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Rooms of The TARDIS

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As a fan of the enigmatic Doctor Who for most of my adult life, one of the things I found most mysterious about the man was the vessel he traveled in – the “Bigger on the Inside” TARDIS.

I learned that the interior of the TARDIS lies outside of normal time and space, and with this, the interior moves at a different rate of time than the exterior, if there even is a time on the exterior.

Even more interesting is – the TARDIS is HUGE inside. And I’m not just referring to the entry way. Once you exit the interior to an adjacent hall, you learn it’s seemingly endless.

Now to me. I’d always wondered – what was in those side rooms? Why is it the show had always explored time and space outside, but I had never been given anything but a glimpse of what was inside?

Well I figure it’s my duty and obligation to theorize on the possibilities.

Here’s a list.

  1. A Wardrobe

    As a time traveler, a great deal of time I would think would be spent going places only knowing the time period and some basics about the norms, but the rest I would think would be highly unpredictable.

    While I tend to thrive in unpredictable situations, the last thing I like to concern myself with is how I look to the natives. Accordingly, doing the very least necessary to ‘fit in’ would require looking like I actually belonged. With this. One massive room – quite likely larger than your typical Wal-Mart would contain nothing but a wardrobe for period specific clothes for all human and humanoid shapes and sizes.

    So let’s say I have three companions with me – all female – and me as a male – I would simply direct them to the appropriate location where they can find their size of clothes no matter what the time period. Whether it’s ancient Phoenician and Egyptian times or the 1600s, whether that’s colonial America at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 or the 1970s, whether that’s the year 2400 and we’re on board a starship or we’re in modern times and the year 2016 – this massive wardrobe would contain a wide array of clothes to make anyone fit in – or come close – anywhere or anytime they went.

    Thank you, Timeless, for this idea.


  2. A workout center.

    I love Lifetime Fitness. Clean equipment. Gorgeous and approachable women. Beautiful setting. two Huge Pools – inside and out, a waterslide, Jacuzzi, and recreation areas for competition sports like racquetball and basketball (which I avoid).

    Now what TARDIS would be complete without it’s very own Lifetime Fitness that I could leverage and so could my guests to keep fit?

    Now I know, I know, with a world of space and time at my fingertips, why take one with me?

    First and foremost, it may be more than inconvenient to leave a place and time period simply to shift in time to modern day for a workout. Second – with one on premises – knowing how energy works – it provides incentive to work out, plain and simple. And third – most of all – there’s a number of time periods who despise physical labor of any kind and/or regard it as a lower class exercise – so why risk influencing the time period adversely by doing something publicly that those they would look down on?

    Now what wouldn’t break my heart is if the TARDIS merely had a doorway through space and time that opened up to the north Scottsdale Lifetime Fitness club. Would be good scouting territory for new companions.


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