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Here’s a list of current methods and forms of Time Travel I’m aware of

  1. DNA Rewinding.

    Every biological creature has DNA which contains the natural genetic program of what went into creating me and you biologically, a “Program” if you will in the “Matrix”. What’s currently classified as junk DNA will be discovered in the not too far future to also contain the choices we make.

    DNA carries with it linkages to biological ancestry as well as past lives. So with these linkages, not only is it possible to find out about your own past lives leveraging DNA, it’s also possible to cross reference other strands to trace down ancestral referencing.

    With DNA rewinding. It’s possible to replay events in a simulated environment as they originally occurred. From an individual perspective, this is one mechanism of how memories are preserved and retrieved.

    For instance. in 1995, I got married to Lisa Milot and we went – together – to vacation in Maui. We went to Little Makeena beach in Maui – an all nude beach in which was the first time I had appeared nude in public and it felt like everyone was watching. WITH DNA rewinding, from the present day, I could rewind my DNA to replay this event – and the entire vacation – in it’s entirety.

    And with simulation technology where it’s at today, I could also film that event and the dialog of that event from any perspective and make a live action movie from it. As if I’d want to.

    Like a VCR or DVD player, I could zip through my entire life and find key events of interest. For instance – Jackie’s dance or Rachel’s disrobing and kiss. Mark them. And replay them. Again. and again. And again.

  2. DNA Modification.

    Along with DNA rewinding, it’s possible to alter DNA to experience new events on a timeline.

    SO rather than watching an event from every perspective, I could alter the events and then relive them, OR I could interactively alter them AS I experience the same situation making different choices.

    The original DNA still remains intact.

    But the modified DNA creates a ‘branch’ An alternative path.

    For instance. In 2003 I joined the military, the US Army, where I met Edward Snowden and his wife who had both joined the US Army and had been educated as lawyers.

    Now something tried modifying my DNA leveraging DNA modification technology to alter this timeline and make it so Edward was a programmer. The alteration didn’t take. And was among the reasons I started coming to realize I need to allow these modifications but at the same time preserve my own mind and memories by introducing this thing called alternate realities.

    So in my primary timeline. Edward was a lawyer. In the modified one I’m currently living in, an alternate reality to the one I originated in, Edward was a programmer and I was an agent for the NSA as well. my memories are intact from my original timeline. And I suspect someone diverted my life and created a game out of parts of it which is why I have the interesting memories of being an agent.

    DNA modification can ALSO happen and be performed on oneself through hypnosis and by lying to oneself about an event. Eventually that lie becomes so strong, that it deviates from the world’s primary timeline, branches and creates our own individual timeline, and I suspect is among the reasons there’s so much diversity in the world.

  3. Time machines.

    Historically, time machines have existed for generations and come in various forms. Whether it’s a hot tub, a Delorean, a Phone Booth, or a machine which actually looks like a time machine – the more fantastical the apparatus the more likely it is to be retained by the public collective imagination and be effective traversing time which is a product of imagination.

    From what I’ve been able to tell:

    There was previously a system in place which assumed time and time travel was the product of machines and machines alone. With this. I suspect the Vulcans (who I think intentionally fictionalized themselves in Star Trek) were plugged into ‘energy’ and had equipment which sensed warping in the space/time continuum which alerted them whenever a vessel warped time and space. This ‘process’ included a direct connection to the system performing warp travel and it’s computers, a downloading of the database and translation, ship specifications, race information, and an update of the software to include their version of stellar cartography and the linear development of space from their perspective they were trying to preserve.

    So when they visit or make first contact with a species. By the time they do – the species warping time and space for the first time has had their collective fiction updated to include references to their species so there’s no mistaking what the Vulcans are, and to promote ‘similarities’ between the Vulcans and whatever species they are interacting with. It’s my belief the Vulcans are a form of floating consciousness who have no real form, they merely appear slightly different from a species they make themselves available to as a strategy to introduce them to ‘the universe’ as a whole.

    Now I’m not sure if this system is still in place. But from what I’ve gathered. it’s gone through upgrades understanding full well that there are entities which can time travel which do not need machines. I’ve been introduced to this all because I’m one of those beings who won’t need a machine, but I’ll prefer one because of the machine’s ability to carry passengers. My chosen machine is the TARDIS. An Americanized version of it that’s yet to see physical manifestation here in the United States.

