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Kissing Babies

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Hi there.

I’m a man in a white lab coat holding a clip board.

Because of what I am wearing, you should take anything I say scientifically seriously.

As I am clearly a professional because I wear this white lab coat and carry a clip board.



Oh yeah. I’m also carrying a stethoscope. If I have one or am carrying one, that means I’m a professional Doctor and to be implicitly trusted for medical advice.

Hi there.

I’m a lawyer.

See that degree on the wall and tbe big brown desk with the man in the cheap suit and tie behind it?

That says so.

So when it comes to anything to do with law, when you see that piece of paper on the wall and a big wooden desk with a man in a suit and tie sitting behind it, you know I’m your man!


Hi there.

I’m a politician.

I’ll bet you can’t figure out why?

No, it’s not the white powder under the nose, silly, it’s because…

I’m kissing a baby!!!


Hi there.

You don’t need a washboard to wash your clothes, because I’m an actor.

See those washboard abs? THAT’s how you know I’m an actor.

With me around, you can always wash your clothes there.


Hi there.

I play guitar.

Know how you can figure that out?

Well first, I’m holding one.

But if that didn’t give it away.

It’s because I have long hair.

That should have been the dead giveaway to you.


Hi there.

I’m a CEO.

You know this because I am in a suit with my arms folded looking down on you.



Hi there.

I’m a prostitute.

I’ll bet you can’t guess why?

Want to guess?



Why I’m in public in a fluorescent wig, of course!






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