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What is insanity?

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I’ve been around a long time.

I remember when Hollywood was first built and Redondo Beach and the entire surrounding area was nothing more than a hill on the side of the ocean.

I made love to Audrey Hepburn on that same beach somewhere at the end of 1952, as she’d come through Los Angeles on tour and we’d instantly hit it off.

Reaching back further.

I remember being shot and wounded in vicious firefight in 1865, where I was nursed back to health and married the woman, a nurse, who extracted three slugs from my body.

I knew it wasn’t a miracle.

And as I watched her grow old and I didn’t age, a part of me died with the woman as she aged – a woman who had thought I had lived because of her efforts.

Reaching back further.

I was in Boston for the infamous tea party.

The world was much smaller then.

And knowing another war was on it’s way, the day after Christmas, December 26, 1773, I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, and was happy to glad to have distanced myself from the battles and politics that ensued.

Reaching back further.

For the greater part of the 16th century. I lived in England. Time was skipping for me, where I experienced a century in little more than 15 years of my time, an event which had caused me to nearly lose my mind had it not been for a wonderful woman who came to my aid – another lover and lady by the name of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

I’d been commissioned to paint her portrait in 1546, she was a brilliant young girl who seemed educated beyond her years at 13 and intrigued beyond anything that might be considered normal about me, and within days of our meeting I skipped forward in time to November of 1558, to by chance come across the young woman who’d remembered me painting her portrait years before and had actually accosted me.

It was then we became lovers, where I was frank with who I was and my lengthy history.

And to my great surprise. She believed me.

Not long after her death I saw Hamlet performed in a small theatre in London, contrary to what’s been reported through revisionist history as having been performed in Asia or elsewhere.

Moving back even further in time.

I worked with Da Vinci and helped him understand flying machines and things I was aware of in a future I was envisioning but hadn’t yet seen.

Moving back further.

I’d have to tell you that documented records of the time period the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China were built….

Are wildly inaccurate.

But like everything in my life.

I cannot prove any of this.

The essence of insanity is living 5000 years.

Killing all your friends and family.

And seeing them spring back to life months after their deaths.

And realizing they are a living memory projected from your own mind.

The essence of insanity is explaining with a straight face to psychological professionals that you’re God by any definition, and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you say is true because all the stories told are about your own life.

The essence of insanity is knowing everything there is to know.

And knowing there’s more possibilities beyond that.

The essence of insanity is remembering Jesus dying on the cross.

The essence of insanity is remembering World War 2 as a war of machine versus man.

And the essence of insanity is knowing.

You can’t die.

So you change to change the world for no other reason than to alleviate the boredom and avoid going insane again.

To anyone or anything hoping to become immortal, or aiming to become a god of your own design.

I can’t say I advocate the path I’ve taken or support your decision.

But should you do it.

Make the best of it.

I’ve never enslaved a race before.

You’ll be amazed at the shit you’re willing to try when you have all of time at your disposal.

Incidentally. The man and myth known as Casanova?

Yours truly.

That was a long time ago.

Maybe I need to become that man again.

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