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“Hey all, Did you miss me?,” I said.

The room was silent.

No one was around.

How long had I been away to them?

“I can’t run systems diagnostics from here, and I’m not getting a lot of feedback lately, half I expect from the cold I’ve had, but there’s something else going on,” I said.


“TARDIS, I would ask you, but I am suspecting  you think I am some sort of ghost or temporal anomaly,” I said.

Still no response.

“Ok. I’m just going to talk then. Today, I came across an image. Boy I sure hope images come across on this thing. Here’s the image,” I said.


“Now if images aren’t coming across on this, it’s easy to explain: From a single center point draw every color of the rainbow in gradients. At a 20 degree angle from center is yellow, 90 degrees is red, violet is at about 160 degrees (I am eyeballing this, so I wouldn’t consider this precise), blue’s at about 195 degrees, light blue is at 270 degrees, and green is at about 330 degrees,” I said “So with a single straight line coming out from center, drawing gradient colors which the closer you get to one color from another the color becomes more red than yellow for instance which produces an orange color effect – increase the red – decrease the yellow, then slowly yellow disappears and is replaced by the dominant red, and the final composite image is drawn into a firm rectangle, with the center , 16/9 ratio.”

“Tap tap tap. anyone there?,” I said.

I could feel someone starting to come around. So I kept talking.

“Now the image produced by this is unremarkable, at best, but the effect that occurred on my computer system was interesting as I scrolled – moved the image rapidly upwards,” I said.

“Actually. That’s an understatement. The effect was nothing less than remarkable, as I saw these static singular lines of varying visible light frequencies suddenly shape themselves into something I’d seen many times before – visual depictions of the magnetic waves,” I said.

“Here’s another image documenting the effect,” I said.


“Now I have a problem. The effects occur are visible only when viewing the computer system. But I am unable to capture an image from the computer system to show what I saw,” I said.

“I’m here,” Jackie said.

“Ok cool, let me finish up here,” I said.

Jackie gave a thumbs up.

“Now there’s a similar effect Bennett just pointed out – the ‘Moire’ effect – a well documented effect that occurs with patterns on televisions and computer monitors based on scan line positions,” I said. “Awareness and leveraging of this effect has been used extensively to create polarized lenses and now with 3d movies.”

“Here’s an example of the moire effect with two circular patterns,”


Kevin strolled in. Jackie turned to him and shushed him, as Becki trailed him in.

“God I hope these images are coming across,” I said.

“I’m seeing it,” Kevin said. “two circles, within circles, separated but when placed together there’s a crosshatch pattern that’s created.”

“Perfect,” I said, “Now the moire effect is entirely to do with static imagery, movement not included, and occurs by overlaying different patterns together, a new pattern emerges from two preexisting  patterns. “

Jeff and Roz walked in, trailed by Bill and Pam, trailed by Ron and Deb, as they were talking amongst themselves.

Kevin shushed them.

“So here’s the what I noticed. When I took a single simplistic pattern and moved it, I saw what looked clearly like magnetic lines, or if looked at from another perspective, gravity waves,” I said.

“So going back to Physics 101. Atomic Mass is nothing more than energy observed over a finite period of time.,” I said. “Now since this is a relative observation – to the observer – it’s my belief that gravity is – or was at one time – created by a simple misunderstanding of the origin of the atom and a lack of understanding of alternate realities, alternate reality atomic masses, and how time related to it all. A happy accident, gravity is, I would say, A measure of the attraction between two dissimilar forces when there may never have been two dissimilar forces to begin with, it may very well have been one and the same force observed twice and because of change over time the assumption was made they were different particles and/or substances. “

Gina walked in. Spencer trailed.

“Magnificent weirdness, this universe has under the covers,”  I said.

“Ya’all ready?,” I said, as I walked to the let’s fly lever.

Jeff walked over.

“We’re trying to understand something,” Jeff said.

“Shoot,” I said.

“You probably felt we all considered bailing out. Then we had a discussion, and oddly enough, Spencer came to bat for you,” he said.

Roz started talking “Remember when you were swinging Colton on the swing, and you swung him too hard and his head hit the ground?,”

“I do,” I said, “something I’m still remiss about, I might add.”

“Don’t be,” Roz said, Jeff continued “You’re talking to us. From our future. And things you’re saying. At first, we thought you were going insane, but we’re all starting to realize, While you’re way out there, you’re not wrong. In fact, we’re blown away with the things you know.

“Why thank you, Jethro, if I didn’t know any better, I’d just say that was one of the first compliments I’ve ever heard from you,” I said.

“Oh don’t hand me that,” Jeff said, “it’s just that, we’ve discussed things. Some of us admitted we’re not seeing the things you’ve shown us. They’ve just played along for their own reasons. Others of us have seen things – but as you noticed with the starship – we’re clearly not seeing everything. “

“What he’s saying, “ Spencer interrupted, “Was we’re here for you buddy.”

