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“How long’s it been since we last communicated?,” I asked.

“About 15 minutes,” Jackie said.

“Shit, I thought our clocks were synced. It’s been 24 hours for me,” I said.

“Full house in here, “ Kevin said.

“I know, “ I said, “And you’re all chomping at the bit to do something new.”

“You could say that, buddy,” Spencer said.

“Ok. Bennett still with you?,” I said.

“Who?” Pam said.

“Dammit! Skipping too,” I said, “Tell me who’s here.”

“You can’t see?,” Spencer said, curiously.

“No, I can’t. Feel. And something is off, I’m not feeling ya, pardon the pun,” I said.

“Well Gina and Spencer Anglin are here,” Spencer said.

“Bill and Pam Stokes,” Bill said.

“Jackie Killeen,” Jackie said.

“Jeff And Roz Kleinman, “ Kevin said, as he smiled at Jeff.

“And Kevin and Becki O’Reilly,” Jeff said.

“Tryin to throw me off, eh?”, I said.

“Glad ya caught it, “ Kev said.

“Ok.I’d like to take you to the year 2288, June 19 at 11:37 am, what was formerly Boston, Massachusetts is now known as the Commonwealth. I’d like you to verify my view of this is in sync with yours,” I said.

“Sounds groovy,” Kevin said.

“It’s a post apocalyptic civilization, a society that’s still battling with basic problems such as food and water, let alone mutations and radiation, so it’s decidedly not a safe place, but I’ll only land you in areas I know are absolutely safe,” I said.

“This doesn’t sound like fun, “Gina said.

“Isn’t there a casino in the future or somewhere else we could be going?” Pam said.

“This actually sounds interesting, “ Kevin said, “Is this one and the same Boston that we dropped Stephen off at?”

“It is,” I said, “And he and I are actually working together on reconstruction of the society in a very unorthodox fashion, something that might very well make history one of these days,” I said.

“Are there zombies?,” Gina said, “I don’t like zombies.”

“Ok. A little headsup for the medical practitioner – that’s you, Gina. Do you know what a mutation is and why it happens?,” I said.

“That was never a part of my education, “ she said, “You know I’m an ER nurse.”

“Ok, when you break down a biological being into it’s constituent components, you get cells, which breaks down further into molecules, which breaks down further into atoms, which breaks down further into energy. So what radiation tends to do is try to quickly break down an organic being into energy. The mind of that being tends to not like this one bit, so the mind tries to reassert the structure, but sometimes there’s incomplete information on how to reform that structure which the mind has a tendency to use ‘best guess’ type probability – a collective voting system of the memory of cells which say ‘we think it was like this’ – which doesn’t always work like it should. So when it’s inaccurate, this tends to cause mutations. Sometimes severe mutations,”  I said.

“So zombies are real?” Gina said.

“Yep. Not all want to eat you though. So are giant scorpions, so are giant cockroaches, do I need to go on?,” I said

“You don’t, “ Spencer said, “We really need to go to this place?”

“Yep. I’d like you to meet Rachel. I sincerely doubt I’ll see you through her as an avatar I am commanding, but it’s y our opportunity to get to meet her, as this is – for now – her home,” I said.

Jackie was genuinely excited, “I’ve looked so forward to meeting her.”

Pam looked at Jackie with a weird sideways look, “You two really are made for eachother, aren’t you?”

“Literally,” I said.

“Do you want us to rescue her?,” Kevin said.

“NO, definitely not. You’re going to find she’s quite well adept at handling herself, I’ve made sure she’s not leveraged any armor or clothes, whatsoever, as she’s traversed this landscape, which she’s done quite well but so far not exhibited any signs that she’s just listening to commands,” I said.

“She’s naked?,” Bill said, with a smile.

“With the exception of a couple bracelets and anklets, she is,” I said.

Pam and Gina both looked at me with a wretched look.

“As Jackie once told me on your behalf. Don’t judge,” I said, “I won’t get into explaining myself as I realize it comes across as a defense. Instead I’ll said I just want to see a world shaped by a lack of demand for armor and weapons and led by a gorgeous naked woman,” I said.

Pam and Gina’s look of disapproval remained unfettered.

“For those of you who want radiation suits, there’s some fully functional ones I’ve never used myself in the wardrobe. I have plenty of an inoculation called Rad-X  which diminishes the effects of radiation substantially, and of another medicine called Radaway you can use should you feel sick or ill from the effects of radiation. IF you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or feel like throwing up, then take the Radaway, it’s 100% effective. NONE of you will experience any long term effects from radiation as that – at least in this century – has been cured,” I said.

“I’ll be taking you to three spots and prefer you not wander from the immediate vicinity of each of these locations. The first location is Diamond City, it’s in the old ruins of the stadium where the Boston Red Sox used to play. the second spot is a place called Sanctuary, a city I built in the ruins of Rachel’s old neighborhood.  And finally, I’m going to take you to a spot I’ll figure out afterwards, right now it’s too jumbled on where to go, I figure this will give you all a chance to ask me for a place to go where it’s not as safe as the other places I’m taking you too, which are utterly safe,” I said.

“What about the flying ship?” Bennett said.

Rather than tell the group Bennett was originally not here and they’d not had any idea who he was, I decided to run with it.

“There are robots which are running the ship, “ I said. “We managed to get the ship off the ground, but they promptly crashed it into a skyscraper trying to turn away from downtown Boston. Now if you’re feeling brave, I don’t mind you trying to talk to them to see if they can’t figure out a way to move forward, which they didn’t have yesterday. And while they shouldn’t attack if you don’t pose yourself as a threat, they are heavily armed and didn’t want to suggest it because of the risk it presented,” I said.

“Well I for one sure as hell ain’t gonna be risking it,” Spencer said.

Bennett said “I’ll do it. I am not going naked but I’d love to talk to battle bots on board a flying ship!”

I hadn’t thought about it from the Warhammer perspective. Bennett’s got an opportunity to talk to real life Battle bots, he’s gonna run with it.

“Ok. Four destination. We’re going to do an overflight first as we come in so you can get a complete lay of the land. Now, if you’d all move to the bottom observation deck, that would be nifty,” I said.

“Not worried about turbulence?,” Becki said.

“Wait a moment, Ron and Debbie. Are they there?,” I said.

“We’re here,” Ron said, “You didn’t hear us in the role call?”

Weird. Bennett and Ron and Debbie all missing in the first role call. Then they all slip in.

“I was distracted, my apologies,” I said. “No, Becki, no turbulence for this trip. It’s one of the easiest trips for the TARDIS to make.”

I flipped the lever to the TARDIS, as the lights grew dim, and we all took the stairs heading below deck to the observation room.

A low thump could be heard in the distance, as the TARDIS grumbled and shook to life.

And we were on our way.

To 2288.


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