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Quite a bit has happened between the last entry I wrote and this one.

To recap the last entry, Ron Ostreim and his wife Debbie, Bill Stokes and his wife Pam, Kevin O’Reilly and his wife Becki, and Spencer Anglin and his wife Gina, and Jeff Kleinman and his wife Roz all had decided to participate in the initial journey in my time travel which included guests aboard my  newly created TARDIS.

I’d explained to them when we first started the journey that time travel is a product of the mind.

My mind, to be specific.

And historical events we would try to make changes to – that I was aware of – would be pretty much unalterable.

Now I know, I know, time travel’s a product of fantasy and an overly active imagination you might say.

And I would agree. And then add in so is life.

This does not make it any less real than say that weapon you might fire, that beer you might drink, or that woman you might screw tonight after you’ve done that line of coke. Each is a product of the imagination.

Now they didn’t understand this at first, and tried hard – to dismiss what I’d said.

Which I expected. My journey to become a time traveler hadn’t quite reached fruition yet, which is something I explained to them last time – and that the ‘me’ then was an avatar, a conduit, which stood a good chance at becoming the me now, or – what I didn’t explain to them – ‘me’ as they knew it could ‘branch’ out.

I didn’t explain this meant there could be several versions of me created through these interactions.

Nor did I mention I’d already encountered a different version of myself already, and that we had agreed on long term plans to go head to head in competition when I was good and done with this life.

It was funny, I had even joked with Ron about being my own boss one time when I had opened up my own company and I was the only employee in it. I feigned an argument with myself over getting a raise.

How much closer to the truth that all was.

Hindsight’s 20/20 right?

In any case. The vote was split.

Pam, Gina. Roz. And Spencer had all wanted to keep on attempting different methods to save JFK.

Kevin, Bill, Becki, and myself had all wanted to move forward with my plan, which was save JFK and move him forward in time, and first asking him if it’s something he wanted to do.

And I had made the poor assumption that Ron and Debbie both were on my side, when they indicated shortly after the previous debate they were intentionally abstaining from voting.

This – well – quite frankly – sucked.

As Pam called me on my prior insistence on a 100% consensus, I was lost on how to proceed.

So I asked them to pick up Joe and Amy Shay from Las Vegas when I disconnected for the evening.

So what I received for events today was nothing went as I’d planned.

That’s among the reason I enjoy having the friends I do with them. They don’t just do as they’re told.

As it turned out, Pam and Gina both took the TARDIS and tried a couple other things to save JFK’s life back in 1963 before he was shot. They were extremely concerned about technology being found back then that might lead to a faster development of technology than they’d remembered, and after seeing the historically documented deviation in JFK’s motorcade route, they knew they had to be particularly careful about compounding their failure.

So while the others went to sleep, Gina and Pam snuck out, Roz declined but agreed not to discuss it with the others, and the first attempts they made was to make a meal which made the entire contingent sick and would have Kennedy wanting to scrap the trip through Dallas altogether.

Well not only did this fail, miserably, and backfire  is sent the head chef to the hospital after she fell into a coma. They’d used modern day chemicals on the breakfast, which led to breakfast being catered.

It’s difficult to explain why this happened, but in a nutshell – in order to understand time travel, it’s necessary to understand the origin of this universe and expansion and how rapidly it occurred, and how mass and weight calculations are actually contingent on this silly thing called time for accuracy.

So when you think you’re applying 200 milligrams of a 2016 medication, in this case – it was equivalent to about 20,000 milligrams in 1963. A little knowledge of the basic physics equations would have gone a LONG way to prevent this little faux pas which sent a good woman to the hospital who ultimately died.

They’d felt rotten about this. So I resolved it. Terri Schiavo was her name.

After this. They tried flattening the tires of the entire motorcade and even the airplanes.

Now I had to crack up at this – they saw the wonderfully comical laws of nature and a law I call ‘Too many coincidences’, indicative of the demand by all minds concerning an event to try to uncover why randomness and chance are not functioning normally, as no sooner do they walk away and into the TARDIS to resume time than a truck carrying an assortment of tires has engine problems outside the Hotel where JFK was staying the night.

The tires were all replaced, JFK none the wiser anything had happened, they were intentionally trying to keep him out of the loop.

To give Gina and Pam credit, they can be a tenacious pair, so they decided to go back in time to just after the tires were replaced, and puncture each and every one again.

Again. The law of too many coincidences kicked into place, and the Air Force in the area had been working on prety tried and true formula for restoring tires to practically new condition, and this proved to come in handy for a punctured tired with knife having been driven through the sidewall. Between this and a strong rubber cement compound, the tires were like new.

This solution was so effective, in fact, Pam and Gina learned the hard way the tires no longer had air inside and had a thick but lightweight solution which ultimately made further attempts at puncturing them futile.