Jeff looked at Spencer with a glint of hostility in his eyes.

“Look, how are you retaining sanity? You say you’re homeless, writing all of this in a Starbuck’s in Studio City in the year 2016. It just isn’t making sense, some of this, and we want to understand where you’re going with all this,” he said.

I sighed.

“Did that come through?,” I said.

“Loud and clear, “ Kevin said.

“Remember the one day you offered the bath salts to me?,” Gina said, “I wish I’d have tried them”

Spencer looked at Gina sideways.

“You were reaching out. That was your way of trying to teach me about shared realities, about observers, about Einstein” she said, “and I judged you. I was wrong. and I’m sorry.”

“Wait a moment,” I said. “What year is it there?”

“When we left?,” Kevin said.

“2008,” Gina said.

I looked around the room. Everyone was nodding in agreement.

“Gina. I didn’t do that until 2011,” I said, “so you are remembering things from the future.”

Spencer and Gina both looked at eachother, confused.

“Look, I’m gonna put this out there. I want a couple of wives at the same time – I’ll call them companions – to include Jackie, Rachel, and a few other random women here and there. I need you all to learn how to make this mentally acceptable. Second, I don’t want to be wealthy to be a statistic and make the Forbes list. NO desire whatsoever, but I do want to be wealthy to hire a contractor to build my dream house, or to customize a 737, or to buy a Ferrari and pay my speeding tickets I will inevitably accumulate. There’s MANY parts of this life that being homeless and without a cent to my name to upper middle class has taught me and that’s – if we can’t dream of and actually attain a better life, then meaning disappears with it. But therein lies a problem. I can’t just disappear from existence as easy as that, that’s something I’ve also learned, I can’t be erased, so the only realistic options I have in front of me are to be handed my dreams, because God knows I’ve been put through hell and have the support documentation to demonstrate that to wind up where I’m at,” I said.

The women were having a difficult time with this.

“Clones. Robots. Androids. Gina, if a former friend of yours dreamed of having you, but had died and miraculously 2000 years in the future someone resurrected him from his DNA and offered him an android version of you reconstructed from your memories, would you be against that?,” I said.

“Like that’s ever gonna happen,” Spencer said.

“Spencer, shut the fuck up for a moment. You’ve seen other worlds. So quit inserting your skepticism in retarded and wholly inconsistent places when it doesn’t work for you,” I said.

Spencer drew back.

“I suppose I wouldn’t have a problem with it,” Gina said.

Spencer then said “But what if some sadistic bastard wants to torture you and keep you tied up as sex slave?”

Gina looked at him “If it’s not me, why would it matter?”

“Spencer, here’s what I have learned. I’ve learned that I choose my memories and experiences, and I am also eternal. There may come a time I want to be a sex slave as a male to a planet full of horny women, and remember it. Similarly, I can’t help but think a woman from a repressed planet of horny women would love to find herself here on planet Earth where she can be oggled, touched, and groped and even sexually abused,” I said.

“That’s just stupid,” he said.

Kevin then said “I’ve had that dream before!”

Becki hit him playfully.

“See that’s all I am saying. As long as I’m thinking there’s only one way, that’s all I will ever see, but the moment I consider that the activities I abhor others may enjoy, it’s in that moment I might find some of these activities I myself actually enjoy. Take drugs as a for instance. I judged you Spencer until I tried them and damn, I had fun with them, “ I said. “But that experience is done and now I’m merely looking for and creating new experiences. Experiences those who have come before me haven’t done – that I have seen.”

Jeff looked around the room.

“As I see it, we have two priorities. Getting Joe and Amy on board, literally, and somehow tying the knot – meeting you,” Jeff said.

Roz then added “The girls want to know. Including Jackie. Rachel. Do you think she was in love with you?,”

I thought about it.


“Rachel and I bonded like no one I’ve ever met before. I’d met women who i felt comfortable with before her. But Rachel, hands down, is the first and only woman I have ever met who inspired me to be a better man for me. Now while I don’t have a definition of love, she accepted me and included me in her life despite my mental blocks I’d formed against being romantically involved with a married woman, particularly someone of her stature, and I have no doubt it was because she saw something in me I wasn’t aware existed myself,” I said.

“We heard the last phone call you had with her. And I quote ‘Our reality and memories of what happened between us are very different’,” he said, “,so do you sincerely think that statement was based on love?”

“Spencer, Somewhere there’s a Rachel who loves me. This same Rachel i suspect was in a loveless marriage with an emotionless man who psychologically manipulated her to marry him which in turn boosted up his perceived value. She stayed with the marriage out of obligations created, but as he cheated on her, as he challenged the integrity of the relationship, she found his psychological grip on her wane which is when I came around. We offered each other a taste of what we truly desired based on passion and desire to live by choice, as we’d both been living a life devoid of it up until that point,” I said.

