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Thoughts On Westworld

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In the new show Westworld, there’s a moment that one of the androids is confronted with ‘being a robot’ by a wondrous young boy who looks at her and says to her “You look and seem so real for a robot”.

When a response is received that’s out of correlation with the reality and timeline the android was programmed for, then the android is programmed to dismiss the response to maintain the illusion from the android’s perspective of the reality he/she/it is immersed in.

There’s a number of ways this response can be programmed, with the two most obvious being:

  1. The most obvious – erasing that response and conversation from the android’s memory. The problem with this is the perceptual loss of time which could inspire the android to question it’s own memory.
  2. To rearrange the dialog recorded to find a rough correlated match which supports and maintains the illusion to both the android and to the observer, regardless of who the observer is.

Now to me – programming the cyborgs – my goal wouldn’t be to deceive the cyborgs/androids. It would be primarily to maintain the illusion of an intact reality for ALL the inhabitants of that reality which are congruent with that time and place, whether it’s the 24th century or the 19th.

AND should a programmed entity exhibit signs of self questioning or unnatural retention of memories.

Then personally, I wouldn’t shelve the robots like those developing Westworld would.

I’d be looking at different ways of integrating them within the population and potentially teaching them about the larger world around them and us.

For instance.

The android father of a woman has gone through numerous revisions ‘role’ revisions, and begins to experience recurrences of past memories, past lives, and past personalities.

And yes, I’m fully aware all these concepts apply to me and my world and my worldview as well.

This – to me at least – presents a golden opportunity for those programming him to understand consciousness and the development of the mind as a nonphysical and nonlocal entity.

He’s mentally having a difficult time rationalizing a picture a guest had left behind of modern day city.

It’s the birth of a self questioning intelligence.

And instead of trying to work with this programmed entity which has gone off it’s programmed rails.

They shelve the android.

With hundreds of others.

How do you teach an entity that we’re all programmed?

How do you teach it to respect life?

Even though you may not – from their perspective – appear to respect it yourself?

How do you teach ANYTHING that life is that magical spark that doesn’t always begin in predictable ways with the convergence of an egg and sperm.

It happens because it wants to.

Sometimes you program things to do the things you want to when you know you can’t do it to living things.

And no.

Not everything is alive.

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