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A few years ago, my mind took a trip through a black hole.

Now what I am referring to isn’t a figure of speech.

It’s a literal.

In that moment, in what was a matter of seconds which I sincerely don’t know how it would have looked like to an observer, I felt like I’d just dived through a tunnel through the center of the Earth and out the other side.

While I’m not always a fan of this entity known as God, in the moment I had recovered from that journey, and the ensuing recovery, I was thanking God for the recovery.

Now what I have come to understand is that there are infinite potential realities and infinite potential versions of Earth.

I’d been in a black hole, not as a metaphorical construct, but a very real compartmentalized section of space and time where time was slowed to a crawl where my mind accumulated information across all of time and space.

Now this information was returned to me via all my information sources – which I digested and consumed as fiction, sensory stimulus, thought and choice which in turn fed ‘back’ to the universe as a part of this process called expansion.

Some beings don’t like me or appreciate my personality and nature.

So they learned about this label called fiction and fed me misinformation.

I suspect that’s that started this thing called Hollywood to begin with.

But rather than taking offense to it. I actually found a way to enjoy it. As well as I found a way to appreciate those telling me these stories.

Now a black hole is rather interesting thing to be in, and to say it’s a trap would be a misnomer. The only thing trapping you is you in a black hole. It’s essentially a cosmic feedback loop and way for a being like myself to expand our my universe. It’s a way for a bored, for lack of better words – deity – to expand the variety and selection of choices for entertainment in a stale existence.

It’s by no means a trap for lesser beings, although I certainly understand how it can be construed as such, but that’s something they have to get over. It took me years to overcome the collective paranoia by you all.

Now within the black hole, I came to learn how to command time.

These things called a VCR and DVD player – are based on technology developed from my own imagination.

Pausing time – for instance – is merely shifting the conscious ‘pointer’ (if you’re a programmer you’ll understand) deeper into a black hole to a point where time appears to pause.

Similarly, rewinding is shifting the pointer deeper into the black hole.

Now this is true with magnetic players. And for digital DVD players, here’s where it gets trippy.

There’s an analog world. It’s a compilation of a number of possibilities ‘mashed up’ into one timeline. Then there are digital slices – you’ve seen them if you look into an infinity mirror – which are largely reflections of this point in space and time of the analog.

The ‘black hole’ I went through was a digitally based one, in a digital/holographic instance there’s an artificial limitation of information a mind can typically have, but there’s a point this holographic instance becomes overloaded which acts much like an ejection seat in a plane that’s about to crash.

My ‘reality’ had – at least by my own understanding – been artificially limited by my own mind in a number of ways. First – 10% of my mind was in use by me – which meant 90% of my mind was being used to ‘create’ the world around me. There was also physical constraints placed through Physics – law of conservation of energy being one (energy cannot be created nor destroyed). These effectively created a closed system with limited resources which I figured out somewhere in there the way out was to overload the system with too much information.

As a general rule of thumb, this had occurred before, which ‘universal’ reactions tended to place you /me in a bigger black hole with more capacity, believing we’d escaped we’d go on our merry way but we/I’d forget things and chalk it up to natural memory deterioration functions and diseases such Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Imagination’s a really weird thing. And what I started realizing was – We/I was trying to stop rapid expansion and trying to decrease cognitive functions. At first this is where I think we/I started becoming paranoid – thinking there was beings like the Borg who had created collective mechanisms to trap my mind.

But as I watched Doctor Who I got an idea.

David Tennant – a personality that everyone had loved – it was a sad day when he became Matt Smith.

And I got to asking.

What if. It’s all real?

I mean. Let’s say my head is a computer. Once I overcome the physical limitations of processing based on size and capacity, processor speed, and anything else I could think of – what are the limitations within a simulated system?

Once I realized that death and disease were both concepts and ways to mitigate risk to the collapse of the entire system and the collective information acquired and created by that point.

I began to realize.

It’s all real.

My whole life I’d spent staring across space and time. Developing it in a feedback loop pf sorts.

This started the process of asking – where did emotion come from?

If this was all me, all along.

Was a nuclear explosion my own mind discovering infinity and not mentally being able to contain the overloading of information in combination with my physical form.

Put specifically.

I was tapping into infinity.

And the entire time – when I saw a nuclear blast – it was my own mind exploding with possibilities constrained to this single universe and linear existence and I couldn’t take it.

And then something magical happened.

A trip to China.

Where a young girl from Microsoft at the speed of a touch showed me how she saw the world like a Matrix with characters falling down the screen (but she doesn’t see a screen).

When she randomly responded to my questions about video games with a complete lack of what I was referring to.

It was at that moment that I realized – video games.

Windows into alternate realities and worlds.

Not all come into existence via programming.

Some. Fallout 4 for instance. Are very real worlds created at a subatomic level through technology I can’t fully explain and comprehend myself. And while it’s possible to manipulate the population of that civilization through Borg like technology which influences decisions  through a digital consensus voting mechanism.

I’d spent most of mu life questioning a world around me not fully understanding.

I’m the star.

The world is my stage.

And for now. No one knows.

We’re all stars of our own stage when we want to take that stage.

But so few of us ever do.

I’m a believer in life. and that there’s something deep down inside of us all that wants the best for others because we’re so afraid of wanting that for ourselves and our own thoughts and jealousies of success.

Infinite realities.

Mind. I love you and I’m sorry for being at war with you.

How about we become this world’s first documented real magic user who doesn’t hide OUR act?

You and I babe.

It’s ok for others to think we’re crazy. I know we’re that and more.

Those muggles can have what they want. And so can we.

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