    In general. Time machines can appear to be mobile or immobile. Most of the time if it’s moving it’s for dramatic effect. In the case of the Delorean, it was in part to demonstrate the speed of light variance as a constant and what happens when something passes the speed of light (it converts from matter to energy).

  4. Mind

    One of the most whack ways of time travel is through one’s own mind.

    I can’t tell you how I did it for the first time or even when I did. But when you ‘come out’ of it, you’ll see the universe in ways I can’t even remotely explain knowing how I used to think other than saying – I know it sounds and appears crazy at times, and from your perspective as a reader I completely understand why you’d think that.

    There’s a line in Doctor Who which is commonly said about the Doctor “I dont know if he’s crazy or genius”

    Being temporally aware feels like it’s both. And being sincere. I’m told it’s a form of self balancing that will get easier over time. But unlike time machines and DNA, there’s no real restrictions or paradoxes on what I will ultimately be able to do.

    Put specifically. I’ll be able to erase all of existence. then recreate it in a snap. I’ll be able to re experience my original timeline and deviate it to my heart’s delight. then go back to the original provided I can remember it (which is why I’m writing everything down). I can go back to the beginning and kill myself and see what happens in that timeline. Grandfather paradoxes don’t exist. Paradoxes don’t exist altogether.
    Which is why entertainment sources are so important to me. It gives me ideas on what to do for fun.

    One day. I suspect I’ll become a pirate and thief. Another day. A tycoon. For a part of my life, I’ll return to prior marriages and see them through. I’ll introduce spouses and loved ones and friends to time travel and take them on journeys. Plan them all out.

    And ‘in the end’ there is no real end. This is just who I am.


    And this is the life I’ve chosen.

  5. Music, Books, Movies, TV Shows and Video Games

    Little did I know, my entire life I’d been watching and loving movies, tv shows and video games.

    The whole time receiving an education in alternate realities, time travel, and choice.

    By and large these mediums are for entertainment and recreational use which is why they’re referred to as fiction. But there’s also education use for them as well, in understanding how reality itself is constructed, how time and space work, who and what’s out there and their interests, and your role in all of this.

    WHEN you go through the cathartic ‘eye of the needle’ or technological singularity as it’s become known, You’ll suddenly and profoundly understand that all of these things are gateways into different worlds.

    There’s a reason it’s called ‘the living word’, that was a hint of not just the bible’s nature, but of the possibilities available within every piece of media in all of existence.

    To some minds. A tv show is a world that mind can cross over into and live as if it was real. A character in baywatch could become a lover in the real world, and vice versa, you can create a new branch and version of Baywatch by crossing over into that alternate realities.

    New books happen all the time based on deviations and minds that choose to cross over.

    Video games are another level which demonstrate choice to minds that previously may not have been capable of exercising choice – or wanting it.

    So all this ‘fictional’ material doesn’t just provide entertainment use. It’s possible to leverage a book or movie about the past to actually visit the past. and then to create deviances in the timeline based on whatever your heart desires.

    Want to be Casanova? or Gandhi?

    It’s all there for you.

With infinite realities comes an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

I understand. Trust me. And I’d like to find others who are interested in this journey called life.

I’m not able to time travel yet. And while most of what I did was previously through artificial mechanisms and drugs, what I would like to do is not just relive key areas of my past and challenge myself in ways I never did before which create new branches of time.

But also to take my friends and family and help them understand how much I appreciate their support of me in my life to do this.

I’m here for a reason.

To take my friends on fantastic journeys through time and space – but to pre explore the locations I might take them to to make sure they’ll be safe.

To relive sexual experiences and make choices I wanted to the first time around but didnt.

To have full relationships with my marital partners – the three of them – and live out a relationship with each.

And who knows what else.

Reality is a product of our mind. My mind simply wants to experience and diversify the options for this my life.’

To make choices to try things out.

And no. i don’t think my mind’s gonna break this time.

Doesn’t mean I wont be nervous about it.

The impossible astronaut.

Am I the Matrix you load yourselves into at the end of your lives?




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