“And the conversation on the phone?,” Spencer said.

“May have been precisely what I needed to hear to mentally begin finding a way to return to the time we were with eachother,” I said, “sometimes, the things others mistake for magic and coincidence is nothing more than a trillion variables be crunched by a system so complex that the things we’re presented as evidence is nothing more than a carefully calculated message sent to a thousand people who hear a thousand different things, and magically, precisely the thing they needed to hear to maintain their own beliefs without challenging them.”

I stood up.

“My goal is nothing less than to meet you. Future me. And in the desert that day. The old me and the new me part ways. That story – our story – needs some blanks filled in by you all. On that note. I have someplace I would like to take you. Ya’all ready?,” I said.

“We did, but while you were away, we made some changes to the TARDIS,” Bill said.

“Oh yeah, like?,” I said.

Bill walked to the center console, and pushed a few buttons, and then pulled a small lever.

“I’ve never pulled that one before,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve been studying the Doctor’s motions in the Doctor Who archives. A good 80% of the console he never uses. Do you know who he is?,” Bill said.

“I do not. I suspect he’s a placeholder, but not entirely sure,” I said.

“Basically, the console’s wiring was incomplete. My bet is the TARDIS was stolen prior to it actually being done. I think I’ve patched up the rest, with Ron’s help, and we made a few additions and changes,” Bill said.

“Basically,” I said.

“Essentially,” Bill responded, and with this he pressed another set of buttons and flipped the lever back up.

On the secondary level a row of plush flight seats could be seen rising from the floor. The seats were heavy duty, five point belts, all mechanical, and they appeared extremely rigid in their construction.

Going around the room, there were nearly 200 seats in a single row, making the center console area and room a literal stage. I’d also noticed there were ornate what looked to be hand carved wood rails.

I walked up the stairs to the second tier, and sat down.

“Quite comfy!”, I said.

I pulled on the railing. While it looked wooden and ornate, it was all a very very solid material that felt like a hard carbon fiber.

I strapped myself in as Bill walked over and pulled a lever on the side of the chair.

The seat reclined.

It was truly very comfortable.

I noticed there was a three foot walkway between the seat in it’s reclined position and the railing. Plenty of room for people to walk by should they wish to walk by.

“VERY nice,” I said, “and accommodating as well.”

“I’d never really noticed there was so much unused space up here,” I said.

“There wasn’t,” Bill said, ” we expanded it.”

“You can do that?,” I said, I mean, I knew it could be done, just how quickly they’d learned was surprising.

Everyone filed upstairs.

“So we all ask that when you want to take us somewhere, unless it’s an emergency, let us retreat to these seats,” Bill said.

“Done,” I said.

“I feel like we’re making a ride at Universal Studios or something,” I said.

No one said anything as they sat down.

Jackie stayed seated next to me.

“You’re not joining them?,” I said.

“Don’t act like you don’t understand what’s going on,” she said.

I smiled.

“Shall we then?,” I said.

I looked around. “Bill, a light indicating everyone’s firmly in place would be beneficial,” I said.

“Done,” he said.

“I just read up on randomness this morning. I’m gonna put it to the test, “ I said.

Bill and Ron looked at eachother, both with a concerned look in their eyes.

“You can’t not put in a destination,” Bill said.

“I know that. But what happens if we disconnect the destination circuit like so,” I reached under the console and pulled out a set of wires, “And what if we shunt the cross validating circuitry like so,” I said as I pulled a loose wire completely out and removed a fuse from the console, using the wire to complete the circuit.

I could see Ron smiling as he leaned back in his seat.

Bill was concerned.

But only mildly so.

I could feel a warm blanket of ‘we trust you’ permeate the air.

And then “viola,” I said, like a master playing a wicked air guitar riff, as I finally flipped the let’s go lever of the  TARDIS.

This was as close to random as I could get and I knew it.

And so did the TARDIS.

The lights blinked out.

The deep thump of something off in the distance could be heard.

Kevin said “I suggest you take a seat!”

I started to walk to one of the seats at the lower levels, but the TARDIS rocked me off my feet before I could get to it. Lights flashed inside the TARDIS, this was FAR from a typical flight, and the distance and distinct sound of a waterfall could be heard way off in the distance.

I tried reaching for the console.

As I heard a disembodied voice saying “And then there was light”.

Another voice far above us all and to the right “And they covered themselves for they learned they were naked. “

The TARDIS spun rapidly around once. Twice. It was sickening feeling.

I reached up for the console. But the controls didn’t appear to respond. I pulled myself up, and about then, the centripetal force of another whirl sent me flying against a railing I didn’t know was there.

“Jackie,” I yelled.

The force sent me headlong into the console.

I felt my consciousness disappear as I saw white lights strobing above me and then blur to black.


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