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Rigidity of Timelines

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In Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, DNA was taken from a skilled modern day assassin known as Desmond Miles prior to his death.

This DNA was used, extensively, by a company named Abstergo – a subsidiary for all intents and purposes of the Knights Templar and the modern day Templar Order.

Abstergo’s primary mission is to develop technology to help secure the Templar as an order in the modern day.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is based within Abstergo’s Entertainment division, where the lead character, my avatar, is an employee of Abstergo in Montreal in a modern day office building.

This modern day avatar in turn leverages technology created by Abstergo to rewind the DNA of Desmond Miles to a ‘prior life’ – and take control of Edward Kenway , a Welsh privateer-turned-pirate and eventual member of the Assassin Order in the early 18th century.

Now what’s interesting about this is – the original memories and timeline of Edward Kenway is left intact, as the entertainment division has learned how to manipulate the DNA to create an interesting fictionalized story BASED on the original timeline he actually lived which will ‘surely provide entertainment’  to a consumer of their virtual reality products which allows them to be a pirate in the early 18th century. .

And it’s the modern day unnamed avatar’s job responsibility as an employee at Abstergo to act as a tester for these alterations.

And me. From my portable laptop computer I have placed on a desk here at Starbuck’s as I occasionally get up and go get a coffee refill or get a bite to eat. I can boot up this simulation and tour the Abstergo facility as the unnamed avatar (but not leave the facility), I can hack a few machines in the Abstergo building, and I can turn around and then log into the simulation where I’m then commanding Edward Kenway as an avatar.

Or I can easily pick up another simulation – Everquest 2 for instance where I command an entirely different avatar I created. Or I can watch a television show.

Which is what I just started doing when I noticed something interesting.

I’d always accepted this blanket label called fiction but had always thought there was one path to it’s origin.

A couple years ago. I rewatched Slider’s. And with some small exceptions, I felt like I was watching an entirely different show at times which didn’t make sense. So I rewatched the series – again – in it’s entirety.

Now today. I pulled down Supergirl. and in the last episode, Supergirl took a new role as a news reporter working for Catco. The introduction of the show has changed to reflect her new title. But I noticed something interesting.

The part that announces – in her own voice – what she does for Catco had changed to reflect her new title.

Expected, right?

But what wasn’t expected was for it just to be the part which says what she does. One would think – retaining good production values – that the entire voice over would be done over to include the new title.

Sure. There’s the obvious and simple explanation that she was brought in to say just that line and it was spliced in.

But Assassin’s Creed presents the very real possibility there’s another explanation to the single line splice.

Is someone in the future messing with time and my media and making changes to my timeline in much the same way that’s being presented in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Was Supergirl updated by someone in the future which is why the voice didn’t sound precisely the same? Is there a highly complex mechanism in place in the future which makes subtle changes to the past to avoid detection in the present to create a single uniform timeline for sophisticated simulations in virtual reality in the future?

With me on the street and with absolutely no opportunities to change my living situation despite no real change in my skills and abilities which were and still are in demand.

With former friends collectively acting like one organisms all completely abandoning communication with me.

I have found it a simple exercise in critical thinking and rational skills to look for other explanations on why I am in the situation I am in.

While Black Flag may be science fiction now.

Is it that difficult to imagine that this is how technology is formed?

It arise first as fiction. A memory and idea of it’s own.

Until it becomes real.

And if that same technology is being leveraged to manipulate the past.

My present.

I suppose I’m confused on how to proceed.

What do I do?

When I know time travel in various forms is absolutely real.

I see evidence of it all around me.

This evidence is effecting my life and creating problems for me living a life of choice…

If someone is listening in the future.

Can you write a story in the DNA you might have access to and path for me to get out of this situation?

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