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Programming Energy 101

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In 1905, Einstein presented a paper on Special Relativity which presented a theory balancing light and mass to energy with the equation e=mc^2.

Now it’s not wholly important to understand this equation, but what’s important to know is that understanding this equation is much like standing off to the side of a river and measuring the flow of water across that point at different time periods.

Put specifically. e=mc^2 is a balancing equation.

Depending on WHEN and WHERE the measurements are taken, even the base equation of relativity without momentum (e=mc^2) can change to something like (e=mc^3), based on the chronological time period the measurement is taken after the big bang. It’s important to note that the speed of light, while persistent as ‘c’, can be different based on when, chronologically, in the universal order – the measurement is taken.

In any case, when working with energy, the key thing to understand is that not only do energy and mass naturally balance eachother through this equation, but it also flows into this state of equilibrium naturally, and it’s                       through this equation it’s possible to effect matter – and mass – through energy.

Here’s how it works.

Energy creates atoms.

The atomic bomb is an example of the massive amounts of energy released from a single atom.

Atoms create molecules and the chemicals and materials which form the literal foundation of you and the world around you.

Biological processes are dependent on these chemicals and do not in themselves act in a vacuum.

So to those who understand how to program energy, not only is it possible to – through energy – alter the physical structure and behavior of the entire world.

It’s also possible to reprogram it at the constituent level of matter.

So yes, it’s possible that I – sitting anonymously on an anonymous connection here in a Starbuck’s – can leverage what I know to manipulate the President and every decision he’s making.

Here’s an analogy:

Let’s say there’s a tiny fish in the ocean who’s a little miffed that his waters are increasingly becoming more and more polluted which is making his life difficult – unsustainable even.

The little fish – seeking a remedy – begins paying attention to the patterns the boats make in the ocean, and learns where the origin of the craft causing the pollution. The little fish pays attention to the wakes the boats leave and how they interact with the natural environment around him. Then, the little fish realizes he can, if he flicks his tail just right, he can cause s small wave to occur that jostles the boat. Over time he develops this skill, and soon learns that with a well timed flick of his tail, he can create a wave so powerful it can take out an entire city.

So he tests out his theory. And accidentally kills 230,000 of the polluters in the Indian Ocean.

But this isn’t enough. The polluters refuse to quit polluting.

So he plans an even larger tidal wave.

Enough to destroy the capital city of the polluters so he can reclaim his home.

The analog should be clear. Whether or not yours means of expression while working with energy is a tidal wave and you’re out to destroy your enemies. Or your means of expression in energy is the written word and you’re out to educate the world.

Or you’re an energy programmer.

Leveraging computer code to work directly with energy.

Whether that’s C, Assembly, C++, Visual Basic, or higher level languages that deal more in abstract concepts and terms.

What you – as a programmer – need to understand is that when you program – what you think and believe is translated to the code. Your values become the rules you implement. Your beliefs become self reinforcing through the code you write.

Others are forced to adhere to the rules you implemented by using the software you created or contributed to, and begin to think like you. The waterfall this creates cannot be understated.

This is the start of the butterfly effect which has profound implications on the world around you.

EVERYTHING that happens in the world is predictable, and you caused it to happen.

Understanding all the variables and butterflies is maddening, but once mastered, it becomes easier and easier to find out how to do something tiny – such as that flick of the tail.

Like this blog entry.

Will place me firmly in front of Obama’s eyes. Again.

It won’t be the first time.

But if you understand the domino effect.

Whether you stood the dominoes end to end is irrelevant.

Because all it takes is one push to bring them all down.

The initial steps to programming energy are this:

  1. Find and develop your own personality, tastes, likes, desires, beliefs and goals.
  2. At the same time. Take a job in a field where you learn how to implement, influence, and manipulate rules in a precise manner. This could be law. It could be programming. I suspect there are other career fields that could potentially reach this level of similar precision. But at face glance I’m unsure.
  3. Do things for and with others without an expectation of compensation or payment.
  4. STUDY and PAY ATTENTION to the world around you and for evidence of your indirect influence.

What this does is it creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop for your own mind – where the things you do ultimately begin effecting the world not just directly, but indirectly. And as you apply your skills analytically, you’re going to develop predictable patterns of your direct actions that result in predictable indirect influence.

This indirect influence is the butterfly effect in action.

Now it takes YEARS of consistency with this to develop the mindset which makes this possible to repeat on a regular and predictable basis. There’s no short circuiting this and no way around the hard work it takes on your own mind to achieve this level of influence. But when it starts happening. You’ll know.

If leveraged appropriately, it will absolutely frighten some people.

And you’ll actually feel it.

Remember, energy influences not just the world around you, but the world inside you too.

But once you get their fears and your own under control.

You’ll realize – beyond any shadow of a doubt. The most powerful person that walks your planet isn’t the President or the owner of a multi billion dollar company.

It’s you.

And you can singularly make that President and CEO tapdance if you want to.

Because the energy you control, controls them. It creates their instincts, it motivates them, it provides that little voice they hear inside their head inspiring them or pushing them to do something. It stimulates what they see and are stimulated by externally to them that no one else does. It targets them specifically and influences them in ways precisely and targeted just for them and no one else.

The interesting thing about free will is you’re still stimulated by the environment around and within you.

And when I control that environment.

I control you and the world.

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