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Yesterday, while I was sitting here at Starbuck’s – a random woman came up to me, and asked me if I’d like her to get me some groceries at Ralph’s.

I politely declined, and thanked her, and explained how I have EBTs for food which – while meager – provides enough for me to satiate myself.

She came in today, and we chatted for about two hours.

As we were conversing – she explained how she knows seven spoken languages, that she translates for Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency), and is a programmer in a Israeli-English language I’d never heard of before in addition to knowing C++, and a variety of programming languages I knew.

I asked her what got her into programming, and it felt like that’s where her story began to become transparent. About then it began to feel improvisational, unrealistic – like there was too much she had detailed and it felt like she was competing with something but when it came to the linear integrity, her story just unraveled.

About that time I put my attention back on my computer.

And told her politely “Hey, I have classwork I gotta jump on, it was great talking to you”

She got the cue. And she left.

Not long after, I was playing my game – Everquest 2 – and I noticed something peculiar.

I’d targeted a group of goblins – there were three in the group – and I’ve been noticing the targeting is peculiar – and if I target one in a group there’s a circle drawn under each member in the group.

I sent my pet in to attack – a bugbear I had charmed – and as expected all the goblins in the same group started attacking the bugbear.  With the bugbear having aggro, I figured it was safe to attack the goblin I had sent him after.

Sometimes I do this too soon, attack something my pet’s attacking – and the thing I sent my  pet in after comes after me the moment I throw a DoT (Damage Over Time) spell on the mob. And this time was no exception.

But what was weird was the entire group came after me. Not, as expected, the single goblin. But the entire group when I threw the DoT at him.

In any case, I died. Spell casters infamously can’t wear armor and when pounded on by more than one mob that’s roughly the same level, it’s over pretty quick and not even remotely a fair fight.

I’d had a similar occurrence happen while playing the video game Star Trek Online.

After teleporting to a planet with my away team, I could send my entire away team to attack a high level group, but invariably, they’d all come chasing after me. Every freaking time. even if I didn’t attack, they would come after me if I sent my away team in to go fight the battle.

Now this all got me to thinking about this lady.

And how my first knee jerk reaction would be to dismiss her as full of shit.

In fact, I thought it at first when she was talking.

But when I played Everquest 2. I challenged myself to come up with different explanations for her behavior based on any number of my experiences in video games and watching tv shows.

I think all too often I – and others – explain away things that aren’t ‘on the same page’ as ourselves intellectually by referring to the person as being delusional, hallucinating, or living in a fictional world.

I myself know the perils this creates with social development – and interpersonal communication, let alone the paranoia this mindset induces when coming up with an answer on why others are doing things in such a way that defies the way I think, consume and interpret information and perceive the world.

With that said, here’s a list of explanations on how someone can speak seven human languages, know several computer programming languages – some of which I have never heard of before despite spending 35 years in the industry – and have more life experience than me despite not appearing to be older:

  1. She’s speaking on and representing a collectively based lifeform, much like the Borg, and is coming to terms with what individuality is and what can be accomplished on a single linear timeline. This explanation is the most viable to me, and the evidence was simple: The sketchy and questionable history of what got her into programming to begin with, and the paranoid nature and ‘fight for justice’.  I’m coming to detect  a pattern of those who think and act collectively and lack individuality tend to be looking for their demons externally and seem to persecute their demons in the name of justice.
  2. She’s simply more mentally adept than me as an individual, and my mind’s having a difficult time comprehending how someone could have done what she’s done and looks for holes. While this is absolutely possible and not to be eliminated as a possibility, it’s second in the list of possibilities because of one reason: the lack of concrete history and linearity to her history and the description of what got her into her field of expertise to begin with.
  3. She’s an actress 

    I’m in Hollywood. And Hollywood infamously has gotten what I understand of programming and computing wrong on a regular basis. Whether it’s errors with IP addresses, or people being able to do things on computers with little to no training or expertise.Now I’ve come to suspect Hollywood could in part be a collective entity that I’ve been observing this entire time, and with the ubiquitous uniform nature of the erroneous depiction of computers, programmers, and hacking in general, this girl could easily have been an individual who’d been educated as an actress to give me her spiel, or a ‘member’ of the collective guided like an avatar on a string to talk to me.

    No matter. While #1 and #2 can potentially STILL be true with this remaining true. This is a strong possibility in my opinion.

  4. She’s an individual lying and most if not all of it’s a story.An enigmatic programming language I’d never heard of before? Well now that I accept factually multiple universes and alternate realities, this isn’t so hard to believe anymore. Resultingly, this skepticism is shoved down to #3 on the possibilities list.

    Why is she lying? Not worth considering or diving into since this was de prioritized to #4.  Definitely a possibility still, but with how much I am preferring to find a way to reprogram my own mind to do precisely what I please, sustained feeding of paranoia while within a potentially simulated environment isn’t the wisest and most strategic of advantages to achieving the goal of making this, my reality, whatever I dream and want it to be.

So what did the games have to do with this all?

The collective behavior of goblins.

When poked. They demonstrated a nature I wasn’t expecting and I paid for it with my life.

A mistake I’ve made again and again and again in real life and have built up a defense system of my own to mitigate the risk which includes erasing my own mind, memories, and more.

Always to achieve my personal goals though.

You know. World domination and stuff.


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