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“Why is it the more I get to know a Chinese person, the more I can tell the difference between different Chinese people and their facial features become more defined? Why is it there are so many different systems of measurement around the world? Why do people drive on the left side of the road in London and Ireland and on the right side everywhere else? How do we know the Universe is precisely 14 billion years old?,” I said out loud, not sure if anyone was listening.

“I’m here,” said Stephen’s digital voice.

“Is anyone else there?,” I asked.

“Not yet,” he said.

“Your universe. Is incredible. I’ve been researching it all day,” he said.

“Why thank you. It’s a product of insanity,” I said.

“L O L,” his digital voice said, “I’m trying to understand your language, it’s incredibly complex, much more than I ever anticipated because of something called context.”

“Well you were already familiar with abstract versus concrete, well before I was, I suppose I’m surprised you didn’t consider relationally oriented information,” I said.

“You’ve seen my world. Do you have the impression relationships are overly important,” he said.

“I blame only myself,” I said.

“There’s no blame,” he said.

I could feel Clara eavesdropping from behind the guest hallway, but said nothing through my avatar.

“Are you in uniform?,” I said.

“Are you joking? I’m a red shirt,” he said.

“Challenging the universe again, are you?,” I said.

“L O L”, he said.

“What do you have planned for me after this?,” he added

“I don’t. It’s your choice how to move forward. We have a home for you in London in this reality if you want it, I can you return you to Boston but you know there’s a high probability we cannot stop what you started, or, you can surprise me,” I said.

“How about fix you?,” he said.

I didn’t respond.

About that time, Clara entered the room. I have to admit, she looked fabulous in the tight Seven of Nine style uniform, to which she said “Marilyn Monroe. And some other names not yet publicized on your timeline who were high profile companions. Apparently I have quite the shoes to fill, Thank you, Mr Q, for pointing me in a fitting direction I’d never have considered for myself.”

“Remember, it’s only temporary unless you want it to be otherwise, “ I said.

She walked to the console, stroked it with her forefinger, and placed her finger to her chin and said “I think I have already decided, “ she said, looking at Stephen.

The others all came through the doorway, as if on cue.

Pam said “I LOVE this material, it makes my body look 20 years younger,” she said.

Everyone had worn what I had selected for them.

“Now the colors, just for your quick education are,” I started to say

“Red for Operations, Blue for the Sciences, Green for Recon, White for Medical, and Yellow for Support,” Kevin said.

“So we were wondering, why is Mr Hawkings in red?,” Gina said, “Isn’t biology the sciences?”

“Exobiology. The study and detection of alien life. And this is how Mr Hawkings and I met. While I was busy trying to detect alien life, he was that alien life that responded but realized I’d written off his initial responses as random noise, so as he diligently pursued establishing contact with me, it wasn’t until he figured out my world view that we’d actually been able to communicate. So it’s not dissection he’ll be assisting with, it’s detection, information, sensor adjustments, communication, and operational approaches to dealing with new life forms,” I said.

“Well said,” his digital voice said, and added “Red’s my favorite color too.”

Everyone laughed.

“Ok. There’s a sleight rearrangement with Bennett and Timing. His flight leaves at 9:30 tonight and from what I have come to understand, he’s being tracked. Now I’ve done my best to educate him on fact versus fiction, and while he’s receptive to the concepts, he’s still learning and may not mentally be prepared for this,” I said.

“So what’s the plan?” Ron said.

“At 9:47, you’re going to dock with his plane in mid air as it reaches cruise altitude, with time paused. Once onboard, Clara, Becki, Jeff and Bill will all go onboard, unpause specifically him. From there, greet him – explain who you are, in uniform – and invite him to come with you for a journey forward in time to see the launching of the USS Phoenix in the year 2409. Do NOT under any circumstances use duress or fear to inspire him to come with  you, show him the TARDIS interior which will dock with the exit door seamlessly for this exercise, and if you cannot obtain explicit consent and agreement with him on this, then tell him he’ll remember this as a vivid dream and then undock. The TARDIS will then work with this planet to seamlessly transition him to sleep when time’s unpaused, at which time he’ll wake up from a dream a reasonable amount of time later remembering the oddly vivid dream he had. Now SHOULD he decide to come with you, The TARDIS and this planet will ensure the entire event is retained actively without being able to dismiss it as a dream and he’ll be returned to the exact moment he left as the TARDIS undocks,” I said.

“Breathe, buddy,” Spencer said.

“I’m typing this all out, Spencer, but you’re hearing it spoken through my avatar,” I said.

“Has this been done before?,” Stephen said.

“Yep. Review my historical records classified as fiction and the movie ‘Millenium’ for a record of this exercise.” I said.

“Finally. I want to reiterate this. No intimidation, he goes because he wants to,” I said.

I dont think everyone had fully grasped what I’d outlined, which was ok, they would over time.

“Sound like a plan? Bill, Becki, Clara, and Jeff,” I said

Everyone nodded, with Clara adding in “Yep, we’re all on board.”

“Well not yet, you aren’t,” Spencer added.

Clara looked over at Spencer with a mocking ‘ha ha’ laugh.

Ok. I won’t find out what happened until tomorrow, You’ll be synchronized with my time overnight, but I just walked outside, and looked straight up and saw a light. But it’s indefinite. So Stephen, can you work the controls a bit to put it a little closer in geosynchronous orbit.

“I can,” he said.

“Now after. Show him around, to his quarters. And tomorrow, I expect you’ll all be ready to enjoy your trip, hopefully with an additional passenger on board. With that said, I‘m signing out for the night. So .. as they say in Hollywood. Wait. Nevermind what they say in Hollywood. Good luck.,” I said.

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