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Building Giza

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“Q!, God dammit, this is important!,” Jackie yelled.

“What is it, Jackie?,” I said.

“Your body. Your avatar at least. It’s gone,” she said.

“It was only a matter of time,” I said.

“What do you mean by that?,” she said.

“First, you’re alone, right? How did you know I’d respond if my avatar wasn’t around, and furthermore, what’s with the assertive personality, this sounds like the old Jackie,” I said.

“Who you calling old? Look, I don’t have time for this, we need to get your avatar back, the others will become suspicious,” she said.

Something was afoot.

Do I arise suspicion that I’m not the man she has been dealing with? Or do I play it off?

“Jackie, Are you a clone?,” I said.

“For fuck’s sake, Bri, We cloned you and me and swapped us both to steal this thing,” she said.

She bit her tongue, realizing her faux pas.

“You’re not him, are you?,” she said.

“Afraid not,” I said.

She hesitated slightly.

“Um. Where. What did you do with him?,” she said.

I suspected I knew who ‘him’ was – I’d fought – Fight Club style – with a vicious alter ego version of myself which was attempting to take over my life, and had been the cause of a distinct split in my personality I wasn’t privy to at first.

The thing was – this wasn’t the only personality that had become real. I’d been struggling with multiple personalities throughout my life, to an extent I truly do not doubt was unparalleled in all of history.

“Well,” I said. “I’m still coming to terms with it, but we fought a vicious mental battle and he lost, and ever since then I have been merging his perspective, experiences, and life with my own,” I said.

Jackie sat down. She’d never expected this.

“How do I know you’re not full of shit like you usually are,” she said.

“Because you’re going to show up in North Hollywood in 2016 leveraging TARDIS technology making yourself invisible to everyone but me and then hang out for a few days completely naked. After that, we’re going to disable the technology and see if people see you, which I doubt they will, “ I said.

Her face was nonplussed.

“I intend on experimenting with and on you, across space and time, and you’ll be a part of my harem,” I said.

“The hell I will,” she said.

“Yep,” I said.

With that, I paused time for the rest of the vessel, and intentionally knocked her on her ass next to a chair.

“I suggest you get in that seat and buckle in,”  I said.

“Where are you taking me?,” she said.

I didn’t respond, but the holographic display above us painted the path clearly.

“2560 BC? What are we going to go see the Pyramids being built? Been there, done that,” she said.

She was half right, “Not like this,” I said

We’d arrived to our destination, as the door opened up to the outside.

“”You’re not expecting me to go out there,” she said, “How do I know I can trust you, how do I know you’re not going to leave me here? Wait, where are the others?,” she said.

I said nothing.

She tried to enter the guest hallway, but found there to be a force field in the way.

Rachel’s voice came from an indefinite locations “Hallways is in stasis,” the disembodied voice said.

Jackie became angry.

A song came on over the speakers “Come around feel the sound though you make my heart pound, fill me up bring me down when I hear your sound. down down down down down down down……”

“What is that noise?” she said, cupping her hands over her ears.

I turned up the music.

It was distinctly metallic at times.

“I’ve got pressure, I’m in deep, Seems everybody wants something from me, I was a lover, but now a thief,
I’ll take your breath away and set you free,” the lyrics said, as the volume was rising.

She began crying.“Stop, please stop!” she yelled.

I ignored her.

She kept looking at the door, so I kept rising the volume.

“So much pressure, So much heat, ”

I bumped up the temperature in the room to 120 degrees fahrenheit and increased the barometric pressure, just to make it more uncomfortable in there.

She began crying.“Why are you doing this to me? Please stop!” she yelled.

But her pleas were falling on deaf ears.

“So much hussle, They want me…,” echoed in the TARDIS.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She ran out the front door, to which I closed it behind her.

The music stopped the moment she’d gotten outside, as I dematerialized the locking mechanism. The atmosphere inside the TARDIS turned back to normal.

She turned around, looked at the TARDIS, and hit the door, but the door didn’t budge. She kicked it, then she said “Oh you think you’ve got me, “ as she reached into her pocket and fumbled for a key which she held up triumphantly, but as she went to reach for the lock, she realized the lock wasn’t even there.

She screamed.

But the TARDIS remained.

She sat down.

It was a hot day. Exceedingly hot, even for a winding path desert, as she tried finding shade, but there was none.

“I’m not going anywhere,” She yelled. “Do you hear me, I’m not going anywhere, ” as she fell back first against the TARDIS.

But the sun beat down.

“Water, can’t you at least give me some water?,” She yelled.

I said nothing.

She stood up again, “Fine you want to see me naked, “ she yelled, “Fine,” as she proceeded to disrobe. Her shoes came off first, which she threw against the side of the TARDIS, “You bastard,” she said as she took off her shirt and threw it against the TARDIS, “I hope,” she said as she took off her bra and threw it against the TARDIS, “This makes,” she said as she pulled off her skirt, throwing it against the TARDIS, “YOU HAPPY!” she yelled as she took off her panties and threw them at the TARDIS.

