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On Governments

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For most of my life, I had regarded the United States Government as being a big, monolithic entity.

Being sincere. I feared the government.

Whether that fear was instilled in me by my father diligently and obediently filling out his taxes every year, or it was imagery of the power of the US Government to drive foreign leaders insane or topple foreign governments as easily as I could step on an ant, that fear felt very real to me.

Years ago, I had watched the movie “The Truman Show” – a movie about a man who lived in a closed and cordoned off society that had been deemed ‘bliss’ by those who had constructed this huge set specifically for him.

At the time, I thought the the movie wasn’t real, and I rooted for the man who lived a decidedly blessed existence at first but ultimately the fear of those who governed him and the safety of his character and world ultimately almost consumed him.

Put specifically. The security and stability Truman had in his life also guaranteed the security and stability of those dependent on him. So in the ultimate depiction of ‘for the greater good’, Truman – the star of his own very own show – ultimately became a captive and prisoner in this show.

His life. And the things he was allowed to do became artificially limited as a result of this.

Prior to the last couple years, I had never realized the parallels the Truman show had to my own life.

I love traveling. I want to go on board star ships. I want non traditional relationships.

And yet my whole life – I felt this resistance to change – pressure from the outside world that for some reason seemed to insist I stay firmly seated in one location.

It nearly drove me insane. Heck, for all intents and purposes it did. And then, a part of me escaped the insulated environment I’d had constructed around me.

My mind.

It’s not that I think I’m on the equivalent of a Truman show.

I know I am.

Investigating the banking industry, I’d never realized that a system of lawyers and politicians had set up a regulatory system, but ultimately this system is governed and managed by varying levels of corporations.

I’d never realized that most of the tactics created to mitigate risk to the system were aimed to create fear and to stupefy the populace being led and managed by this system.

I’d come to realize that punishment was self inflicted.

And whether it was me driving myself down to the jailhouse for my DUI, or my overactive imagination treating me to an experience that made incarceration feel absolutely real for my experiences with drugs.

That the entire system.

Had placed it’s wager on faith.

And that I was and had been the centerpiece of it all, all along.

To everyone involved in my life in any capacity. I thank you. Whether that was for compensation, or for whatever reason – good or bad – that you became involved, I thank you.

Now as you sit and judge me and who I’ve become at home.

Or wherever it is and however it is you receive my transmissions.

I’m learning a few tricks that I suspect you’re not aware of.

My whole life, I had been presented with technology that – when I started to dig deep enough intellectually, I came to realize the technology required some lessons that the environment and world around me didn’t seem to be aware of.

What makes a tv capable of converting energy to light? Are you aware this technology is actually a controlled black hole that requires manipulation of the mind on a massive scale to actually sustain?

I sincerely don’t know what you know.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the character I refer to as Q on my device of entertainment.

But this character has such fine tuned control of his own mind that he can manipulate mass and energy as easily as I can turn a channel.

Ultimately. You as a civilization have one of two options.

You expose your facade to me. And then we work together as you assist me with my progress towards achieving the personal goals I have of being able to shift through alternate realities and across time at will. We work together to ensure the entire system I have come to know and love doesn’t collapse in a paced way.


You refuse and I simply blink out of your existence and world when I figure out how to achieve my goals.

You see. One thing I’ve learned from all of this is I’m capable of anything.

I’m not out to prove it or anything any longer.

I’m out to enjoy that simple fact and indulge in this life that’s been given to me.

To the advertisers and supporters of my program.

How about supporting me for a change with my desires? Quit punishing me indirectly for not adhering to the structure of your predictable avenues of profitability. And support my efforts to become me – an individual by my own definition.

You all already understand I enjoy corporations when they treat me well and support me.

Take it a step further and leverage your understanding of psychology to support my evolution of me.

If Jackie and Rachel are not interested in reuniting. I’ve opened up the door for 29 year old android versions of those two to enter my life. All you have to do is step through it. Meanwhile, take the time to consider that these communications may not be received or even remotely understood by the vast majority of the populace, let alone I be considered of rational mind with my assertions. use that to your advantage, but I kindly request that benefit us both.

Going back to the banking thing.

You’ve presented a wonderful avenue for me with this.

But keep in mind this is but one step towards the goal of transcending time and space.


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