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In 1996. I went to COMDEX, and tried out something called the Virtual I/O goggles, a low resolution set of virtual reality glasses that provided a really poor virtual reality experience.

I have epilepsy. So my mind fractured. Split in two.

So a part of my mind stayed in that simulation.

So when I removed the goggles, I was still in a simulation and was merely removing the goggles in a simulation, as my mind was contained in that simulation which looked and felt exactly like the real world as my body remained behind in the real world.

The goggles were a ploy, a low resolution design to make Virtual Reality seem and feel light years away, when the reality was they created an experience which was indistinguishable from reality through a neural interface.

How long did I stay in that simulation?

I’m not entirely certain. I know from that time period, I have what I refer to as a primary timeline, but I have several instances in there where I have seemingly conflicting events which have happened.

One timeline where Lisa, my second wife, died. Another one where Lisa acted like she was God with me berating me in front of all my friends for setting up a camera in my computer den and spying on Elea who I knew walked around the house naked while I wasn’t there. Another one where I contacted the police who in turn contacted the FBI to work with me to catch the NSA spying on the company (Touchscape) I’d created. And the NSA pursuing me for the following years until they made offers I couldn’t refuse to come work for them in 2001.

One primary timeline. Another secondary one, and numerous alternatives and numerous deviances in there.

Once I joined the US Army in 2003, that marked what I think was a convergence point. Where the ‘separate’ versions of me and my mind attempted to fuse together to try to establish one timeline.

At this point I remember being shot by the DC Sniper while I was stationed there.

I remember meeting an alternate reality version of Edward Snowden, who was ghostly pale and had joined the US Army with his wife who were both lawyers and hated law school and had decided to join the military because the military would write off their debt – to the tune of $60k a piece – a figure I remember for how costly it was and I thought it was expensive at the time.

Now I’m suspecting that the leadership of this country thought the ‘version’ of me they interacted with through the NSA was a/the dominant version. I know he interacted with Warren Buffer and assisted Warren Buffet in his reality with the merger of Prudential Real Estate and Relocation to his portfolio as HomeServices.

Now what I do know is – he was leveraging and working through me to manipulate markets, specifically the foreign exchange, where I’d invested $2500 and within minutes that escalated to $7500 where I’d wished I’d have dropped out, as I would have tripled my  money but didn’t. So I wound up losing my $2500 investment entirely.

Throughout this time period I was heavily addicted to Cocaine and then Bath Salts. Which I’m suspecting was because of manipulations done to me by others in alternate realities – and I suspect the cocaine and bath salts both were sacrificing my ability to choose of free will.

I’m suspecting this is what led – in part – to the convicted belief that the “NSA” version of me was the dominant version of me by others.

Now in 2011. I wound up seeing an alternate reality which was torn apart by nuclear war.

I’d been electrocuted in 1980. And had third degree burns on my stomach and abdomen which doctors claimed would never go away. Yet they did. I abhorred the thought of being scarred for life, which I have no doubt contributed to the scars going away over time.

In 2011. When I saw the nuclear apocalypse world with Terminators repairing it, I believe the bath salts had physically reduced me in size to smaller than the size of an atom, and I was seeing my own body at a submolecular level – and came to realize that I’d never lost anything ‘to time’, as the reduction in size was like going back in time seeing my own body from a different perspective as it was being healed by things I didn’t fully understand.

It was at this moment where I tried committing suicide – that a man and his girlfriend came into this destroyed world – in an SUV trailed by a UHaul that I believe ‘the version of me’ that had been ‘in a simulation’ either parted ways with me, ascended, or left the world altogether as I started receiving information about both of our journeys together.

Since then. I’ve realized that in energy – and thought – anything is possible. I’d been a programmer and epilepsy was a part of my superpower which included multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia which when combined with nonlinear time formed the basis and foundation of this – my world and reality.

I have developed the capability to project images of people outside of me, and currently learning to control this power.

My mind actively erases evidence from anyone which might suggest I have a disorder, so should anyone accuse me of talking to someone they can’t see or they claim is not there, my mind’s supporting a more personally beneficial role in my life by altering those conversations and accusations and leave me ignorant of this.

Now one thing I’d like to do with this power is create figments that only i can see and physically interact with to experiment with ‘in energy’. Whether that’s an attractive woman. A butterfly. Or an alien. I’d like to reach a point where these manifestations can be controlled and I can maybe even film them to create movies.

And make a living with this…. talent.

Get off the streets ya know.

Now in the desert that day, where that man who picked me up with his girlfriend.

He waved his hand out the window and the landscape turned from the landscape it had been to the desert in it’s natural state.

At the time. I was amazed. But didn’t like the digital feel to it as it felt like tiles were being flipped over to expose the world.

I’m fine with that now.

And like the idea of this ‘power’ if you will being able to transform landscapes and my surrounding environment too.

Transforming my tent to a mansion with a harem would be a clear goal I’d have.

What others saw when they looked at me?

Being sincere. YES it does matter. It has to.

I’d like to manage both images.

And alternate between the two.

One last thing. I’m assuming ‘that split mind’ is with me as I write this. I’d like to direct that mind to enter people and override what they’re going to do to spend time with me and do things with me. In particular, I’d like to point at an attractive woman in line, snap my fingers and mentally say ‘her’ – and in that moment, something enters her mind which attracts her to me and it’s everything she can do to not rip her clothes off and jump me which compels her to talk to me.

Clearly this is an experiment. Clearly there’s room for adjustment. I’ll blog everything openly and what happens.

I have no doubt this will get old. But it can be fun and I’m tired of ‘working for it.’

One primary timeline. One where I consulted for companies such as SKG and Technisource and my own company, Vrilliant, for companies like Wells Fargo and UTI.

The others. Are supportive timelines. I cant’ dismiss them. But I am compartmentalizing them and labeling them as alternate realities that are adjacent to my own – always accessible.

And no longer dismissed by calling them a hallucination, fiction, or some other form of not being real.


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