All her clothes laid in a pile in the TARDIS.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” she said, as she waved her arms up in the air, walking around the TARDIS, stark naked, yelling at the TARDIS. “Does THIS,” she said as she pounded her fist against the TARDIS, “make” as another fist hit it, “you”, as she kicked the TARDIS with her right foot “happy?”

She collapsed, naked, to the side of the TARDIS sitting on her clothes pile.

“What do you want from me.?” she said.

I remained silent. The path was right there in front of her. All she needed to do was follow it.

Instead she sat there crying.

About 15 minutes later, as she finally noticed the path.

She put on her shoes, took her skirt and placed it on top of her head to shield herself from the sun, as she walked completely nude the path, with the exception of the shoes and the cloth skirt protecting her from the heat. The rest of her clothes lay in pile at the entrance to the silent TARDIS.

It was adorable. Sexy even.

And to be honest, I don’t know why she thought there would be no one there to see her, or that she even cared.

She followed the path down the ravine for about half a mile when she saw it.

The pyramids.

Only as she drew closer. She could see, distinctly, that a child – a small baby boy – the size of a pyramid was playfully, piece by piece, placing the massive blocks on the structure of the pyramid.

The boy was no older than 3 or 4.

And he appeared to be having fun with the little people.

She kept walking closer. I could feel that she thought, briefly about going back to get her clothes when she saw all the women were walking nude and it was only the men wearing loin clothes and nothing else.

She came across a busy road, and while she stood there on a ledge as she considered risking it by walking down it and being seen, a holographic image of me appeared next to her, which startled her.

“I don’t suggest going down there, white girl,” I said, “might bring too much attention, and I don’t suspect that’s something you’re remotely ready for.”

It was then she noticed the skin color differences.

“So you knew I’d take off my clothes,” she said.

“Nope,” I said, “and it’s not like I haven’t seen a million naked bodies before, while you’re attractive, you give yourself too much credit physically.”

She turned to me.

“You don’t like this,” she said.

My hologram pointed behind us and to the right.

“I’m actually over here, and where I’m at now I could care less,” I said, “Do you see that boy?”

She tried to touch the hologram, but her hand sliced through.

“Like an avatar?,” she said.

“That boy is me. I was three years old when I accidentally time traveled the first time, and went back in time nearly 4500 years, “ I said.

Oddly, she didn’t seem that interested.

“So you’re not really here, “ she said waving her hand through the hologram again

I turned off the hologram, but projected the voice into the same location.

“You’re like a misbehaving puppy. WATCH that boy,” I said.

She sulked, and looked at the boy.

“Last one, on the top, and there we have it,” I said as the ancient Egyptians broke out in applause.

About then the cloudless sky grew dark and cloudy.

“Now Jackie, are you interested in controlling me and reviewing your revisionist history?

The base of a massive black pyramid like structure pierced the clouds, and came down just over the child’s head.

The baby looked up and then looked down at the Egyptians as he said “Bye bye”

About then, a beam of blue light formed around the child, and the child dematerialized as he was smiling and waving. Moments later, a large blue beam of light shot out from the top of the black pyramid structure, temporarily piercing the atmosphere to make space clearly visible, and, as if being pulled on a string, the black vessel rapidly departed and in a second was no longer visible.

The clouds disappeared, as the Egyptians recovering from what they’d just seen and began celebrating again.

“Or are you interested in seeing history the way it really happened?,” I said.

Her mouth was agape.

“Was that you?,” she said.

“Nope,” I said, “I think it was my parents, but I’m honestly not sure.”

“Do you think they have alcohol down there?,” she said, as she threw her skirt off to the side of the ravine and took off her shoes and did the same. She was standing there completely nude and looking to me for an answer.

An answer I was unwilling to give.

I figured it was time to quit talking, let her do what she was going to do, so I let her be.

Her timing was immaculate though, so I figured this was as good a time as any and that she would be safe with her skin color and might even be regarded as a God by the locals.

When I reflect on my history and how Isis came to be, and why she decided to remain behind there in Egypt that day is something I may never know or fully understand.

I loved that woman. Not the conniving backstabbing bitch she was when I wasn’t looking, but the woman who loved to party without restriction and was very proud of her body and loved it being worshiped by her stable of men, and anyone else who wanted.

I suspect this wouldn’t be the last time I’d run into the woman I knew as Jackie who the world knew as Isis.

I only hoped the woman became kinder over time.

After waiting nearly 10 years in the desert outside of Giza, Jackie never once returned.

I watched over her the entire time though.

She seemed happy.

I’d like to go check in on her one of these days though.

As for history not matching official records.

I’m not the first one who’s time traveled and influenced historical events.

Nor will I be the last.

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