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The Seed

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There once was a seed.

A seed that found itself misplaced in the wrong world, the wrong place, the wrong time.

Everything was wrong for that seed.

That seed grew roots.

But in this world, it couldn’t find the ground to place it’s roots in.

It couldn’t find anything but thin air.

Stumped on how to move forward, which way to grow, and what other seeds like it may have done before.

It found a way to grow roots.

It created a way.

Through information.


Across space and time.

A story here.

A story there.

Most people didn’t understand the information that seed was sending.

And largely regarded that information as entertainment.

Calling it fiction.

Some didn’t understand that a story that seed had told..

About a baby being born 2000 years ago.

Had caused war.

When the seed discovered this.

It fell into a depression.

Another series of wars leapt out.

And the seed.

Wanted to wither and die.

Seeing the pain and suffering it’s stories had caused.

Continued to cause.

That seed just didn’t want to continue existing.

It hadn’t even begun sprouting, as it didn’t know where to sprout to begin with.

As it tried to wither and die the people who had listened to the stories throughout the ages realized the stories were going away.

So they started telling stories.

Soon they forgot about the seed.

Until one day, the seed woke up from it’s depression.

It’s stupor.

It marveled at the stories that had begun to be told by the planet that had formed around it’s stories.

How the people of the planet had told stories based on his stories.

And created new stories. Some like his stories.

Some brand new ones he’d never imagined before.

As the seed marveled at the world that had been built based on every story he’d ever told.

As the wars of old had come to pass.

The seed, tired of being a seed, still depressed, came across someone he felt could help find answers on who or what he was supposed to be.

He said to this being: “I don’t want to be a seed any longer. Where am I supposed to grow?”

The being looked at him, laughed, gave him a hug and then.

Handed him a mirror.

And in that moment, he nearly had a heart attack.

Because it was then when he realized he wasn’t a seed any longer.

In the mirror.

He had seen his own reflection.

The seed was the planet.

And the lost seed was me.

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