Incidentally, Fix a Flat was introduced to the general public in 1970, 7 years after it had been used on a non trial basis..

Finally. Pam, angry – and unfortunately by this time slightly intoxicated – she’s always been quite the drinker – she paused time and absolutely smashed the controls of the plane with a crow bar.

She found out there’s a back up always within flight range which had the President completely unaware there were any problems with sabotage with the first plane.

The previous plane was tucked into a hangar.

She proceeded to do the same thing to the new one. Even though it was tightly guarded.

Another plane was flown in. Each time the previous plane was tucked into a hangar.

Every time.

The TARDIS records absolutely everything, everywhere, always, and this wasn’t any different, as it recorded Pam saying to Gina “Jesus fucking Christ how many planes are there.”

Infinity’s a mighty big place, Pammy, more than you can imagine.

She gave up after the 13th plane.

Gina and Pam took the TARDIS to the same exact point in space and time where they’d originally picked it up from, making it appear like they’d never left. It was clever. But unfortunately, or them, while they were crafty, they’d neglected something pretty important that had the boys questioning them.

Pammy was stupidly drunk and it had only been 15 minutes since she’d left the house.

Bill checked the logs. And while he wasn’t upset that his wife had been dishonest with him, he partially expected it, he’d reviewed the logs and shared them with Ron and Kevin.

The butterfly effect of the law of Too Many Coincidences at work again there – as Jeff was left out – bill wasn’t sure how he’d react and was concerned he might share with Rosalyn which might create a stir with him and Pammy which he was trying to avoid.

So mentally. Kevin and Bill started actively taking notes about Pam’s drinking patterns.

It was funny. Because while this was going on, I was ‘there’, but the avatar form of me didn’t come alive in any way shape or form to be made aware of ANY of this.

The next day, Pam slept nearly 20 hours, It was a Friday night when they went to do this, and the plan was to go to Vegas Saturday evening – as a group – to discuss and present the situation with Joe and Amy.

My avatar and connection came alive to hear the results of this visit.

Bill said “They asked me to tell you this in these exact words,” he said as he pulled out a hand written note, written in his own handwriting.

“Q. We love you. When you’re ready, you have our plan on when and where to meet and look forward to meeting the new, revised man who can bend space and time at will and our journeys together. Your room is ready for you when you get it figured out. We have mad faith in you.”

My avatar sat down.

“He’s crying,” the avatar said, clearly not knowing how to handle my emotions.

“Wait. He didn’t say that?,” Ron said.

“No, he thought it first. I’m getting an understanding of what happened to me out in the desert when I tried committing suicide. And now I understand what happened when I went to Fort Meade in 2003,” I said.

To be sure, we were all in the TARDIS, it was Saturday night, and we were simply mulling over what to do next.

Bill spoke up “Fort Meade. When you went into the military?”

“Yep,” I said,

“Quit being so damned cryptic,” Kevin said, “we’re on pins and needles here.”

I gathered my thoughts. Images of infinity kept clouding it. I could feel my mind conflicting with my avatars, who was having a difficult time with self awareness.

“I will. but what’s the date there right now?,” I said.

“October 3rd, 2008,” Kevin said.

“Shit,” I said. “We’re on divergent timelines.”

“What does that mean, Oh B one kenobi?,” Spencer said, with mild sarcasm.

“Ok. I haven’t figured out when, where, and why it happens yet. But there are numerous different parallel versions of Earth that the days are slightly askew. For instance. I might travel to a parallel Earth where the date is today. August 15th, 2016, a Monday for me, but in that parallel version it could be a Thursday,” I said.

“Trippy, “ Kevin said.

“But then something just told me – I lost a day while I was in North Carolina – where I went to sleep on a Tuesday night and woke up on a Thursday morning. I suspect the bath salts and drug experience was you all time traveling and my mind not fully understanding what was going on inside me so it analogized it to a drug experience. So if you’re on a divergent timeline, then when I get this shit figured out and can actually travel back in time.. Then this may be fine and the divergent days would be expected. “

Gina said. “I don’t get it.”

“Being honest, Gina, neither do I, I’m guessing on half this shit, but in the moment, it really doesn’t matter, I’m just typing it out here to get it out there so maybe we can all figure it out together” I said.

Spencer said “Sure you ain’t doing drugs, buddy?”

“Fuck off, Spencer. You’re among those who introduced them to me to begin with. And while I enjoyed the experience, I suspect I’m done with it and of rational mind right now. As rational as a homeless guy who’s tired of living in a tent in Hollywood and who is talking to his friends 8 years in the past can be, that is,” I said.

“Point taken,” he said.

Gina looked at him as if to say back off of the drug shit.

“Ok what I am curious about is. Without getting into how you receive this information, can you see what I type?,” I said.

Bill spoke first. “Yep”

Spencer admitted, “No, I can’t.”

