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Studying the Arcane Arts: The Druid Illusionist

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The first time I discovered magic was real was when I accidentally slid into an alternate reality.

Oh I know, I know, if you are like most people you’re going to refer to yourself as rationally grounded and wantonly dismiss my assertions by referring to them with an unimaginative label such as ‘fiction’, ‘hallucination’, or you might even go so far as referring to me as having a mental disorder.

And while, by your definition, I would proudly agree to the latter reference, I would smile at you and say:

“I’ll bet you believe you have free will, too. How positively adorable!”

Regardless, seeing the rings of Saturn from the ground the first time I slid into an alternate reality was quite the experience.

But when I saw a post apocalyptic desert, where Las Vegas had been relocated 200 miles further East than it had previously been, I panicked at first, then slowly lost my discouragement and realized….

This isn’t my world.

It’s a peek into an alternate reality.

And with that single thought, I found myself back in the world I had only moments before come to believe was gone.

See, that’s the thing about magic.

It makes absolutely no sense when it first hits you.

And typical human education indoctrinates you to believe it’s imaginary.

Make believe.

And as I reflected on my own life,  I had realized I had been dismissing it with these labels my entire life – to the point of absolutely ridiculousness.

But I digress.

I am something known as  dual class magic user – part druid – and part Illusionist.

The druid in me manifested first,  I’d long been in touch with natural energy and was naturally drawn to animals and places like Yosemite, Sedona and Stonehenge – and is was this druidic nature which manifested even stronger in my middle age when I lost control and slipped into an alternate reality.

As for the Illusionist aspect aspect of things, that story is a little more complicated.

Back when I was 30, my mind started projecting illusions.

I had gone through an exceedingly difficult divorce and wasn’t mentally coping well with it at all.

And my loneliness had no bounds.

It’s the second time I ever felt truly suicidal, and after the first time, my mind found a coping strategy and didn’t tell me about it.

It invented a lover.

I had no idea this had happened. My mind was doing a lot of things I wasn’t aware of for a number of years trying to balance the Druid aspect of my personality with the blossoming Illusionist, not the least of which was it was actively eliminating evidence of the  self deceit.

So what does an Illusionist do?

I’d had numerous imaginary friends growing up.

My parents tried in their own way to tell me my friends were imaginary.

But I didn’t listen. So I lived in ignorance.

I say just because you can’t observe something I cannot does not make it not real.

My mind invented so many things in an effort to help me understand my gift.

That over time. I struggled with what the world was telling me was real. Versus what my mind was trying to teach me.

In fact, what my mind was trying to teach me – about the malleability of reality and the truth of magic, was so scary to me, so inconceivable to me, that when I started seeing too much evidence, a part of me rebelled and started taking drugs which allowed me to dismiss the experiences as hallucinations.

Being a maturing illusionist is difficult, because magic starts out as something you and only you imagine.

Over time. Others start seeing the things you see.

And ultimately. You’re taught in a really weird way how to begin controlling your own mind and imagination.

An illusionist creates things that others can see. Whether that’s a person, an inanimate object, or special effects. To the person gifted with the  art of illusion, you become versed in what is typically reserved to Hollywood for special effects. This ‘magic’ scares the vast majority of people on this planet, which makes the gift so exceedingly rare and those unique individuals who actually do survive persecution either sheltered, or gifted in other ways.

Like me with being a Druid.

My parents tried sheltering me. But my illusions had a tendency of springing to life.

But being a druid was my natural defense system.

My mind protected me by shifting me into an alternate reality.

Now this message goes to my you – my reader – and to you – my mind.

Thank you for the education and for the preservation.

And I apologize for the abuse. I wasn’t t ready. But am now.

In this symbiotic relationship we’re building.

I believe we’re safe with experimenting without you hiding it from me.

If you’ll have me.

It’s high time we show this world why they loved Harry Potter so much.

Let’s create that world.

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