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Quantum Entanglement And Quantum Locking for Dummies

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Physics has a concept referred to as Quantum Entanglement.

There are two primary definitions for it, both equally valid.

For one definition, let us say I am driving my car and every time I turn the steering wheel to the left, the wheels on the car I am driving point in that direction. Now if I could not rely on this physical interaction and the turn of my wheel directly coordinated with that of my tires – especially on a freeway – then I would be screwed, right?

Technically speaking – this is referred to in physics as one form of Quantum Entanglement – where the effects of one particle that occurs on another particle that it is quantum entangled with can be precisely measured and controlled.

When first posited, some scientists tried saying there was a mirroring effect, a downright goofy definition if you ask me – where for every twist of a quantum entangled particle the other particle would twist in an equal and opposite way. As scientists are digging into experiments with observation creating change in the observed particles proving that there are a myriad of state potentials with the entanglement, while they are finding the state changes highly predictable, they are not always inverse (or mirror) functions of each other.

In Quantum Physics, it is said that with THIS (and ONLY THIS) method of Quantum Entanglement, a SINGLE particle is said to be QUANTUM LOCKED when the other particle is immobilized.

Going back to the example listed before about the car. Should I turn the car off and the steering wheel becomes LOCKED, the state of the wheels WILL ABSOLUTELY be expressed by the direction I have the wheel pointed and will remain LOCKED in that direction UNLESS I EXPLICITLY sever the connection between the two.

In the case of the car – the wheels would be referred to as QUANTUM LOCKED in their position until either I turn the car back on and move the steering wheel, or disconnect the steering wheel from the wheels.

Put in terms of Physics – Quantum Locking is nothing more than the observed state on ONE particle when it’s entangled with another or another group of particles.

In some contrast to this is another form of Quantum Entanglement which is less accurate and demands a predictive rather than interactive method of interacting with it.

For this definition, Let’s go back to the car. The rules state that if that light turns GREEN, I am required, by law, to accelerate and move through the intersection. My actions are guided by that light’s state, there’s some measure of predictability with my movement, so more often than not, I’d accelerate through that intersection WHEN that light turns GREEN.

I am, to a physicist – Using another form of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT – and am QUANTUM ENTANGLED to the light’s color, as my state change is dependent on the state of that light.

But ANY number of things may happen which may prevent me from moving forward when that light turns from RED to GREEN, whether that is inattention, car problems, road hazards, someone else blocking my way, or I simply choose not to, etc. While my behavior and the expected outcome of that light turning from RED to GREEN may be for me to accelerate, and while the vast majority of  the time you MAY be able to predict my actions, with too many variables and possibilities there’s going to be circumstances where you simply will not be able to.

Put specifically, THIS form of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT scientists believe something will happen when you spin an entangled particle one way, but that prediction is precisely that – a prediction – and not necessarily guaranteed to be true. Unlike the directly interactive method, the state of the entangled particle is said to be ‘reactive’ to the state changes we might make in the particle we’re manipulating.

Now take this a step further.

The rules and laws implemented within that traffic light’s programming effect my behavior as a driver.

Years ago, I used to drive to my girlfriend’s house when she got off work – she was a topless dancer and she was typically getting off work between 11pm and 1am. So I would leave my place in South Tempe, and hit the light at Yale Street and McClintock when absolutely no traffic was there.

This light was programmed in the most annoying fashion imaginable. At night, it didn’t expect much traffic other than traffic down the main street, so it remained red for LONG periods of time as I waited for it. MOST of the time I obeyed the light. But this came to be pointless as I would sit there for up to ten minutes waiting while not seeing a soul drive by.

I tried running out of my  car and hitting the walk sign for pedestrians. The light ignored me. I tried backing up and then driving forward to get sensors to recognize me or think there was more than one car then. I was ignored.

So finally. I made a command decision one night, and drove through the red light.

I trimmed 10 minutes off my drive time by making this move.

And got laid 10 minutes earlier than I expected.


For instance, let’s say you’re the traffic light and watching me based on the rules you’ve been programmed with. You’re going to see behavior which reflect the rules you implement. BUT if you watch carefully. You’re going to see behavior that reflect other patterns.

Patterns such as disobedience to rules you may have implemented.

So it’s important to note that when working with the latter form of Quantum Entanglement, the OBSERVER EFFECT influences in subtle ways the behavior of the Entangled Quanta.

Quantum Locking IS real.

It’s leveraged explicitly for a form of Quantum Entanglement where direct control is critical.

Like that steering wheel.

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