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Overly Charming

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Hi. My name it QGregory, and I’m an avatar of Q’s in a world he refers to as Everquest 2.

I’m a season 35 adventurer and specialize in the magic arts known as Coercion.

I enjoy charming things. Which is what led me to find Q as my deity.

He’s rather skilled in those affairs.

Now I know, I know. Your knee jerk reaction is to call all this fiction and a product of Q’s overly imagination.

And I would have to agree with you.

That doesn’t make me any less real.

To me, this world is as real as your world is to you, albeit a little more lively, and while I have less choices and options to make than your world there in your planet called “Earth”, I’m content in my world.



Now I was in a place called Steamfont Mountains today, a place I’ve been to hundreds of time before, when I found myself on my raptor mountain next to a place called Kerafyrm Crater.

I have been running errands for the gnomes in the region, they do so love their machines but those machines rarely function as they anticipate which is where a seasoned adventurer like myself comes in handy.

But as a season 35 adventurer, I have had more than my fair share of mishaps which has almost led to my untimely demise, but thankfully, by Q’s good graces, he’s whisked me away from danger more times than I can count in the blink of an eye.

So going back to Kerafyrm Crater. I’d been knocked unconscious only moments before by a trio of rampaging clockworks – that’s what the gnomes refer to the robots as – when I found myself whisked to this crater.

This has been a problem I have been encountering ever since I entered this region, where everything seems to be at least five seasons above my own, and these clockworks were no exception and ranged in season from 41 to 43.

So what I had been doing was charming one in a group of three, and then pitting him against the other two.

“Tanking” as I have come to understand it from Q.

This would deflect me from harm as the clockworks simply fought against what was attacking them, as I stood back at a safe range throwing spells at the engaged clockworks which would devastate their minds where they’d drop faster than a low seasoned goblin whelp.

This wasn’t without problems, mind you, I’d still have the occasion where my newly acquired “friend” would break my charm, which without Q around to save me, I’d no longer be living and breathing or telling you my story today!

Once again returning to Kerafyrm and my unexpected teleportation there – I’d been nursing my wounds when  looked down at the crater and saw – in the middle – a creature named Volestrius The Viridian

Volestrius is a well known Ebon Drake, and an exceedingly tough one for a season 46 creature, and with yours truly being only a season 35 adventurer, I know I have to use my wits rather than brute strength to take this creature’s hide for my prize. I know that no matter what I try, Q has my back, but he won’t stack the odds against this creature for my benefit.

So I had an idea.

Volestrius is surrounded by guards, no less than 10 Ebon Drakes. But with their particular arrangement, if for some miraculous reason I could charm one of these high seasoned drakes – each 46 or 47, I could do to Volestrius what I’ve been doing to the clockworks.

But could I do it? Typically these higher seasoned beings would resist my attempts to charm, and if that were to happen more than once or twice with one of these tiny dragons, well that’s not fair to Q and certain suicide as he would be busy whisking me away to safety time and again.

And I’m not a fan of suicide.

Nor is Q as I have come to understand.

So I nervously crept up. And from as far a distance as possible, I concentrated and threw my master charm spell at an unsuspecting season 47 Ebon Drake.

And by my God, it worked!

I was delighted.

And not long after, with my newfound pet, I had the skins of 3 other Ebon Drakes in my possession and a new staff that Volestrius had apparently taken from another poor magic user who was decidedly less lucky that I had been.

Over the next few hours, with my newfound pet, I was able to take down the season 41 to 43 clockworks with exceeding ease. And while I didn’t reap the rewards from the fight for personal advancement to new seasoned heights, I was able to complete the tasks and reap the rewards from the locals asking for help.

It was. Wonderful.

The next day, after waking up I had another idea.

If I could charm something that was 12 seasons ahead of me.

Was there any limit to the season I could charm?

I left that morning to go to Lesser Faydark, where I have absolutely no right being as the denizens of that area are all season 55 and higher.

But I figured, if I could stay near relative safety near a retreat corridor.

If my experiment failed. I could run for it.

The butterflies are beautiful there in Lesser Faydark, especially so on this particular morning, but these butterflies are monsters the size of my sizable mount, and with their size they carry a ferocity and seem to regard anything smaller than them as a food source.

So as I concentrated and threw my first charm master charm spell.

I prayed to Q for assistance.

But he wouldn’t have it.

And the charm failed.

The creature immediately saw me and knew what I was trying to do, which left me with one of two options.


Or Q be willing. Try again.

He hit me, hard, and I almost lost concentration of the charm spell I had re-prepared to throw at him.

I prayed. Hard.

And in that moment the spell hit, the butterfly’s tiny eyes blinked as his entire body shimmered.

By my God, I had done it.

I had just charmed a season 59 creature and was dispatching other season 59 creatures in the vicinity with ease.

I’m just about done with tasks from the locals in the Steamfont Mountains, I figure with this newfound lack of limitation this opens up the opportunity for me to explore other areas well beyond my season.






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