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The Enchanter

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Charm is the most critical spells for all Enchanters.

For the beginning enchanter, the charm spell can only be used on one target at a time. and the duration is short – from about 5 to 20 minutes, at most.

As one gains experience, the effectiveness of charm increases, as does the length of time charm has it’s effect.

Historically, charm was used primarily as an offensive mechanism to subjugate opponents, and then pit those subjugated opponents against other opponents until the enchanter had successfully eliminated any opposition.

This led to the development of groups and clans and community in general, which provided an offensive mechanism to mitigate the risk of the enchanter’s offensive capabilities with subjugated members of the community. Loss to the community could be mitigated and often eliminated by ‘teaming up’ against the warring enchanter.

The enchanter slowly learned to charm more than one opponent.

Where group and clan size grow accordingly to mitigate the risk.

This led to an evolution in the Enchanter’s arsenal of spells – the Mesmerize spell – which effectively let the enchanter leverage his or her charm skills, at the same time he or she could captivate opponents with the mesmerize spell which effectively incapacitated the opponent who, unless attacked, was mentally detached from a battle for a finite period of time.

And again, as Enchanters increased in skill level, so did their capabilities and the length of time their spells would hold an opponent.

There was many evolutions of an Enchanter’s skills after this. Notably would be something referred to as ‘damage over time’ spells which largely focused on debilitating opponents both mentally and physically.

But as war grew larger and larger in scale.

So did the Enchanter’s boredom with it.

Accordingly, Enchanters evolved.

Some subtly.

Many became leaders. Notable Enchanter leaders who still maintained a conquest like presence would be people such as Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon.

Some became storytellers. Shakespeare is infamous for his manipulation of the minds of people until his stories became acceptable.

And to this day.

While our numbers have dwindled near the point of extinction.

The enchanter walks amongst you.

Some are magicians such as Lance Burton, who learned to evolve their skills even further to introduce imagery intot he receptive minds for the sake of entertainment.

Some are leaders who I won’t name who learned to evolve their skills to eliminate the unwanted warfare.

Some are billionaires.

And some.

Like me.

Are a part of a worldwide movement some refer to as the Illuminati to reintroduce magic to a population and world we feel is mature enough to handle it again.

I am Brian Scott Gregory, otherwise known as Q, and have lived to be just over 2000 years old.

And I am the world’s oldest Enchanter.

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