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DNA Unwinding

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As current science is aware, in one molecule of human DNA there is enough ‘storage space’ to house 750mb of information.

This is actually a conservative estimate based on current understanding and limitations of science.

Similarly, while scientists refer to 98.8% of human DNA as junk, 1.2% correlates to an individual and their existing linear timeline, and the other 98.8% of that DNA is leveraged for a variety of other things.

One of these ‘other things’ is a process called DNA Unwinding.

With DNA unwinding, not only is it possible to return to any moment in your life, and replay it as if on a DVD recording, it’s possible to manipulate that DNA to create alternate experiences.

There’s a newly forming company named Abstergo Entertainment which does precisely this.

And more.

With DNA unwinding, it’s possible to revisit ANYONE’s life.

And past lives.

They’ve learned that reincarnation isn’t just real, but with DNA Unwinding, you can go back in time to learn your ancestors may have lived a life as an assassin in the 16th century, as a wealthy businessman in the modern day, and as a being who purported himself to be something far more significant in the 24th century,

You see, what I’ve learned through my research is that time isn’t as linearly sequential as I once thought it to be. And nowhere does this become more apparent than in tools leveraging DNA to explore past lives and reincarnation.

For instance, I’d long been puzzled why Columbus was credited with discovering ‘the new world’ in 1492, when Leif Erickson clearly arrived there first in the 11th century.

With DNA unwinding, what I learned was that the world itself is on a repetitive cycle itself much like a computer processing instructions in a particular order.

Where on one pass, one path of execution, the new world is discovered by Columbus in 1492, but Leif Erickson isn’t on this particular pass and timeline.

At the ‘end’ of time on that pass. Calculations are made. Optimizations occur. Perhaps someone new takes control.

Then after that, a second pass of execution occurs, and on this one, Leif Erickson discovers the Americas in the early 1100s. Now officially, he’s not ‘recorded’ as having discovered it because Columbus had discovered it before.

But as Columbus’s time approaches, there’s remnants of Leif Erickson’s trip there and this then becomes a story of how these ‘natives’ were there before Columbus got there.

On one linear timeline, they were there the whole time, but if you consider the totality, Columbus arrived first.

And the “natives”. They’re reflections of America’s past interaction with Leif Erickson and demonstrate how quickly and weirdly time can manipulate events over a few centuries.

So with DNA unwinding. It’s important to understand that to have a neatly organized linear timeline is wonderful for story telling and makes it much easier for developing minds to find their place in this world.

That’s only a half truth about time.

And when unwinding your own timeline and going back to past lives.

While this my primary timeline may remain linear.

My past lives could have been in my past.

In the present – as a parallel.

Or in the future.

Here’s a visual depiction:

Let’s say I start here in a similar modern day to the one I am in now where in that world I was born a slave, and to some from the right perspective, I am a mere avatar in a video game and am dismissed as fiction by them.

My timeline looks pretty clean.


Now I mark ‘0’ on the timeline as a start. 1969 was the year I was officially marked as being born. 2016 is this year. and 2409 is the year I’m planning on meeting a version of Rachel I’m creating.

But let’s say on this ‘primary’ timeline, I discovered I was a slave in say – the year 2011 and I broke out of the slavery by the ultimate act of defiance – attempting to commit suicide.

So let’s say this ‘fractures’ time. I don’t remember much of anything of being a slave and I’ve formed a single timeline. But I ‘see’ evidence of the slavery in the form of fiction and video games,

So in this fracture – a secondary timeline springs up of my life.

Where I go and live out life as an assassin in and around the year 1611.


But let’s say that life didnt stick. I mean. I’m no murderer and while I do have those thoughts, that just ain’t me.

So with this. Another timeline springs up.

You gotta give the Matrix credit, it tries to put me in Bill Gates’s shoes so I become the world’s wealthiest men and I get placed in a new form in the year 1980.



Well this doesn’t ‘take’ either.  I have memories of seeing the world through Bill Gates’s eyes. But something about this life doesn’t work for me and I don’t stick around in it.

Reincarnation evolves. And moves forward to then try putting me in the shoes of a man named Q.

In the future.

A fourth timeline is created.


But this one doesn’t take either.

Then. Something weird happens.

A fifth timeline if formed.

This timeline runs parallel to my own.


And at the moment I try to commit suicide. I shift into my own body and become the man with the myriad of past lives I’m seeing through tv shows, video games, movies, books – things I’ve previously seen and had dismissed as fiction… Are no longer fiction.

They are reflections of every life I’ve led.

Accessible. Once this world quits trying to hide the technology from me.

To experience. To alter. To enjoy. To fix and mend my regrets.

Here’s another way to look at the last entry, where the yellow lines are the timelines I lived, the center is the beginning of this planet, and the blue line is me and this present life I’m leading where I ‘escaped’ my loop to live a life by my own design and look back on it all saying….


Holy shit. I did create this all.

That’s not narcissism.

It’s knowing what I did and not caring if anyone else believes me any longer.

I’d like to go back. Make changes to my own life. Re-experience some things and make more fun and entertaining choices. Try things I didn’t the first time around with my new values.

This expands my world.

And my next life.

Which I simply can’t plan for because this one’s not nearly over.

Not even close.

DNA Unwinding and alteration gives me the opportunity to consciously experience things like Jackie ‘s dance and Rachel’s exhibitionism again and again and to shape new adventures which include Rachel and other people I might include in my life in the years to come.

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