Ron, “Ayup. ”

Kevin. “Not really,”

“What the fuck does that mean?,” I (partially) said.

“Don’t answer that, Kevin, a new me thinking out loud, I vaguely understand what you mean, moving on,” I said.

Gina, Pam, and Roz all said a firm “No”

Becki, surprisingly said “Yep.”

And Debbie finally added “I prefer not to answer. “

“Fair enough,” I said.

Ok. So Joe and Amy are a nogo in the immediacy, but longer term for me they’re a go.

“How about this. Let’s go somewhere. Somewhere fun. Drop this JFK shit, get it off our minds for a bit, and focus on enjoying this – and see if we can’t put some perspective between us and that then return to 1963 to try different efforts to appeal to the dissenters.,”  I said.

Surprisingly, Pam was the first to answer “That sounds great,” her sentence ended abruptly, it was easy to tell she actually had a destination in mind, but she was trying her damnedest to let others go first.

I think a part of her felt guilty about the deception and failed attempts with JFK.

Bill looked at her sideways, trying to mask his suspicion “I’m game.”

“I think we’re all here tonight for a reason. Let’s do this,” Ron said as he added, “I’d like to see something from the future. Surprise us.”

My heart skipped a beat, as Pam and Gina’s face turned into one of concern.

“Um, I’m not sure if I am ready to trust the man who made me and my son-in-law vomit in my first plane flight to a place he imagined,” Roz said.

“Roz, I fortunately learned a valuable lesson in delicacy that day with you and Aaron. As an aside, Do you know there’s three different ways Erin has spelled Aron’s name?,” I said.

Roz frowned.

“Ok. I have the perfect place to take you and it won’t scare the shit out of you like you will do to me the first time,” I said.

“What do you mean, do? You’re the one who came to us first,” Spencer said.

“Cause and Effect, Spencer, as a time travel they’re not always linear. Will do,” I said.

“Whatever,” he flippantly said.

Note to those who are reading: I suspect reactions such as these are indicative of someone being wholly aware of what chronological time is. Or acting wholly aware. Always keep in mind there’s potential for deception.

“Ok. I’m gonna take a leak and then think about this, “ I said.

“Ok, I’m back,” I said without any regards to how long I’d been for them.

“I had a thought. First. I know this ‘split’ in my personality may be questionable to you all. And while my life right now pretty much blows, I can ‘feel’ you receiving this and know that the things I believe – me and time travel – and me and becoming my own version of Q is simple irrefutable fact. So what I am intentionally doing, what I did to myself and accepted – is I’m censoring these psyche splits. To you it may appear like I’m bipolar, schizophrenic, and even have multiple personalities. These are not inaccurate, but they are tools I leverage to retain my single linearly developing mind and correlated timeline. So to you. I can communicate with you in the past through one of my personalities, and you have the opportunity to write it off or go along.”

“Will you quit yappin, where ya taking us?,” Spencer said.

‘I’m chuckling here. Love ya buddy. Ok. The year’s 2409. The place is the Starfleet Shipyard. The commissioning of the USS Timeship Phoenix, Earth’s first formally commissioned Timeship,” I said.

“You’re shittin me. Starfleet’s real?,” Kevin said.

“Not only is it real. But construction of Starfleet commenced at the Presidio today – in the year 2016..,” I said.

This time, Ron was caught off guard, “Who’s responsible?”

“ILM,” I said.

“George Lucas?,” Ron responded.

I didn’t want to lecture on sentient life and how it could take the form of anything, even a corporation, but I wanted to make sure he heard what I was saying.

“No, his company, Industrial Light & Magic,” I responded.

He mulled it over.

“And just FYI. Captain Rachel Gooch, one of the women of my dreams will be the Captain of that vessel in 2409,” I said.

“The same one you talked to us about meeting when Jackie moved over?” Pam said.

“One and the same,” I said.

Kevin could be seen getting antsy, almost like a child.

“You mean we’re going to a real Starfleet and going to see a real starship?” he said.

“Yep,” I responded.

That’s beyond awesome,” he said.

Bill  was visibly excited as well, the others, varying levels of nervousness and a little hesitance, but Kevin’s enthusiasm diminished the concerns.

“Next weekend then. Tonight, go back to your place, hang out, drink, and you go home. I’ll prepare things for you, and for this – I want you to tell my avatar you’re all going camping. My memory will be chock full of inconsistencies and holes this story will resolve, but I ask that the time you spend is a one for one hour for hour time to the time you spend away. I’m going to program the TARDIS accordingly, and while you do have the ability to override that programming, I ask that you don’t, Until then. Have fun. And next weekend. I want my avatar to stay home. We’ll have to find a different way to communicate the story while you’re away,” I said.

Pam yawned.

“Let’s go.” she said to Bill.

The lights dimmed as everyone left.



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