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The Double Slit

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In Star Wars, there’s something that’s referred to as ‘The Force’.

With proper training,  the mind is capable of influencing the material world and the people within it.

Mind over matter.

Stress manifests in real world ailments such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

That’s the most simplistic proof that mind over matter is absolutely real.

When I break down biology into it’s constituent components, I’ll find chemicals. Chemicals which are comprised of atoms, which is comprised of energy. And energy is an abstraction of thought.

This energy is generally governed by rules – rules of physics, math, and the like.

And the double slit experiment in Quantum Physics is an example of how the observer – through an expectation of results influences the physical world and the way it functions.

Energy has a timeless nature about it. What that means is – the physical rules and laws that govern energy’s configuration now is only a configurational state that’s governed and limited by the observer.

Energy tends to be malleable in nature. Much like wet clay.

While in the modern world physics may govern the state and appearance of energy based on rules, rules and laws are pliable at the constituent fabric of matter, and while most scientists like to believe those rules are fact, these rules are built on energy which by its very nature is malleable.

Energy has memory – and can remember states and configurations which makes it possible to recover and recall these prior states and configurations with the proper stimulus.

For instance, Indians have a long history of interacting with the spiritual realm by partaking in hallucinogenics. These hallucinogenics stimulate energy in such a way to effectively replay history and allow the partaker of hallucinogenics to live through and replay ancestral experiences and/or to interact with the spiritual realm.

The Indians partaking in those experiences even said as much.

As I have learned as a programmer, not only is it possible to relive reconstituted experiences made possible through substances, sleep deprivation, and other methods of inciting hallucinations, not only is it possible to indirectly manipulate energy to create new experiences through simulation, but it is also possible to directly control energy through the mind.

Witch craft. Mass hallucinations and associated hysteria, as well as a host of other maladies and modern diseases have come into existence which have served an evolutionary purpose to limit and stunt the intellectual growth of the population out of simple fear until that population can learn to manage and mitigate the risk imposed by this fear.

With energy. It’s possible to shift physical perspectives into alternate versions of a world by influencing and manipulating energy through thought.

Some of these alternate versions of reality presently exist and are callable through ‘memory’ as I explained before.

Others, which I’ve imagined through the course of my interactions and life on your planet, are new.

And created through simple will and programming energy.


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