refrigerator and flashed me a boob with a funny grin on – and finally she walked out with a 12 pack of Miller light – I think that’s what we were drinking – and her cigarettes.

And the guy in the car next to us – while he was definitely watching her – didn’t seem to react.

It was weird.

We drove back to her place as she said “See. No one noticed.”

For four more hours that night we sat on the back porch.

Jackie had decided to make herself comfortable without putting her clothes back on, but oddly keeping her top on.

And while I should have been paying attention to this beautiful woman in front of me who was for all intents and purposes almost completely naked in front of me.

Instead I couldn’t help but rewind and replay the lack of responses by the Indian guy at the counter and the driver in the other car.

What do you do when you see a naked woman in a public place? How should you react?

The lack of reactions just didn’t make… sense.

To this day I remember the scene and very little of the conversation after that.

Jackie drinking a beer. Smoking a cigarette. Talking about “Across the Universe”. With her legs propped up in a reclined position on the chair in front of her. Without bottoms on.

It was sexy. But. Surreal.

The next weekend, I had Kena over at my place.

Now Kena and I had been dating about 3 years by this point, and while occasionally we were intimately involved, she knew that Jackie and I had more in common and chemistry than her and I did. And by then, Kena had the habit of saying no to me when I was feeling frisky more times than not, and saying “When you’re fwustated. (she was so cute when she said that), call Jackie. I know you have fun with her. Go.”

When this first started – about a year and a half before – I had felt guilty about it. You know, this indoctrinated one man for one woman binary relationship thing. But when Kena and I did have sex, with rare exception (london being one of them) – it was just not that great. But the companionship was awesome, I loved having her around.

So when she started sending me to Jackie. I knew the two talked.

Kena, surprisingly was the first to nip my concern in the butt by saying something along the lines of.

“You’re interested in Jackie. Go have sex with her. I think she likes you like that.”

That was 18 months prior.

But this night, a week after I’d been at Jackie’s – I’d been talking to Kena over the phone – despite the fact that we lived at the same apartment complex and she lived on the other side of the complex than me.

So on this particular night, Kena was feeling down.

And in conversing – she inquired about what I did with Jackie the previous weekend we’d partied all night long.

So I told her. Everything. Including the trip to Circle K. and how that was a huge turn on for me.

Now both women had come across as being sure of themselves to me.

But Kena’s reaction was odd. Unexpected.

I wasn’t trying to chip away at her. I was just being honest.

That’s when Kena says “I wish I could be more like that. Dare me to do something like that.”

This was completely out of character for Kena.

I mean. You don’t understand how far out of character for her this was. This woman was conservative. She hated walking around the apartment nude, and after we’d have sex the first few times – she wouldn’t get out of bed to use the restroom unless I turned my head the other way.

“Jesus,” I thought. I wanted to be kind to Kena. Doing what Jackie did was soooo profoundly not out of character for Jackie that Kena’s decision to walk that wild side I didn’t want to push too hard.

It was about 10pm on a Friday night.

So I said “Ok. Walk over here to my apartment without your clothes on.”

“What!?!” she exclaimed.

It’s about a quarter mile to my place through the apartment complex. And for a novice streaker, I fully expected her to refuse. but to my surprise.

“Ok, “ she said, “Can I bring my keys?”

I laughed. “You’re staying the night here if you do this. So yeah, lock up. And don’t let Amod catch you.”

Amod was a nosy Indian guy we both worked with at Prudential who had an apartment centrally located between her apartment and mine.

“Ok. I’m coming now. You have your door open for me?”

I chuckled, “Nope. You’re gonna have to knock like anyone else.”

“You’re mean,” she said.

But I could hear the excitement in her voice. It was the first time I had heard excitement in a while from her. It made me feel good to hear this excitement.

“Ok. I’ll be over there soon,” she said.

She hung up. I hung up.

It was surreal. Two weird events. Two weeks. Something weird was going on.

I waited. I’d expected the phone to ring anytime now with her saying she wasn’t gonna be able to do it, but the ring never came.

I was actually nervous for her.

Was she gonna do it? I couldn’t help but ask myself this over and over again.

For what felt like an eternity – which in reality was only about fifteen minutes later – I heard some people walk by my balcony when I looked out and saw Kena run across the grass from the direction of her apartment – STARK naked.

She knocked on my front door.

It was more like a bang.

I stood there. And looked through the peephole.

“Who is it?,” I asked, jokingly.

“It’s Kena!,” she said, trying to cover herself up.

I chuckled and delayed it.

“Kena, kena who?,” I asked.

I looked around and someone was walking by my balcony coming towards the direction of my door.

“I’m NAKED LET ME IN!”,” she yelled.

I laughed and briefly thought about waiting to let the passerby get an eye full. IF I had time travel at my disposal I would have waited. But I was a nice guy and opened up the door.

She ran past me and jumped on the couch and pulled a blanket over her.

And she had a HUGE smile on her face.

I reached under the blanket to her protestations, and told her ‘calm down, I just want to feel your heart’

It was beating a million miles an hour.

I knew she wanted to call me a jerk at the same time exclaim her victory in making it across the complex without getting caught.

And after a while she calmed down.

And the sex.

Was awesome that night.

The next day, she wore a button up shirt back to her place.

I can’t think of anytime a woman made a button up shirt of mine look as sexy as she did that morning.

And alive.

As I sit here in Hollywood.

I know this ‘transition’ of life for me is in large part about teaching this world to breathe – to smile – to let down it’s hair – and to understand that my past is only the beginning of what I intend on exploring further.

I imagine a future where Rachel is stuck in a time loop on a holodeck malfunction in the year 2409.

A history which has a pivotal and momentous change in moires regarding sexuality and nudity which can be pinpointed to this time period in history.

In this future I’m imagining. There’s a timeship – the USS Phoenix – the first of it’s kind – that’s stuck in orbit with the holodeck quantum locked between two time periods – one which is consistent with mine and the other with this specific year in history.

Now what’s known is this: The Borg are repairing this future history and are actively trying to acquire more energy to maintain the simulation. As they’ve learned, if they don’t, then the big bang collapses in a big crunch.

This particular timeline features a non existent male population as gender warfare wiped out mankind beginning  somewhere between 2006 and my current time period in 2016.

As a result. In this universe – in an effort to conserve energy, clothing has been completely eliminated in the female population, as it required energy to maintain, and the diets of the females have been adjusted so where the vast majority of the woman look amazing from my standards for attraction to females.

I’m the pivotal male which helps rebuild this population.

In a self assigned job.

I’ll be the sex counselor on board this vessel and responsible for having sex with the entire crew.

My desire is to push myself sexually like I did with drugs and alcohol.

To enjoy life. And to find and explore my sexuality with amazing women.

And to overcome my addiction to it in my own ways.

Through simple indulgence.

Life is fantasy.

So to the Borg monitoring this trying to figure out how to ‘save that reality’.

I once said I didn’t want to be in porn. Little did I know that everything I did was observed from infinite potential realities. So I rescind that prior statement.

I like the idea of it now.


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